An Effortless Guide to 15 Most Common Types of Hats for Men

by Brian Adee  |  in Accessories

A great hat can be the final piece of your outfit puzzle, nudging a minimalist wardrobe towards either the casual or dressy end of the style spectrum. We’re huge fans of hats in all forms, which is why we’ve put together this guide to the 15 types of hats for men to wear.

Once you’re finished reading, you’ll have an idea of the right hat to wear for every situation and occasion.

A complete and exhaustive list of types of hats for men would include everything from Chinese conical hats to pith helmets and tricorn hats — but we’re looking more specifically at the types of hats that you’ll find stylish gents rocking in cities, suburbs, and hip towns.


Ready to learn about the different types of hats?

Sure hope so! Let’s get right into it.

Baseball Cap

Let’s start with the most recognizable hat of this era: That icon of casual style, the baseball cap. Sure, it was originally designed to shade baseball players’ eyes from the sun. However, it soon found wide distribution in the United States before spreading to the entire world.

Huckberry Explorer's Cap

This retro baseball cap is made from soft cotton flannel. With an adjustable leather strap and a nickel adjustment clasp, this hat can be for any and everyone.

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You’ll find baseball caps in either a fitted, snapback, or adjustable band style. New and flashy fitted baseball caps can dress up a streetwear outfit. In contrast, snapbacks and adjustables are a great addition to casual everyday outfits.

Trucker Hat

Trucker hats follow in the same shape and style design footsteps as the baseball cap. They use a foam brim and front half paired with a mesh back and adjustable snaps to stay cool and comfortable.

Patagonia Trucker Hat

This hat features a brim made with Bureo’s fully traceable NetPlus® 100% recycled fishing nets. This closer-fitting trucker hat has an organic cotton front, a polyester-mesh back and an adjustable snap closure.

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They’ve become something of an everyday wear fad over the past decade as more people pick up vintage fashion. In fact, major retailers like Patagonia have started producing their own versions of the classic style.


The wintertime wardrobe staple (if there’s ever been one). The beanie has become many a man’s go-to for cold-weather headgear.

Huckberry Beanie

"From early mornings at the campsite to cold evenings around the fire pit, a reliable wool beanie keeps your head properly shielded from the bouts of winter weather that otherwise send freezing chills to your core."

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You may also known as stocking caps (or “tuques”, if you’re living in Canada).

Thes best ones are made of knitted wool. However, a solid cotton weave like one of Huckberry’s beanies is a cost-effective alternative.

Military Cap 

(aka field cap, scout cap, mosh cap)

Also known as a field cap, scout cap, or mosh cap depending on where you’re from, military style caps are reminiscent of baseball cap style, but feature a shorter bill, rounder shape, and higher sides for a much snugger fit.

Stetson Herringbone Army Cap

The monochromatic design is incredibly versatile and with an individualistic touch. The cap is constructed of 100% breathable and washable fine cotton

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Stetson’s Army cotton cap is a perfect example of the style. Their green herringbone version looks good enough to add a splash of style to more casual outfits.

Bucket Hat

Usually made of soft, lightweight cotton and given plenty of ventilation holes, bucket hats slope down on all sides. And yes, they look kind of like an inverted bucket.

blue bucket hat

You’ll find them either with drawstrings or without. They’re usually a favorite of fishermen they’ve also recently become somewhat popular in urban and streetwear outfits.


The original “cowboy hat”, the Stetson is the prototypical form from which all other cattle-rustling hats have originated. Tall and wide-brimmed, they’re always equipped with a sweatband on the inside, and are designed to be customized to your liking by rolling the brim and/or creasing the crown.

Stetson Royal Deluxe Open Road Hat

A true legend, the Open Road Royal Deluxe Hat offers a timeless blend of city style and Western tradition in a flexible finish.

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Stetson’s very own Open Road Royal Deluxe Hat is a stunning likeness of the original hat that brought the company fame, the legendary “Boss of the Plains”.

Outback Hat

Halfway between a bucket hat and a cowboy hat, the outback hat features a stiffer brim than a bucket while keeping the drawstrings and overall looser fit. As their name implies, they’re most commonly associated with Australian ranchers and riders. This Outback hat from Dorfman Pacific is a fine example of the style.

