Three easy-to-find denim picks for the not-so-skinny guy

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Casual Style

Slim and skinny jeans are what’s hot right now, apparently. The thing is, not many of us can squeeze our meaty trunks into skinny fit denim. Not every guy is a 29×32, and not every guy has slender bird legs, including myself.

Rather than force yourself to accept eternal discomfort in an attempt to wear the “in” fit right now, EG suggests you make choices that are suitable to your body type, and find fits that complement your bod.

The most common complaint among dudes who can’t fit into super-skinny denim is the lack of room in the thigh and butt area, as well as the rise (the distance between your crotch seam and waistband). This selection should help alleviate these issues a bit.

This is probably a good time to mention:

Only in the market for one pair of jeans? Make it dark, unadorned, not distressed, inky dark blue denim. This is the only pair you really need.

Here are a couple choices from well-known, easy-to-find stores.


Levis 514

514 Slim Straight

The go-to standard. Straight-leg fit all the way down the leg, finishes with a 17″ leg opening while maintaining a slim silhouette. Affordable and available in practically every color imaginable.

Levis 505

An alternative: 505 Straight Leg

This pair has a more relaxed fit (meaning more room in seat) with an 11″ rise and 16.5″ leg opening. It’s a straight leg, so there’s not much tapering and it’s definitely not a bootcut. I’ve heard there are variations of this model (as well as the ever-popular 501) depending on where you buy them (Macy’s, for example, vs. a Levi’s store).


Gap Straight Fit

Straight Fit Denim

A good option from Gap; this model sits low on the waist (but not crack-exposingly low like some other fits) and has a straight silhouette all the way through.

Gap Standard Fit

An alternative: Standard Fit Denim

Sits right below waist and has a similar straight leg through to the opening.


Straight Fit Denim

Sits right at your waist, so there’s less pulling as you sit. The hip and thigh area is roomy but still slim and the leg is straight. You won’t have to worry about your quads suffocating in these jeans.

J.Crew Vintage Slim

An alternative: The vintage slim

This is the model I shop for at J.Crew. The 484 Slim is way too skinny for my body type, and the straight fit model may be a little looser than I prefer, but the vintage slim fits just right. It hits right below the waist and the fit stays slim at the hips, thighs, and all the way down the leg. This isn’t as slim-fitting as your typical skinny boy jean, but it does run a bit more slim than the straight fit.

Don’t forget

Denim will always fit people differently, every time. Even if you take two dudes with similar physiques, you’ll notice inconsistencies in fit. It has to do with how people wear their clothes, and the little measurement differences of each body.

It’s important to try on a bunch of sizes, even if you *think* you know your size. Reason being, all manufacturers size their goods a bit differently. Just because you’re a 32 waist in one brand won’t mean you’re a 32 in all, so head to the fitting room for crying out loud.

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