The ONE thing you need to do to set yourself apart from every other guy

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Smart Casual

brogue detailing

The art of personal style is something one has to refine through years of bad trends, experimentation, and just figuring out what does and doesn’t work.

The key to successfully setting yourself apart, once you’ve mastered the art of style in your own life, is to pay attention to the details.

Paying attention to detail will put you ten steps ahead of any other dude that’s even close to being on your level, know why? Most guys don’t put in that extra work or go the extra mile.

Need specifics?

Go to any major metropolitan city’s financial district, and look around at all the suits scurrying about. Some a bit more put together than others, sure. But then glance down and take a look at their shoes. Most guys wearing $500 suits are wearing $50 pieces of shit they got from Mervyn’s back when they were still in business. They’re almost always black, clunky, rubber soled, square-toe, unpolished, and probably fake leather.

They think the nice suit is good enough, and they neglect to finish off the outfit properly. Might as well have thrown on some sweats today.

Now, not everyone can afford $1500 Berluti or even $600 Alden, but there are definitely good looking options in the $100 to $200 range if you know what to look for. My issue is this: why are you going to take the time to put on a decent looking suit, but then lace up some ratty, low-quality shoes?

Details, gents. It’s all in the details.

It’s important to do your due diligence and find your own style first, but realize that once you have, you’ve only just begun. You have to tweak your style, subtract things and add others, to make it truly yours. Adding this personalized touch is another step in the right direction.

Here are some things you could try.

Have you ever paid attention to the way you knot your tie? The ways you cuff your jeans or lace your shoes? You have an opportunity to make each of those inconsequential methods your own. Instead of your standard dress shirt, have you considered a French cuff? They aren’t just for fancy dinner parties. You can find more casual versions and wear them with jeans.

silk knots

How about colorful silk knots to go with those French cuffs instead of metal cufflinks?

Desert Boots

Another thing I still like despite its spike in popularity over the last couple years is colorful laces with your grown man casual shoes, like desert boots. I try injecting contrasting color whenever I can; it just makes the outfit so much more interesting.

Montblanc Sunglasses

Have you ever seen a pair of black leather lace ups, only to realize upon closer inspection that they’re a subtle blue black? How about burgundy shades instead of your typical brown tortoise shell or black frames?

Keep it subtle

Your details don’t have to scream “Oh snap, look at me, I’m paying attention to details that are so obvious they’re becoming eye sores!” They can be subtle, just like the shoes and shades above. If you are going for eye-catching, let it complement the rest of what you’re wearing, and limit it so it doesn’t look like a box of crayolas vomited on you.

Women are very keen on these details as well. In fact, women seem to notice pretty much everything. Even if they aren’t able to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s different about you compared to every other guy she saw today, it’s enough to grab her attention. And really, that’s all you need.

What details do you pay attention to most? Do you notice the little details at all?  Let’s hear it in the comments.

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