20 of the Best Everyday Sneakers (When You’re Bored of Minimalist White Sneakers)

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We’ve collected 20 of the best everyday sneakers, with everything from dressy skate shoes to classy trainers. While there’s no doubt that every well-dressed man should own a pair of minimalist white sneakers, we know you need alternative options.

Yes, we know white sneakers are one of the most versatile pieces of footwear that you can have in your wardrobe.

They are great at complementing jeans, chinos, shorts, and trousers equally well — and pair well with many different clothing colors across all four seasons.

But don’t feel like a pair of minimalist white sneakers is all you can wear.

In this article, we’re gonna outline three different alternatives to the classic white minimalist sneaker.

  1. Same minimalist style and silhouette, but different colors
  2. Other silhouettes and sneaker styles in different colors
  3. Different types of white sneakers

So if you’re ready to expand your footwear options, read on for our suggestions of the best everyday sneakers out there.


Option 1: Same minimalist style and silhouette, but different colors

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The clean lines and classic tennis silhouette of the minimalist white sneaker are what have made them a perennial choice for men’s wardrobes. If you already know that you love the look and fit, you may not need a different type of sneaker — just a different color.

Three shoe options that we love in white also stand out as some of the best everyday sneakers when you go for a new color.

Koio Capri

Pricey but not overpriced, Koio’s Capri model is made of some of the softest, most comfortable leather we’ve ever worn.

Koio Capri

In buttery full-grain calf leather, the Capri Triple White from Koio is the ultimate wardrobe cornerstone.

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They offer a great fit from day one, and will only continue to develop character over time as their full-grain leather matures.

There’s a few colors to choose from, so feel free to step out of your box.

Beckett Simonon Reid

The Pebbled Leather texture for Beckett Simonon’s Reid sneakers is truly one of a kind.

Beckett Simonon Reid Pebbled Leather

Featuring an unblemished aesthetic and exquisite simplicity, the textured pebbled leather makes the Reids pop. Attractive and appealing, the straightforward profile takes on a rugged edge that will set you apart from everyone else.

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In tan (pictured), this is accented by a flat white sole that makes it versatile for pairing with multiple outfits.

They’re surprisingly affordable for being a handmade leather shoe. Even better? They wear well with everything from shorts to jeans to casual suits. Talk about being the best everyday sneakers!

Oliver Cabell Low 1

The Oliver Cabell Low 1 are uncompromisingly high quality especially considering the relatively wallet-friendly price tag.

Handmade in Marche, Italy from full-grain calfskin leather, they consistently gather excellent reviews for their durability, comfort, and style.

Oliver Cabell Low 1

The Low 1 from Oliver Cabell features 3 oz full grain calfskin leather and Margom outsoles, completely stitched and lasted in Marche, Italy.

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(In my experience, the Low 1 feels a bit narrower than other minimal sneakers I’ve tried. –BC)

Try it out in Nude, Slate, Charcoal, or Lion. Or, if you’re feeling daring, grab them in one of the many other colors they offer.

Option 2: Different sneaker styles and silhouettes

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Branching out into different shapes and styles of sneakers can totally change the vibe of your outfit.

Canvas sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes, and old-school basketball shoes are an excellent match for casual outfits. Plus, they are often the most affordable shoes you can add to your wardrobe.

Trainers and Running Shoes

Reebok Club or Nike Air Max 90

Once the shoe style of choice for runners and athletes, sneakers like the Reebok Club and Nike Air Max 90s are back in vogue as sporty yet stylish complements to casual outfits.

Nike Air Max 90

The Nike Air Max 90 stays true to its OG running roots with the iconic Waffle sole, stitched overlays and classic TPU details.

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They feature more grip on the soles that can be nice for summer walks through the park. You can also find these shoes in a wide range of bright colors. Who doesn’t love options?

Canvas Skate Shoes

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Low or Everlane Forever sneaker

Made of cotton, canvas, and rubber, the classic skate shoe design is the only style on this list that’s totally recyclable.

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Low Pro GT

The Nike SB Zoom Blazer Low Pro GT is a fresh take on a favorite skate shoe. The light tan suede accents and gum sole elevate this skate shoe.

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Everlane Forever Sneaker

The fully recyclable Forever Sneaker is a timeless style meant to be your easiest, most comfortable shoe. Its lightweight design is made from durable, more sustainably sourced materials, like a natural rubber sole and a partially recycled cotton-canvas upper

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Aside from being an eco-friendly option, they’re also the most affordable sneakers you’re likely to find. Affordable and eco-friendly? Talk about being perfect everyday sneakers!

This means that you can pick up multiple colors for what a single pair of leather sneakers would cost.

Be warned, however, that they’re much less durable than all-leather shoes.

Vintage Canvas Sport Shoes

Converse or Superga

It’s hard to find a shoe more iconic and widely recognized than a classic pair of Chucks. All canvas with cotton laces and a rubber sole, they were originally made for basketball players. 

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top

Old school never looked so fly. Rep your era to the fullest in a pair of these classic Chucks from Converse.

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Superga Unisex Cotu Classic

The Superga casual chic designs features a lower-cut ankle for ease of movement and vulcanized natural rubber soles for great traction. And they clean up effortlessly—just machine wash.

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While you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Low-Top All Stars, Superga’s all-cotton uppers and looser fit make them extremely breathable and lightweight.

Both shoes are available in a huge range of colors, but we’re fans of the classic white and black/white that the brands are most known for.

German Army Trainers (GAT)

Oliver Cabell or Beckett Simonon Morgen

Combining a rubber gum sole with an all-leather body and suede on the toes, German Army Trainers have an oddly contentious history. This is easily exemplified by old school Adidas and Pumas.

Oliver Cabell GAT

Made out of luxurious materials from Italy and Spain, these sneakers are bound to turn heads.