Dorfman Pacific Outback Hat

The Weathered cotton gives the hat a rugged, broken-in look. This hat features an Interior browband and lining that absorbs sweat and provides a smooth surface next to the skin.

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Ah, the classic that immediately brings to mind film noir and The Rat Pack.

The fedora has kept a devoted following over the last century even as fashion trends have drastically changed. They’re a soft felt hat, with a restrained brim and pronounced crease in the crown.

Bailey Criss Fedora

The Criss Limited Edition Fedora is crafted from their best-selling LiteFelt and features a fine woven sweatband and Japanese grosgrain trim.

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For a classic example of the style that’s been remade to look modern, check out the Bailey Criss Fedora.


A close cousin to the fedora, the Trilby is differentiated by its shorter brim length and slightly curled back edges. They’re often paired with sunglasses to complete a casually dressy summer outfit. You’re not likely to find many examples of this hat style, though Stetson’s Elkader Trilby Hat is a notable exception that’s designed for unisex wear.

Stetson Elkader Trilby Hat

The Trilby is differentiated by its shorter brim length and slightly curled back edges.

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More commonly known as a derby hat in the United States, the bowler dates back to 1850s England.

Bailey Harker Bowler Hat

The Bailey Harker Wool Felt Bowler is possibly inspired by Jonathan Harker, one of the protagonists in Bram Stoker's Dracula. The jet nap finish on the wool felt modernizes this sleek derby sleek.

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Popularized in America by Charlie Chaplin, it’s been reclaimed by modern hipster culture. These outfits usually feature a short-sleeved button-down, slacks, and casual dress shoes, personalized with a feather of your choosing tucked away in the band of the hat.

Bailey’s Harker Wool Felt Bowler Hat is about as classic as it gets, with its ultra-thin brim and polished nap finish. 


A classy alternative to the cowboy hat that keeps its sharp and rugged style, the gambler hat was a popular choice in the era of riverboats cruising the Mississippi.

Stetson Gambler Hat

The Muldoon Gambler hat is constructed of sisol straw and features a gambler crown, dri-lex interior sweatband and black cotton hat band.

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Felted versions will often be decorated with metal fixings on the band, while straw versions like this one from Stetson are made for summer wear and feature minimal detailing. 

Flat Cap

Variously known as a newsboy cap, ivy cap, or ascot cap, this hat style is a timeless choice for everyday wear that can look great with outfits in every season. Their soft tops droop down onto the relatively short brim, sometimes fastening with a button.

Levi's Canvas Ivy Hat
$20.00 $18.39

This hat style is a timeless choice for everyday wear that can look great with outfits in every season

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Check out the Levi’s Canvas Ivy Hat to get a good sense for the style.


A woven straw hat with its roots in Ecuadorian handicrafts, the Panama hat has become a popular option for beachgoers everywhere.

With a quality defined by the tightness of their weave, you can find everything from the cheapest to the most durable and classy Panama hats. This Retro Panama hat from Stetson definitely falls on the finer side of the spectrum.


Flat-brimmed, flat-topped, and made of straw or wool, the boater is almost always decorated with a colored band.

Tenth Street Paddock Hat

This hand-woven Panama straw boater hat is American-made and perfect for any number of occasions.

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As their name implies, they were originally the hat of choice for casual boaters in the American south. They also have been a staple at the Kentucky Derby thanks to their lightweight, heat-protecting construction. Tenth Street Hats’ Paddock hat sticks as close to the original style as possible.

Pork Pie

Traditionally made of felted wool, the pork pie hat is small and compact with a low, flat crown and exceptionally narrow brim. They look great as a way to finish a somewhat dressy outfit of a crisp t-shirt, either.

Stetson Porkpie Hat

Traditionally made of felted wool, the pork pie hat is small and compact with a low, flat crown and exceptionally narrow brim.

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Stetson’s Cranston Wool Pork Pie Hat is a perfect example of this casual/dressy style.

Wrapping Up: How to Wear Your Hats

With that list of hats in mind, it’s easy to see how the right selection of caps can expand your styling options in a minimalist wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to accent your winter wardrobe or prepping for the onset of warm weather outfits, we hope this guide has led the way towards your perfect headgear selection.