In the Know: Tanner Goods

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Accessories

If you read Effortless Gent – and particularly the “In The Know” series – you’re well acquainted with the adage, “Buy less, buy better.”

That’s particularly true of items that are beautifully built with classic styling. And it’s why Tanner Goods is a brand to have on your radar.

Tanner does it all – from rich Horween leather sneakers to small style details we mention frequently at Effortless Gent.

We’re talking pieces like handsome, refined leather belts, eye-catching lifestyle goods, and a slew of on-brand collaborations.

TG Lifestyle

Based in Portland (home to some stellar menswear), the brand exudes rugged-refined vibes. It places a distinct emphasis on quality craftsmanship from top to bottom.

This dovetails nicely with the brand’s “Worth Holding Onto” ethos. The approach melds sourcing, production, and even collaboration under one umbrella.

Focus on Quality

Tanner’s focus? Simply the best quality goods on the market. Heck, even a leather lanyard that I use as part of my everyday carry feels nigh indestructible.

All sounds absolutely too good to be true, right? Wrong.

In the Know: Tanner Goods

Even something as seemingly insignificant as a leather belt is given the utmost attention to detail. Once you’ve worn one of the brand’s classic belts, you won’t want to go back to any other.

You won’t need to buy another belt, likely ever.

In the Know: Tanner Goods

It reflects well on the brand that one belt can function so smoothly across a variety of outfits. If you follow the “Five Ways to Wear One” series, you’re familiar with how a rich leather belt can upgrade an outfit.

Yes, that’s right – a superb belt can actually be something you look forward to wearing!

Beyond Accessories

Tanner is about decidedly more than just accessories. If you get the chance to head West, it’s worth your time to stop into the physical location. It’s a haven of high-quality lifestyle goods known as The Woodlands.

In the Know: Tanner Goods

The line is inspired by outdoor exploration and adventure. It features styles suited for adventures both metropolitan and rural.

Exhibit A: The Woodlands x Pendleton Woolen Mills Overshirt. It’s available in two essential colorways and crafted from rich fabric.

The brand has even partnered with sister company Mazama Wares on a line of mugs. They’re perfect for an evening spent by the fire wearing a rugged wool overshirt (wink, wink).

The ultimate tribute to the brand’s blend of functionality, style, and quality might just be a recent partnership with Engineered Garments.

The Engineered Garments x The Woodlands CPO Jacket is a prime example. It features rich wool windowpane fabric and does homage to the 10th anniversary of Tanner Goods.

Pair that CPO jacket with your favorite pair of dark denim on chilly fall and winter nights.

A Brand You Should Know

Go with a simple (but beautifully made) brown leather belt, a cozy mug, or a rich wool overshirt. Regardless, there’s no question that Tanner Goods’ lifestyle wares leave little room for disappointment.

In fact, every purchase from the brand might just become a new wardrobe favorite – making them a particularly great brand to know.

Which items do you love? Thinking about adding any to your collection?