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We’d love to partner with you! You have a killer product and brand. Effortless Gent has a smart, captive, and engaged readership. Your brand’s message, culture, and lifestyle aligns with our audience’s interests.

Our Newsletter Stats

Newsletter Engagement

  • Email Subscribers: 8000+
  • Email Open Rate: 39%

General Audience

  • Gender: 85% Male, 15% Female
  • Age: 34% 35+ y/o, 46% 25-34 years old
  • Education: 56% College, 17% Post Grad
  • Location: Major Metros (Chicago, NYC, London, LA)

How Our Sponsorships Work

Emails go out once a week, typically on Thursdays. (Emails consist of men’s fashion-related content from EG and around the web, menswear products worth considering, and Instagram outfit inspiration.)

Ideal sponsors with the most alignment: Brands or stores in the men’s fashion, accessories, and lifestyle space. This could be physical clothing and accessories, home products, fashion apps, men’s publications, etc.

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