If You Prefer Shopping Online for Clothes, You’re Gonna Love THIS Jewelry Site

by Karlton Miko Tyack  |  in Accessories

Admittedly, going into a jewelry store can be intimidating for us guys, especially if you’re shopping for a certain lady in your life.

And while purchasing jewelry online is usually dicey and confusing, we’re highlighting JamesAllen.com today because their shopping experience is pretty unique. 

Read on to learn why this jewelry site is our new go-to.

A beautiful tennis bracelet from JamesAllen.com

An optimal choice for engagement rings and other jewelry

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JamesAllen.com is impressively candid, which tempers the usual risks that come with online jewelry shopping. It’s also organized enough to help you make the tough decisions, with smart visualizations.

Most online retailers have a hard time with this on the tech end. Since stones are so nuanced and specific, a lot can go wrong when buying them off of static generic photos.

Meanwhile, most established jewelers require you to complete the transaction in person, which can also be limiting if you don’t live near a boutique with the right inventory. 

If you want to look like you’ve made an expert decision on a jewelry purchase, user-friendly JamesAllen.com actually has the resources. And here’s why:

  • Personalized and educational user experience
  • Conflict-free diamonds, Earth and lab created
  • Customization options based on preferences and budget
  • HD-quality 360º images of the actual pieces (you know exactly what you’re getting)
  • Broad, well-curated collection that’s luxury-level, but smart

Let’s dig deeper into each quality!

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Personalized User Experience

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JamesAllen.com is exceedingly user-friendly.

Typically, I find that high-end online jewelers come in two forms: There’s so much information in one place that the website is confusing, especially if you aren’t a jewelry specialist. Or, it’s simple and easy to navigate, but lacking necessary specifics.

As an example of the former, I once used the website of an unnamed high-end jewelry store to find a ring. The search started by asking me to choose a diamond cut.

At the time, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a princess cut or a cushion cut, so that wasn’t helpful. 

With James Allen, you can start wherever you’re most familiar. When you scroll over their engagement ring tab, you can start with choosing the cut, setting, metal, ring style, and more. 

From there, if you get confused at any point, there are quick, clearly-written educational resources with visual aids. 

For instance, in the section that asks you to choose what level of clarity you want, there’s a small question mark icon.

When you click it, a pop-up appears that explains the different levels of clarity, starting with the least clear (the “I1” category, meaning some inclusions could be visible to the naked eye) to the most clear (the “FL” category, which is a flawless diamond).

Not sure what “inclusions” are? The visual aids have you covered.

screenshot of james allen diamond clarity illustration
One example of the educational visual aids throughout the site

There’s even a dedicated education center available on the site. Here you can learn about loose diamonds, natural gemstones, wedding rings, fine jewelry, and more. The information in each section is well-organized and clear, using terms that anyone can understand.

On top of all of that, the ease of the jewel-finding process actually makes it really fun. It feels like the website is your personal shopper. We’ll do a quick walk-through of this process later on!

As far as customer service options go, there’s the standard chatbox that you can queue up for, and there’s a number you can call. However, you can actually text them as well, which is far less intimidating than walking into a jewelry store.

Plus, they have actual gemologists, GIA graduates, on staff. Being a graduate gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America is one of the most prestigious credentials in the industry.

Their conflict-free diamonds make perfect engagement rings

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One of the main reasons (of many) that JamesAllen.com is such a top-notch brand for engagement rings is that they offer conflict-free diamonds. This means that they’re ethically sourced, unlike conflict diamonds, which are mined in areas controlled by forces at war.

closeup of james allen diamond stud earrings
I checked out their white gold diamond studs in person

In addition to Earth-made diamonds, James Allen also offers lab-created ones. When it comes to engagement rings, lab-created diamonds are the ultimate cheat code.

They’re ethical, you can get up to 30% more size for the same cost as an earth-created diamond, and they’re fully identical to earth-created gems as well.

Lab-created diamonds are grown by scientists who expose a small shred of chemicals to pressure and temperatures.

The process is similar to what Earth-made diamonds are subjected to in nature. This results in both types of diamonds featuring the same chemical composition, and the sparkle and aesthetic that comes with it.

James Allen also offers appraisals or lab certificates for your diamond. You can get it insured via their partnership with Jewelers Mutual, who insures both kinds of diamonds.

Plus, they have an impressive and extensive “design your own engagement ring” feature. Which brings us to the brand’s next excellent quality, which is that they offer customization through choice.

Customization through choice (a quick walk-through)

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Just to show you how easy and fun it is to design and customize an engagement ring on JamesAllen.com, here’s a quick walk-through.

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When you hover over the Engagement Rings tab at the top of the website, you can start your search/personal designing with several options.

Some of these include “Shop by Metal”, “Get Inspired By Customer’s Rings”, and more. Each option has sub-options beneath it to help get you started.

Under “Design Your Own Engagement Ring”, you can choose between a Lab-created diamond, a gemstone, or an Earth Diamond. 

screenshot of james allen engagement ring menu
Plenty of ways to get started with your engagement ring purchase

Once you’ve chosen a place to start, for example “Start with a Lab-Created Diamond”, the next prompt very clearly asks you what specific details you’re looking for regarding the diamond—including budget!

