Taking Care of What You Wear

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Smart Casual

I was on Kenyatte’s site the other day and he reminded me of two awesome videos that I haven’t watched in a while. I was eager to share them with you, and if you haven’t seen these, it’s about time you have.

Ironing a shirt:


Can’t see Ironing a Shirt? Click right here.

Shining shoes:


Can’t see Shining Shoes? Click right here.

I love the precise, meticulous manner in which these gents care for their items. It makes me think about how I take care of my stuff. As consumers we tend to buy a ton of shit and once it’s in our possession, how careful are we in taking care of them?

More importantly, do we even know what we’re doing?

Do we know if we’re shining our shoes correctly or ironing our shirts as effectively and efficiently as possible? Seeing as though it takes me 56 minutes to iron one of my button-ups, I’m probably not.

I mentioned in a recent article on Primer that I don’t always take the time to shine my own shoes. Perhaps it’s time I reconsider (also because I was scolded by Antonio from A Tailored Suit / Real Men Real Style for admitting such a thing, haha.)

We men are often overwhelmed and have a lot on our plates, but I think it’s important to slow down and really put in the effort with how we present ourselves to the outside world.

Why? Because we want to be taken seriously. We want to command our worlds, we want to be looked up to and respected. It all starts with little things such as this, and paying attention to the minute details, which makes the most difference. A bonus? The ladies seem to notice when WE notice small details. So, there’s always that motivation.

Opening it up to you guys

So gents, let’s hear it. What little things do YOU pay attention to, or what do you think you SHOULD be paying more attention to? Do you take the time to iron that button-up or shine your shoes? Did I give you a compelling enough reason to do so?

Let’s discuss in the comments below.