In The Know: Owen & Fred

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Accessories

As you develop your own sense of personal style (helped along by Effortless Gent’s “Lean Wardrobe” philosophy), you find things that go hand-in-hand with dressing better.

And as more men get interested in a broad, holistic lifestyle that ties into what they wear, more companies pop up to meet those needs.

For example, if you’re interested in the cut and construction of Italian-made denim, you might be interested in other areas that have a similar nuance – like home design, literature, craft cocktails, or everyday carry accessories.

It takes time to develop those areas, but once you do, it’s tough not to want to learn more.

Brooklyn-based Owen & Fred seems like they’ve got all your bases covered when it comes to your accessories, your essentials, and your lifestyle splurges.

In the Know: Owen & Fred

Why is it important to be in the know about them?

As we’ve said before, one great thing leads to another. And when you check out their wares, you’ll only want more and more.

Owen & Fred – founded in 2012 – works off the principle that great design leads to great products. And it shows in everything – from their website to the fonts they use (seriously).

In the Know: Owen & Fred

They make excellent men’s goods both big and small.

Everything from rugged waxed weekender bags to a sturdy brass bottle opener emblazoned with “You Earned It”.

Nice, right? They’ve even got solid brass money clips.

You’re covered when it comes to desk and work essentials too. We’re talking crisp stationary and even pens and pencils.

It’s a well-edited assortment filled with items that are meant to go together. They can liven up simple spaces like your home office’s desk or bookshelf.

In the Know: Owen & Fred


The Voyager Waxed Weekender is exactly what you should look for in a stylish weekender bag – durable, crisp-yet-casual, and finished off with Wickett & Craig leather handles (some of the best leather out there).

For one brand to do both big and small (and do them well) is quite impressive, even if some of the prices are investment-worthy for us budget-conscious folks.

With pieces like that weekender bag online (and in the brand’s newly opened NYC storefront), it’s tough to not want to add more to your shopping cart. Even the brand’s luggage tags are sharp, stylish and well-made; they’re the perfect way to round out any summer travel essentials you’ve had your eye on.

In the Know: Owen & Fred


Plus, the brand plans to introduce shaving cream in August to round out its offering of men’s bath and bathroom pieces. Heck, Owen & Fred even makes a sturdy cotton canvas laundry bag that looks way nicer than your old hamper.

Not convinced? Check the brand out for yourself.

The best complements for your favorite summer essentials – like chambray trousers or tailored shorts – are great-looking everyday carry pieces and home accessories.

Owen & Fred has you covered. And with great design on lock, you should definitely consider building out your wardrobe with any new offerings they launch.

Shop Owen & Fred for yourself here.

What Owen & Fred pieces do you want to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.