This is another way JamesAllen.com is far more welcoming than a traditional jewelry store. No one is pushing you to pay more and no one is judging your financial plan.

Each option is formatted as an easy sliding scale. For example, under “Cut”, the scale starts at “Good”, followed by “Very Good”, then “Ideal”, and finally “True Hearts.”

And again, if you don’t know what the different cuts are, you can simply click the question mark icon next to each feature’s sliding scale.  

Step 1: select your diamond!

Once you’ve selected a diamond, you can buy it as is (without having to go to a physical location, of course), add a pendant, or, in this hypothetical example, add a setting for an engagement ring.

This section is even easier, since all of the settings are clearly illustrated. You’ll choose your metal, and again, you’ll set your budget.

screenshot of james allen designing engagement ring screen
Step 2: Choose the setting you love

And now you have your ring! The best part is that each step of the way offers helpful images. You see it as you’re developing it, so you aren’t completely surprised at the final product.

screenshot of james allen completed engagement ring
Step 3: Your chosen ring, finalized

Nervous that you ordered the wrong size? James Allen will resize your ring once for free within the initial year of your purchase. In the US and Canada, they even offer free return shipping.

Did we mention they do free engraving?

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For a limited time, Effortless Gent readers can receive 25% off* their purchase on JamesAllen.com. Tap here to start shopping.

HD 360º images of the actual pieces (you know exactly what you’re getting)

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Let’s be real. Most jewelry websites aren’t great when it comes to imagery. You’ll either get misleading studio photography or generic images of a particular design, sometimes not even with the actual stone in place.

This works for clothes, but not jewels, which are all just a little different from each other.

All of the pieces on the website are photographed in 360º HD so you know what you’re getting. You can literally see every angle, every nook and cranny, and best of all, you can engage with the images using their click and drag feature.

The 360º HD view in action

The moving images remind me of the way jewels are displayed in high-end auction houses: Perfectly clear, well lit, and rotating for a candid look at the piece.

There’s also a virtual try-on option, and again, diamond experts are on staff if you have any questions.

Their collection is broad, smart, and well-curated

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It’s truly luxury shopping, but smarter. James Allen offers a large selection of jewelry, wedding rings for men and women, and, as you now know, bespoke buying options.

It’s so easy to find the perfect ring on JamesAllen.com, it almost feels wrong (it isn’t though, they just developed a really clever system).

They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days and complimentary lifetime services

In addition to the design your own engagement ring product that we covered, here are some other exquisite pieces from JamesAllen.com, from classic to modern.

Tennis Bracelet

James Allen’s tennis bracelet sports the classic symmetrical pattern connected by a thin chain.

James Allen Tennis Bracelet
Starting at $997

This classic tennis bracelet features a single row of scintillating brilliant cut lab created diamonds set in finely crafted four prong baskets.

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The timeless look comes with an aesthetically function-forward clasp that easily makes this piece a unisex bracelet.

The gems are set in impeccable four prong baskets. Choose between Earth-created diamonds or the high-value, high-sparkle Lab-created ones, then set your carat weight.

Diamond Studs

A good pair of studs should be standard in its design, but excellent when it comes to color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

James Allen Diamond Studs
Starting at $209

Two perfectly matched round brilliant lab created diamonds set into a refined four prong mounting with standard friction backs.

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The James Allen diamond studs exemplify this to a tee, though of course you can choose your carat weight for that personalization factor. Both the studs are flawlessly matched and set into a four prong mounting and friction backs for stability.

Rose Gold Ring

The Rose Gold Ring is a testament to James Allen’s commitment to good material and clever design.

James Allen Rose Gold Ring

Modern meets luxurious. Our Dot collection is beautifully designed to have the best of both worlds. This contemporary ring is handcrafted in 18K gold and diamonds.

Check Latest Price

It boasts a contemporary aesthetic, with unique rose gold beading on the head of the ring, surrounded by diamonds.

While the ring itself is handcrafted, the diamonds are hand-picked for peak sparkle. It’s undeniably modern, but the high-end material guarantees the ring’s immediate timelessness.

Final Thoughts: JamesAllen.com’s Bespoke Experience

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The truth is that guys resist going into jewelry stores unless they absolutely have to. Meanwhile, online jewelers often offer complicated user experiences, usually ending in having to call or show up to a physical location.

Overall, JamesAllen.com doesn’t just have a wide range of attractive offerings (hundreds of settings and over 200,000 conflict-free diamonds), but a smart online experience that makes everything shockingly simple and quick. 

Unsurprisingly, they’re actually one of the fastest-growing online retailers of engagement rings.

We hope this was helpful! Pop into JamesAllen.com and see how you like engaging with their visualization features!

A Special Offer for Effortless Gent Readers

For a limited time, Effortless Gent readers can receive 25% off* their purchase on JamesAllen.com. Tap here to start shopping.

Thanks to JamesAllen.com for partnering with us on this feature. Effortless Gent has been an affiliate for a couple years, and we’re excited to be working with them since they’re such a great option for engagement rings and other fine diamond jewelry.