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Thanks for your interest in contributing an article to Effortless Gent! We get plenty of article pitches. To make it clear, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • New ideas and fresh perspectives: There’s only so much to be covered under the umbrella of mens’ style, but an infinite number of ways to look at it
  • Digging deeper than the basics that have been covered, or covering the basics but with a new twist or in a manner that isn’t normally talked about
  • Practical advice that aligns with EG’s overall advice: If you’re dispensing tips on how to pull off black square-toed shoes, we will decline your article
  • Aligns with EG’s overall message of quality over quantity and the ideals of a lean wardrobe

Do your homework

Take a look at the style of the articles we have at EG. We convey a very nonchalant, laid-back tone here, while at the same time covering real-life, applicable tips and damn good style advice.

Your writing should complement the style we have set forth here. Inject personality and life into your writing; imagine you are having a chat with a friend. Your style should reflect that.

Obviously we can’t force you into a certain writing style, but just know what works best here at EG.

Also pay attention to the content.

When we cover the basics, we don’t do so in a plain, vanilla way. Sure, our topics may be discussed elsewhere, but we present it with a fresh pair of eyes to give you a new perspective.

When we present more complex ideas and topics, we do so in an interesting, easy-to-read, conversational manner.

What to talk about

EG readers like practical tips and how-tos, coupled with a good story. If you as the guest contributor can nail both, you will have a popular article.

At EG, we keep in mind a few common ideals that guide the content we create:

  1. before everything else, understand what fits,
  2. constantly work on developing your own personal style,
  3. buy few, but buy quality,
  4. use more color,
  5. know the rules, and know how to break them
  6. you can find the right clothes for you regardless of price point.

If these ideals are central in your proposed article, there’s a good chance we’ll publish it.

Some Guidelines

  • The article must be written exclusively for EG (we won’t repost articles you’ve published elsewhere)
  • You must not infringe on any copyright laws
  • You’re not a link building company or an article exchange company (I don’t do that)
  • Your submission includes all the information you want the post to include. For example, links, link text, supporting images
  • Bonus points for sending me a pre-formatted article with title, subtitles, section headlines, bolding of important ideas, etc. already done and ready to go. If it comes down to two awesome articles, and the only differentiating factor is lack of formatting, you can guess which one I’ll put off publishing.
  • Article length isn’t as important as quality. Write as much as you need to in order to convey your message.
  • Include a byline with your post! This is your chance to promote your site, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else you’d like to link. This will appear at the bottom of your guest article. Typically, we write a short introduction sentence at the top of your article, and we’ll include your link there as well.
  • Do you have a blog related to menswear / fashion / lifestyle? Let us know. We’d love to check it out

We like to clean

Be prepared to have your article slightly edited if needed.

We most likely won’t do any heavy editing of the article itself, but we’ll correct spelling and grammar errors and rephrase titles, opening, and closing paragraphs when necessary in order to make it as compelling as possible.

It’s not you, really. It’s us.

We just want what’s best for this article, so don’t take offense if we make adjustments.

We just want this little article baby to flourish as successfully as possible.

Thanks again for your interest in being a guest contributor. Let us know if you have questions. Feel free to shoot us a note.