Sustainable and Vegan Clothing Brands For Men: These Ten Brands Are Worth Looking Into

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Even if you don’t live a full vegan lifestyle, you might be considering small ways you can make a difference. Thinking about how your clothing is made (and supporting brands that do it sustainably) is one way to do it! We’ve rounded up ten sustainable and vegan clothing brands for you to consider.

Some of these brands are fully vegan or sustainable. Others may have a specific line or handful of pieces that meet sustainability standards. Either way, it’s good to keep in mind and hopefully this list can at least point you in the right direction.

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So what’s the difference between sustainable clothing and vegan clothing? What are the similarities?

Sustainable and / or vegan clothes can be just as durable and low-maintenance as anything else you might own. Sustainable clothing brands use recycled fabrics and materials, manufactured in an ecologically-friendly manner. Meanwhile, vegan clothing refrains from using hides from dead animals, like fur and leather, as well as products created by animals, such as silk, wool, cashmere, or down. 

So let’s get into it. Here are ten brands that carry men’s clothing, and some info on each!


Our Picks: 10 Sustainable and Vegan Clothing Brands

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Asket is an online shop that specializes in casual wear for men. They carry classic basics, focusing on tees, jeans, chinos, and polo shirts.

Their clothing, however, is created sustainably, using recycled materials, such as merino wool and cashmere, in addition to organic cotton knits and other vegan clothing materials. 

T-shirts are around $45 and denim is $155, pretty in line with most of the other brands we’ve recommended here on EG. Notably, Asket commits to its sustainable mantra by offering free repairs and revivals.

Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe is a retailer of hoodies and tees made from plant-based and synthetic materials, as well as wallets, bags, and journals produced from leaf leather. The graphics on their clothing are produced with water-based inks that leave high-resolution graphics without animal involvement.

In addition to these, they sell a full line of affordable athletic wear, which is actually their specialty. They carry athleisure for women, as well. Prices are reasonable at $45 for a men’s hoodie and “leather” pieces ranging from $30-$45. 

The best part? Tree Tribe plants one tree for every sale they make.

Save The Duck

Save the Duck is a shop that focuses mostly on outerwear, but does feature an athleisure line, as well. They carry all types of jackets, raincoats, and puffers. So, pretty much whatever climate you’re experiencing, Save the Duck has the perfect coat to keep you warm and dry. 

The company prides itself on its “Plumtech” polyester padding that’s comparable to down feathers in comfort, warmth, and weight

That technology does come at a price. Each coat costs around $300 or more. That said, you can take comfort in the fact that the animal-free clothing business donates 1% of sales to environmental causes annually.

Toad and Co.

Toad and Co. sells shorts, pants, short-sleeved casual shirts, and many unisex pieces that are created from recycled fabrics. 

They specialize in eco-friendly casual wear in general, but offer a vegan line that avoids the use of any animal-derived materials, such as down, angora, fur, or silk. 

Instead, the shop uses man-made materials and plant-based fibers, such as hemp, to create clothing. Hemp also protects your skin since it naturally filters UV light.

The brand is mid-tier, price-wise. With $100 hoodies and $70 shirts, it can get expensive, but it’s not in luxury brand territory.

Jaan J

Jaan J is a vegan store that’s known specifically for its ties, but they also carry a wide variety of men’s accessories and furnishings. They’ve been recognized by the animal champions at the non-profit organization PETA with its prestigious PETA Proggy Award. 

Their ties, bow ties, and pocket squares are never made from silk, but instead incorporate alternative fabrics that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, such as cotton. Plus, they come in every design imaginable, from solids to club stripes to polka dots.

Jaan J also carries lapel and stick pins, cufflinks, and tie clips. That said, they’re middle-of-the-road affordable with ties starting around $40.

Brave Gentleman

This innovative company started as a manufacturer of vegan footwear and has now expanded to include pants, suits, tops, and outerwear. 

They’re mostly known for their vegan leather, which is high-technology, Italian-milled, and EU Ecolabel certified. They use this special material for shoes, as well as gorgeous bags and wallets. This sustainable and innovative material is handcrafted in Brazil under fair and equitable conditions.

Price-wise, footwear by Brave Gentleman is upper midtier. For example, a pair of dress shoes can cost around $240 on average.


This retailer is a purveyor of cotton menswear as well as bedding, bath linens, and items for women and children. All of their tops, bottoms, pajamas, and underwear are created using 100% sustainable organic cotton for a comfortable and luxurious fit. All items are also non-toxic.

Though this is an Australian brand, they do provide shipping to the United States. They’re on the expensive side, though, with tees at $59 and pj pants starting at $79. Still, the premium and comfortable build is worth the price of admission.

Hoodlambe Jackets by Hempest

Hempest is one of the plant-based clothing brands that sells clothing made from hemp-created fabric, in whole or in part. 

This line of jackets, designed by the Hoodlambe company, are completely vegan. 

They’re warm, comfortable, and stylish. At nearly $400 for each of the four styles, they’re steep in price, but, like other luxury vegan clothing brands, totally worth the expense.


A.BCH is an Australian brand that focuses on circular fashion. That is, they offer pieces that are created using recycled, renewable, and organic materials that can be safely returned to the earth or to the supply chain when it’s been used up. 

Commendably, A.BCH tries to keep prices affordable so they won’t price folks out of being responsible. They even craft buttons from fallen Panamanian corozo fruit.

The company specializes in androgynous looks, such as baggy pants and tees, starting around $100, and even progressive fashion like skirts for men. They also carry some luxurious offerings, such as $459 linen joggers.


Everlane isn’t completely vegan or sustainable, but it’s an extremely affordable brand with several high-profile environmental initiatives. As a company, some of their science-based targets include lowering their product emissions by 55% and their emissions in stores and their HQ to 46% by 2030. By 2050, they’re aiming for net-zero emissions.

Consider this vegan-light or pre-sustainable, for those of you who want to take a small step but find a lot of the luxurious eco-friendly options are just a little out of each! Everlane is definitely worlds better than any fast fashion brand.

That being the case, they do offer all of the basics, including tees, shorts, and jeans. With $108 jackets and $30 crew shirts, it is easily the most cost-effective option on this list.

FAQs About Sustainability & Vegan Clothing Brands

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Are vegan clothes more sustainable?

Vegan doesn’t equal sustainable, though there’s a lot of overlap. Vegan brands focus on the welfare of animals and their ethical treatment, but unless they’re also sustainable, the manufacturing processes may or may not be eco-friendly.

Is H&M vegan?

H&M isn’t a vegan brand, though they’ve released a vegan collection that was approved by PETA. It involves leather made from grape skins and wildflowers that replace down feathers.

What clothes can you not wear as a vegan?

Any product that has been derived from an animal. This includes the skins or furs of deceased animals, but also products from living animals, such as silk, wool, or down.

Does Gucci use vegan leather?

Yes, Italian fashion house Gucci has developed a leather alternative that is plant-based and they’ve incorporated it into some athletic shoe models.

The Best Sustainable and Vegan Clothing Brands for You

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Fortunately, vegan clothing brands and sustainable options are becoming much more common and easier to find online. Plus, when you can play a small part in helping the environment / welfare of animals, that’s a great thing.

Which of these brands did you like the most? Whose initiatives gel best with your beliefs, and which fashions appeal most to your sense of style? And do you have any favorite brands you think we should add to our list?

Feel free to slip into our DMs on IG!