The Perfect Fit: Suit Trousers

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Business Attire

How should men’s suit trousers fit? What’s considered too tight, too loose… too short, too long? We’ll be answering your questions in this article.

If you’re gonna wear a suit, it’s in your best interest to make sure everything—the jacket, the trousers, even the tie—fits perfectly.

A better fit leads to more versatility. Those same trousers can be worn with seasonal classics, like a suede bomber jacket or a rugged chambray shirt just as easily as they can with the matching suit jacket.

The Perfect Fit: Suiting Trousers

But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Read on for how to get the perfect fit.

How should my suit trousers fit?

Well, the real answer comes down to personal preference and body type. There are certain rules to keep in mind as you shop around and try on tailored looks.

When it comes to suit trousers, you want to keep drape in mind. Most typical suiting fabrics are thinner than say, denim or twill, and if worn too tightly, will lose that nice drape.

So the name of the game is well-fitted, not too tight or too slim, and not too loose as to appear sloppy.

If you’re starting with the basics, you’ll ideally want a minimal break (the area where your pant hem meets your shoes).

asian man wearing a nice navy suit and a closeup of the trousers and shoes
Just the right amount of break.

See this GQ feature for an example of what not to do.

Extra fabric around your ankles makes you look shorter and sloppier. A taller, longer silhouette with a minimal or half-break is the way to go.

Need to learn more about finding the right trouser length? EG definitely has you covered.

You’ll also want to ditch the excess fabric through the thigh and seat of your pants. Avoiding that extra bagginess contributes to a more flattering silhouette.

If you’re unsure of what the best fit might be for your frame, getting to know a great tailor is helpful. He or she can offer up helpful suggestions for your body type.

Quick Summary

  • Look for well-fitting suit trousers (not too tight, not too loose) with a minimal or half-break for style that’s both classic and current.
  • Avoid excess fabric through the thigh and at the hem.

Suit Trousers’ Perfect fit: What To Avoid

When finding proper fit, beware of a few common pitfalls.

Buying quality goes that much further to ensuring a great fit. So – as with most menswear pick-ups – avoid budget brands that use poor fabric and will require extensive tailoring.

There are plenty of excellent menswear brands making top-notch, affordable men’s suit trousers.

It’s tough to go wrong with a staple brand like J. Crew. Consider the Ludlow suit trouser. It’s an excellent starting point in terms of quality and proper fit for the guy who needs a slimmer suit.

Can’t get enough of Bonobos – like the brand’s Washed Chinos? They make plenty of stylish suiting trousers with a reliable fit, too. Remember, quality is key.

Bonobos Grey Dress Trousers

Luxe Marzotto® Italian wool. Resists liquids, wrinkles & stains.


The road to a great fit doesn’t stop there.

Avoid men’s suit trousers that are either too tight or too baggy. The rockstar-skinny suiting look isn’t for everyone. Hardly anyone outside of runway model can pull off the ultra-skinny suit, one could argue.

Of course, buying a great pair of men’s suit trousers also starts with considering wearing occasions and the season itself.

For all-season wear, it’s tough to top classic worsted wool suiting trousers.

Fans of casual menswear tend to favor pieces like slim chinos or light wash denim in the spring and summer. But don’t rule out a four-season suit trouser.

Want to lighten your look when it gets hot out? A breathable suiting trouser featuring a cotton-linen blend – or even linen on its own – should serve you handsomely.

Quick Summary

  • Reach for quality menswear brands that offer a variety of fit options for your body type.
  • Avoid overly skinny or overly baggy trousers while looking for versatile, four-season suiting trouser fabrics.

How Do I Style My Suit Trousers?

Herein lies the age-old question. The best part about a high-quality pair of men’s suit trousers is the versatility you get from ‘em.

Think of them like an extension of your favorite pair of chinos or slim corduroys. That means tailored looks – say, a classic navy blazer and a white Oxford – are fair game.

That also means that slightly more dressed-down looks – yes, even a stylish crewneck sweater and tough leather chukka boots – are good.

And if the trousers are cut well enough and made in a sharp colorway, swap out your blazer for something a little edgier – say, a black leather moto jacket and suede chukka boots.

Give it a go sometime – trust us.

Quick Summary

  • suiting trousers look stylish with – or without – the matching jacket.
  • Go for combinations both edgier (the moto jacket) and more classic (a navy blazer and an Oxford).

well Fitting Suit Trousers Makes a Big Difference!

We’ve only barely begun to cover everything you need to know when buying a suit. But getting the fit of your men’s suit trousers spot-on is a big step.

It’s a process that takes practice – and probably a trip to the tailor. But once you know how you like your pants to fit and feel, it makes it easy to expand your suited wardrobe.

Great fit also opens the door for all sorts of styling combinations, from a suede bomber jacket to a seasonal blazer.

Practice makes perfect. Whether you’re an old pro at finding great suiting trousers or new to the game, we hope these tips come in handy.

How do you like your suit trousers to fit?

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