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Effortless Gent wants guys everywhere to find confidence through their clothing and enjoy the process of building a wardrobe and perfecting their personal style.

We believe caring for your appearance opens doors to new and better opportunities, and that every man should be proud of what he wears and how he presents himself.

If you believe in our mission and want to work with us, tap any title below to learn more about the available position.



As a product reviewer, your main job would be to evaluate, test, shoot photos, and write up detailed reviews of menswear and men’s lifestyle products.

Y’know… clothing, accessories, shoes, and other men’s lifestyle products, like everyday carry (EDC) items.

You’d be perfect for this role if…

  • you enjoy writing and are good at it, specifically on topics regarding men’s style, men’s lifestyle, and men’s products
  • you understand Effortless Gent’s voice and can write in a similar tone
  • you’re a storyteller who can weave engaging, relaxed, conversational prose around an informative product review
  • you can clearly and concisely explain your opinion of a product: the pros, the cons, who it’s good for / not good for, and your final verdict – is it worth it? would you buy it?
  • you own a great camera (ideally a DSLR) and know how to compose outstanding photos. Like, gallery-worthy shots
  • you understand the concept of meeting deadlines and are not a flaky person full of excuses (I’m not your mommy)
  • you practice what you preach, are a stylish individual, and live a stylish life, whatever your definition of “stylish” happens to be


I need you to re-read those bullet points again.

If you’re even slightly mehhh about any of those, I suggest you don’t apply. It’s important those bullet points describe you, otherwise it won’t work out in the long run.


  • producing, at minimum, one article a month
  • receiving sample products (that you get to keep), rigorously using and testing them before writing your article
  • writing a comprehensive, all-encompassing, killer product review… like First-Google-Search-Result worthy
  • taking ridiculously good, professional looking photos of the product (preferably a clean white background, or styled in a visually pleasing way)
  • uploading content to Google Drive or WordPress for review and scheduling by our editor

Required Skills

  • experience with WordPress and the Google suite of products (Drive, Docs)
  • photo software experience (Photoshop preferred) in order to edit, crop, resize, optimize photos for the web
  • comfortable using Asana or willing to learn (project management software… it’s easy)
  • great communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • experience with SEO best practices, or willing to learn
  • excellent proofreading skills
  • exceptional eye for detail


(Typical monthly flow will look something like this)

  • We discuss potential products to be reviewed, and one is shipped to you
  • You use the product as much as possible within the agreed-upon amount of testing time… you test it, put it through the ringer, get to know it really intimately, etc.
  • Two weeks before publish date: upload your final draft including links and images to Google Docs
  • One week before publish date: work through any final changes with editor and get final sign-off
  • On to the next product!


  • You’re paid per article!
  • You can work from anywhere in the US! (Must be US-based. If you’re based in NYC, that’s a plus, but not necessary)
  • You keep all sample products! Unless the brand requests it back, of course (but seriously, this rarely ever happens)
  • You set your own hours! (because you’re efficient and meet deadlines like a pro)
  • You’ll be part of an exciting, growing brand and a small, flexible team!
  • Your work will be seen by hundreds of thousands of engaged readers!

Sound good to you?