The Only Six Pairs Of Shoes You’ll Ever Need

April 3, 2014
six pairs

The truth is, no man needs 20 pairs of shoes. Hell, most men could get away with much less. And if you’re interested in creating a lean wardrobe, stocked with versatile, interchangeable pieces, you should strive for less choices, not more.

In fact, you only need six pairs of shoes, but a very specific set of six.

Check out this list…

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Three Ways I’m Keeping Warm, Dressing Smart, and Looking Sharp This Winter

November 14, 2013

I haven’t made any cold-weather purchases in several years. My (now) wife bought me a navy peacoat four years ago, and I’ve worn it so much that I put huge holes in the lining of every pocket. (Needless to say, they must be repaired.) I have a bunch of flannel shirts, one or two pairs of leather gloves, and a pair of bean boots I bought two or three years ago.

Like I mentioned before, I don’t go shopping all that much.

Nevertheless, here are three items I’m considering buying…

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Looks Over Quality: Six Affordable Alternatives to “Definitive” Shoes

July 3, 2013

Hey Gents,

A while back, I found this post on Bergdorf Goodman’s blog. The title of the post is Gentleman’s Guide to Definitive Shoes, and while I do agree with their selections, I wanted to come up with alternatives to the shoes they presented.

Why? Because while the individual shoe styles they present are great, they feature really, really expensive versions. Naturally, of course, since it’s Bergdorf. I don’t blame ‘em.

If you read through their article and like what you see, but can’t stomach the steep prices, here are some alternatives.

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Going Sockless: How to keep your shoes sweat-free

February 28, 2013
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A little over a year ago, I wrote about going sockless and my disdain for “footies”, a.k.a. no-show socks. I really didn’t like them before, but have since changed my mind… sorta.

Wearing leather shoes (loafers, boat shoes, or driving shoes) with shorts and regular white athletic socks—even the low-cut version—just doesn’t work. Don’t even try it.

At the same time, sweating profusely in your shoes sucks. It ruins your shoes, and in most cases, doesn’t smell very pleasant.

I’ll get to examples of the no-show socks I don’t like, but first…

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Keep Your Feet Dry: What shoes to wear in the rain and snow

December 4, 2012
LLBean Bean Boots

Hey gents, In my little corner of the world, winter is here… and with winter comes the rain and cold. I can’t complain too much since we San Franciscans don’t get the ridiculously freezing cold winters like some of you do with your snow and sleet and storms, but it still gets wet and dreary. [...]

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