In The Know: Apolis

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Smart Casual

Quick, think fast.

Do you know where the shirt you’re wearing was made? What about your boots?

If you’re a reader of EG, then you might actually have an answer. Which is a (great) new thing that is happening in menswear. And it’s because of a few companies who value ethics as much as fit, fabric and fashion.

Apolis is on that short list, and you should definitely be checking out their products, especially if you have a New Year’s resolution to pay more attention to where your clothes come from.

In The Know: Apolis on Effortless Gent

Founded more than a decade ago by brothers Raan & Shea Parton, Apolis champions “advocacy through industry” — that means sourcing the best fabrics & materials and working with partners across the globe in a manner that leads to better factory conditions, greater attention to detail and fair wages.

Their styles have been quietly gaining traction for a number of years now. Perhaps you’ve seen the brand on or GQ, but the clothes only tell half the story.

Here’s the rest: Apolis is a Certified B corporation, meaning they meet environmental and social standards that are certainly higher than other clothing brands both domestic and international from Peru — home of the material in its Boiled Wool Sweatpants — to New Zealand, where it sources its (ridiculously soft) Merino Henley fabric.

Such an approach takes longer (and certainly costs more), but it’s a method that is reflected in the product design itself – Apolis is takes their time to produce style staples that really are … well, timeless.

In the know apolis chore coat on effortless gent

Scan the Instagram feed of a well-dressed guy or two and you’re sure to find something like the Indigo Wool Chore Jacket a piece that seamlessly blends the break-in benefits of a denim jacket with the versatility of a classic navy blazer. Pair it with some dark blue jeans and a White Oxford and you’re good to go to the office and straight out afterwards without missing a beat.

Apolis Indigo Chore Jacket on Effortless Gent

The brand’s other core pieces also stay close to the mark. Like the Standard Issue Utility Chino — it combines a modern, tailored fit, a versatile color and just-right fabric weight (9.5 oz cotton canvas) in one responsibly made pair of pants.

Apolis Standard Issue Utility Chino on Effortless Gent

The Washed White Oxford is a similarly reliable style staple that could turn into a true workhorse across all four seasons. Like every other Apolis piece, the Washed Oxford is made carefully and responsibly — and it’s durability guarantees that it can be worn again and again (and again).

Apolis Washed Oxford Buttondown on Effortless Gent

Outside the menswear realm, Apolis is known to practice what they preach with the Market Bag Project, a program that works (fairly) with a group of women in Bangladesh to produce unique tote bags that certainly look better than paper or plastic, and are better for the earth to boot.

So, it’s a top-to-bottom effort from a brand that isn’t out to steal designs from the runway and then pump them into stores weeks later. That’s better for all parties involved, particularly when the end result is a series of pieces that can be worn interchangeably and repeatedly for years on end.

That’s clothing you can stand for — because they stand for something too.

Are you familiar with Apolis? What pieces do you own from the brand?

Any questions about the brand?

Happy to try and answer any questions you may have… maybe I can get someone from Apolis to assist as well, in case I’m not able to answer specific inquiries.

Hope this preview gives you yet another option to add to your short list of quality, Lean Wardrobe-worthy clothiers.