Do YOU: Style tips every gent needs to know, no matter your size, shape, or age

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Style Tips

Hey gents,

I was doing some random YouTube browsing today after completing a little back-end work on Effortless Gent TV and I found three videos that I believe you’ll find helpful and inspiring.

Each of these were done by Mr. Porter, a men’s online destination and shopping site.

Interesting Touches

The first one features Sir Paul Smith, a menswear designer. He discusses the importance and beauty of interesting touches as well as seemingly insignificant features and details in men’s clothing.

Here’s the video. We’ll discuss more after you watch it:

(Can’t see the video? click here.)

Have you ever been in a store and found an article of clothing you like, and upon examining it, noticed a cool feature like a hidden pocket, interesting stitching, or a contrasting swatch of fabric tastefully included? Most likely you would’ve never noticed these hidden details if you didn’t pick up the piece and examine it.

Those are the kinds of things I look for and love in clothing. In fact, I often am more inclined to purchase something if I find a hidden detail I really like. Knowing a designer took the time to thoughtfully incorporate something not so blatantly obvious makes it special to me.

It’s all about the nudge

It’s never about the blatantly obvious, the pink suit as Paul Smith mentions. It’s about the subtlety with which you incorporate small things into your everyday outfits that make a big difference.

The Way I Dress

Nick Sullivan is Fashion Director over at Esquire Magazine. He has a few good points in this video. Check it out below:

(can’t see the video? click here.)

What really stood out to me was that Nick has five self-appointed rules that he follows, that dictate his own style. Some of these are the standard “style rules” you hear about everywhere, but mainly, they’re just rules he’s come up with that shape his own style, invented based on his own reasonings.

It’s not an argument about whether or not you agree with his personal rules, but rather, the importance of finding your own rules and reasons for them. This is another component of forming your own personal style.

I also like how he mentioned there are two camps: those who worship fashion, and those who worship style. I’ve always admired those who seek out their own style, versus those who are so engrossed in the fashion world.

In reality, they both need each other, but style is personal, subjective, and open to interpretation. Style also changes depending on your mood, age, and life experiences. Understand fashion (like he says, how a jacket should be made, how a trouser should be cut), but be a man of style.

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A button-down‘s versatility

I don’t follow menswear designers that much, but if I had to choose, Michael Bastian is one of my favorites. He essentially makes luxe American sportswear (things like rugby shirts, chinos, and button-downs), but of super high quality and from the best fabrics you can find.

Here, Bastian talks about how the versatility of a button-down. What I really hope you learn is that, again, you don’t always have to follow the rules.

(can’t see the video? click here.)

A button-down collar is traditionally casual in the spectrum of men’s shirting. That being said, you can dress it up (he mentions Gianni Agnelli wearing a perfectly fitted, perfectly pressed button-down with a double breasted suit) or dress it down (putting it on the minute it comes out of the dryer).

That’s important.

I’m trying to take you guys away from the strict rules that so many people try to put forth, and let you know that dressing well should be fun.

Learn the rules, internalize them, then break them at will. Wear a button-down with your double breasted suit. Throw on some Converse sneakers with your wool trousers. Wear a worn-down vintage baseball cap with your blazer.

Who cares? Do you.

Know the important rules (how things should fit, how to pick the best size for you), find your own style and have fun with it.

Now, your turn

Are there any style-related videos you’ve found and loved? Anything worth sharing with the EG community? I’d love to check them out. Leave em in the comments below.