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Beckett Simonon Morgen GAT

These Morgen Trainers transform the signature elements of the original with an entirely suede upper. The result is a multi-dimensional effect that really pops and revs up the everyday. The water-repellent suede will mold to the shape of your feet overtime, and give you years of stylish comfort.

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Today, Oliver Cabell and Beckett Simonon have pushed the traditional style into new territory.

By dressing up the vintage look with modern touches and more adventurous color combos, these everyday sneakers will definitely make you stand out.

High-Top Vintage Basketball Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor, Nike Blazer, or Greats Court High 

If you’re big on athleisure style, a pair of high tops will complete the look.

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top

The iconic chuck taylor all star high top sneaker shows off our heritage with a classic silhouette and famed star ankle patch. The leather upper and flat laces add signature appeal. Updated with a durable outsole. Ortholite insole for cushioning takes comfort to the next level.

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Nike Blazer Mid '77

The Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage harnesses the old-school look of Nike basketball with a vintage midsole finish, making it look like you've been saving them for years.

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GREATS Court High Tops

These shoes are biodegradable, made with no virgin plastics whatsoever, and is handsewn in a top-rated factory that meets the highest levels of labor and environmental practices.

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Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars popularized the style, but brands like Nike and Greats have added hand-stitched details and higher quality materials to the mix. 

We particularly enjoy the Greats Court High Tops, as they’re entirely handmade and come with waxed cotton laces that keep their shape and color well over time. Try them in Nero (pictured) or Cuoio.

Option 3: Different types of white sneakers

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For anyone already in the process of building their own lean wardrobe, matching shoe color to your outfits is a simple task.

Instead of introducing too much variation to your style, stick with the same classic white — but mix up the shoe style to subtly shift your overall aesthetic.

Beckett Simonon Geller Trainers

In case you hadn’t noticed, we really dig Beckett Simonon. Their price still puts them in the range of being an “investment shoe”, but nowhere near as much as something like the Achilles Low

Beckett Simonon Geller

Geller Trainers aren’t just any sneaker, they’re wholecut sneakers crafted from one delectably flawless piece of buttery soft leather. Wholecut sections like this are treasured, and are usually reserved to make the most formal dress shoes.

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The all-white Geller Trainers still feature Simonon’s ultra-soft full-grain leather, and the tops are cut entirely from one piece of this beautiful material. This guarantees that they’ll develop a rich, unique patina as they mature.

Oliver Cabell Merton Trainers

Extremely true to size and sporting an athletic silhouette, Oliver Cabell’s Merton Trainers are entirely handmade in Marche, Italy.

Oliver Cabell Merton Trainers

The Merton is an athletic-inspired silhouette reworked with luxury materials and process.

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They’re a little bit pricier thanks to the 3oz full-grain calfskin leather, but consistently get outstanding reviews for their quality, fit, and durability.

Consider pairing them with business casual outfits to lend a vibrant look and feel.

Nike Air Force 1

The OG basketball shoe, reimagined for contemporary wear.

Nike Air Force 1

The b-ball OG that puts a fresh spin on what you know best: crisp leather, stitched overlays in classic all-white and the perfect amount of flash to make you shine.

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Nike specializes in flashy athletic style, even with their simplest shoes. The all-white classic looks best with casual and athleisure wear.

The Air Force One Lows tend to be a favorite for men with big feet, as their sizes run large. It definitely gives off an old-school style that’s instantly recognizable.

Oliver Cabell Court

Made from calfskin leather used in Oliver Cabell’s other shoes, their Court sneakers are definitely the most luxurious athletic pair we’ve worn.

Oliver Cabell Court

Inspired by the iconic 1980’s workout style, the Court celebrates the pivotal era in which sportswear was elevated from a niche product to lifestyle and fashion. Coupled with buttery Italian calfskin leather and Margom outsoles.

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If you’re a fan of the athletic shoe look, but disappointed by the lack of comfort in many top brands, Cabell’s Courts are the way to go.

Greats Court

This is the low top version of the Greats Court Highs featured above. We love that shoes are made of biodegradable leather, recycled rubber outsoles, and waxed cotton laces.

GREATS The Court Shoe

These shoes are biodegradable, made with no virgin plastics whatsoever, and is handsewn in a top-rated factory that meets the highest levels of labor and environmental practices.

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The hand-sewn craftsmanship is evident, and the soft leather liner makes them surprisingly breathable for an all-leather shoe.

Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers

Last but certainly not least from Beckett Simonon, their Morgen Trainers combine the best attributes of the GATs and Gellars into one sleek and sporty shoe.

Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers

This product is made from full-grain Argentinian leather. It's soft, durable, and like all high quality leather, it will develop a beautiful patina over time. It’s conditioned with shea butter and carnauba wax for a deep color with a natural luster.

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For the price, the quality of the materials is outstanding. Not to mention, men consistently say that the Morgen Trainers are some of the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever worn.

Veja V-10 Extra White

Taking their name from the Portuguese word for “look”, VEJA has gained a ton of popularity in the last year through Instagram influencers.

Veja V-10 Extra White

A pair of Veja white sneakers, accented with the brand's signature V and a perforated vamp for a vintage-inspired touch. The off-white midsole adds a subtle touch of contrast to this pair.

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The all-white V-10s are super stylish, and the company is committed to socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices. Sizes tend to run big, so order one up — and be prepared for a lengthy break-in period.

Your Best Everyday Sneakers

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Each of the three categories listed above has its own benefits. They also offer a way to refine your personal style outside of the bounds of minimalist white leather sneakers.

Are you thinking about adding a new pair of kicks to your collection? Ease into it by changing just one variable at a time — either the color or the style — and see how it plays with the rest of your essential wardrobe items.

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