In the Know: Goorin Bros.

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Smart Casual

On the path to a great style (a pretty philosophical one, sometimes), there are certain questions every guy asks himself.

Early on, it could be a question of accessorizing – “Do I look good in a hat?” Whether the answer to that question is yes, no, or to-be-determined, you should know the top brands making stylish men’s hats.

In the sometimes-divisive world of men’s style, it’s worth covering your bases before making a new purchase. That brings us to the fine folks at Goorin.

It’s certainly taken time for hats to come “back into fashion.” But a well-made hat teamed up with style essentials – like a classic blazer and chinosjust works.

In the Know: Goorin Bros


Take the Jack Walter Panama hat – it’s practically begging to be worn with a slim chambray shirt.

So as far as heritage, history, and quality hat-making go, the team at Goorin Bros. knows what it’s doing – quite well, in fact.

In the Know: Goorin Bros

When you reach for a hat – whether it’s a winter-friendly wool flatcap or something more spring and summer appropriate – it pays off to buy the best.

But what makes a great hat? And what hat is appropriate for, say, an outdoor summer wedding? Or a cold winter’s day?

Picks for every season

Goorin’s fedoras are classically constructed and refined. There might not be a better choice at the moment than the Point Loma Fedora.

In the Know: Goorin Bros

The brand even gets into more adventurous styles like bowlers and top hats.

They also boast a selection of vintage-inspired ballcaps that would do well at the beach.

But if you find yourself needing a hat that pairs well with dressier styles, a crisp fedora is probably the way to go this time of year.

Over 100 years of expertise

A company that was started as a horse-drawn operation through the streets of Pittsburgh now boasts nearly 40 stories across the country. Their locations are varied and eclectic – from Minneapolis to Miami.

Their shops across the country are even meant to evoke a community-esque feel, so that’s another positive about the brand.

The brand’s logo ties into quality and heritage, too – the castle represents community, strength and beauty.

In the Know: Goorin Bros


If you’re looking to try a hat on, you can pop into a shop and pick from a plethora of caps in a welcoming environment. These pieces don’t come cheap, but they’re built to last and built to perform.

In the colder seasons, the brand stocks knit caps. Currently, they’ve got a robust, versatile section of flatcaps that wouldn’t look out of place at a nice patio dinner.

When it comes to styling these things, there’s no real wrong move. A classic linen flatcap would be a fine complement to a printed short-sleeve shirt and slim stone chinos this summer.

Add sharp leather loafers and you’re set for all sorts of occasions.

Rest assured that the hat you’re getting is made from heritage-quality materials. It’s been crafted using methods that draw on the brand’s classic processes.

Ready to branch out your style?

Rocking a hat from time to time can be a bold style move, especially if you’re not used to wearing one. But when paired up with everyday style essentials like tan chinos and a slim polo, it fits right in.

In the Know: Goorin Bros.

Buying for quality and versatility still comes into play, but adding a hat to your ensemble can be fun – and that’s what men’s style should really be about.

The folks at Goorin know this. Trying one of their hats might be enough to make you want more space in your closet.

Do you own any hats from Goorin? Which style seen here would you wear?