Quick tip: Unbutton that second button when you go tieless

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Smart Casual

Quick tip for you guys: when you’re wearing a dress shirt without a tie, unbutton both the collar and the second button.

This is something I notice a lot. When guys let loose, they rip off that tie and unbutton the collar… and that’s it.

Don’t be afraid to unfasten one more button. Cmon, you can do it! I believe in you.

Why unfasten the two top buttons? Because if you only unfasten the collar, you look a tad stuffy, a bit closed up. You kinda look like you’re choking a little. Let that neck breathe!

Here are some common objections to undoing that second button:

My undershirt will show.

Okay, then wear a v-neck undershirt, or a deep v-neck undershirt if necessary. Or, grab an A-shirt. Whichever you decide to go with, they should all be heather grey, don’t forget.

I have a forest of chest hair that will be unleashed.

So? You’re a man, man. Let that rug of yours breathe. Nothing wrong with a little windswept chest hair.

If you’re still conscious of it, maybe you need to do some manscaping. Trim yourself with scissors, or grab a body hair wrangler and get to work! It’s okay if you need to tame your unwieldy body hairs. Your lady will love you for it.

I feel like Fabio if I have that many buttons unbuttoned.

Dude, be real. Unless you have a dress shirt with weirdly positioned buttons (or a majestic steed, or long flowing locks), you won’t look like Fabio. If anything, you’ll look less stuffy with one more button unbuttoned.

Two should be your max though, any more buttons unfastened and shit just gets weird.

Be aware that the position of the second button on a shirt depends on the shirtmaker. Some are positioned higher, while other shirts lower it a bit.

In any case, two buttons unfastened is the sweet spot when wearing a dress shirt with no tie.

That’s this week’s quick tip!

Are there any widely-accepted, yet potentially incorrect ways of wearing clothing that you wonder about? Feel free to leave these below; maybe we’ll use them in future quick tip articles.

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