What Are Jorts? Should You Wear Them, And If So, How? (Ask an Effortless Gent)

by Brian Adee  |  in Casual Style

What are jorts? They might be the only piece of clothing in the world made famous by a professional wrestler. Hulk Hogan’s do-rags never caught on with most people, and Andre the Giant’s singlet is just… No. 

But John Cena? That guy knows how to sport some jorts.

And even though jorts get some serious shade thrown on them, a few brands are redefining the style. So read on, learn what jorts are, and see a couple examples of how you can wear them without looking like a dork.

john cena in wwe ring in jorts
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What are Jorts?

Short answer: Jorts = Jeans + Shorts. Also known as “jean shorts” or “denim shorts”.

Jorts belong in the pantheon of portmanteaus, alongside bromance (brother + romance), mocktail (mock + cocktail), and staycation (stay + vacation). 

Yep, that means that jorts are jeans + shorts! Or, you know, jean shorts. Denim shorts. Whether you cut the bottom off a pair of regular jeans or buy them pre-made, jean shorts are jorts.

Do’s and Don’ts For Wearing Jorts

The sad thing is, jorts have a fashion reputation almost as bad as Crocs — at least when guys wear them. The classic (and revealing) “Daisy Duke” style jean shorts are still a popular summertime choice for women.

What gives?

Without getting into too much detail, jorts for men have transformed from a 60s and 70s counterculture staple, to a piece of clothing more commonly associated with Nascar fans, your one weird uncle, and middle school boys. Worn carelessly, they’ll give off vibes from one of those unfashionable trends.

To save yourself from that ugly fate, just do two things:

  1. Unless you’re John Cena, your jean shorts should end above your knee. It’s not a good look for 99% of guys.
  2. Make sure they’re somewhat tapered, so they’re not wide and flared out, which can give you a less-than-ideal silhouette.
  3. Pair them with a nice crisp tee, polo, or button-down. The more you dress jean shorts up, the further you’ll distance yourself from their less desirable fashion implications.

Check out some of the ways that fashionable guys rock their jorts:

Photos by aimeleondore and lookastic
photos by lookastic and lookastic

Jorts That You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Of course, choosing a cool and well-made pair of jean shorts goes a long way towards looking like you actually know what you’re doing. And thankfully, there are a few brands out there that won’t immediately brand you as someone stuck in the 90s. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Japanese streetwear brands are a safe bet for jorts that stand out in a good way. Momotaro Jeans are one of the most accessible (for high-end Japanese denim, at least), both price-wise and in fit.

Momotaro Jeans Slim Short Pants

These shorts are one of the most accessible, both price-wise and in fit.

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But Levi’s is still the king of American denim brands. Their 501 jeans shorts are the classic fit that works for almost everyone, but their 511 slim fits are a slick choice too.

Levi's 501 Light Wash Jean Shorts

The 501 Original Fit Jeans have been worn by generations, defining style for decades. Made with an iconic straight fit and a signature button fly for an authentic look and feel.

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Levi's 511 Slim Fit Shorts

Modern slim-fit shorts with room to move and the right amount of stretch for mobility.

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If you’re looking for dark wash with a modern, slim fit, Levis 412’s are the way to go. They’re made with a good portion of spandex and lyocell, too, so they’re about as comfortable as jean shorts get.

Levi's 412 Slim Fit Denim Shorts

These Levi's are regular rise and feature a slim-fit.

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Asos puts together a mean pair of black denim shorts, too. They’re pre-washed and lightly distressed for a lived-in look and feel.

Asos Slim Denim Shorts

These shorts come pre-washed and lightly distressed for a lived-in look and feel.

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What Are Your Thoughts on Jorts?

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