Need Comfortable Work Outfits While Working From Home? Start With These 5 Clothing Items

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Casual Style

Look, you’re working from home much more often nowadays. But just because you’re staying indoors, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get dressed in the morning.

You need solid work outfits that are comfortable enough to wear while you’re working at home.

So here we go: Here’s an outfit that looks sharp yet is extremely comfortable, and best of all, is perfectly appropriate to wear in public when you have to make that inevitable trip to the store (or answer the door when the food delivery guy comes)!

Can’t say the same about those old baggy sweats ?

At the same time, I’m making sure to focus on comfort and fit here. Luckily, there are a ton of comfortable options nowadays—clothes that otherwise look and feel like “regular” garments, yet have stretch properties built in.

Which means you don’t have to wear sweats during the day just to be comfortable. You can feel comfy and dress sharp at the same time.

So here’s my ideal work-from-home outfit!

BTW, here are even more work-from-home outfit ideas

Comfy stretch pants that aren’t fleece sweats

Nothing wrong with a cozy pair of slim fleece joggers, but if you’ve been wearing sweats for a few days straight, you’re gonna want to put on some regular clothes at some point.

gray bonobos chinos - the perfect pants for working from home
Shop the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos

Bonobos’ Stretch Washed Chinos have been my choice for years. Just the right amount of stretch, the perfect fit, and available in tons of colors.

You can sit around the house in these pants all day, and if you need to run to the store, you don’t have to waste any time changing.

A Silky-Soft T-Shirt You Won’t Want To Take Off

A T-shirt isn’t usually the first thing I put on, but I’ve been wearing them more and more lately. A forced work-from-home situation tends to do that, I guess ??‍♂️

the best t shirt uniqlo supima tee
Shop the Uniqlo Supima cotton T-shirt

When you’re working from home all day, T-shirts are definitely more comfortable than your woven button-ups. Just make sure the tees you wear still fit well and the neck isn’t all ratty and stretched out.

The Supima cotton T-shirts from Uniqlo are a budget #menswear favorite, and for good reason. They’re made from extra long staple cotton fibers, which means a softer handfeel and more durability.

A stretch button-up chambray shirt (that looks like a regular chambray)

Remember how I was saying woven button-up shirts aren’t as comfortable as knit T-shirts?

a chambray shirt with stretch - comfortable work from home shirt
Shop the J.Crew Stretch Chambray shirt

Well, I have a comfortable woven option for you: this chambray from J.Crew is made from organic cotton and has a bit of stretch built in.

Chambray is like denim’s softer, lighter cousin. So if you don’t already have a chambray shirt, consider adding this guy to your wardrobe—I wear mine alllll the time, through all seasons.

A midlayer to keep you warm and complete the look

You have a few options for a great midlayer. If you’re looking to be extra cozy, go with something like this Polartec full zip jacket from Todd Snyder.

a cozy polartec full zip jacket from todd snyder
Shop the Todd Snyder Polartec Full Zip Jacket

And for something a bit more polished, a chunky cotton cardigan similar to this J.Crew one is a good option.

If you don’t care about cozy, a good year-round option is a chore coat. Made from cotton twill, it’s comfortable enough to wear around the house—albeit without much built-in stretch—yet also provides good structure.

Plus, you get plenty of pockets for whatever you’re carrying from your bedroom, to your home office, to your kitchen, back to your home office… you get the idea.

The Best House Slippers: Leather Lace Moccasins

Finally, if you haven’t yet, it’s time you invest in some house slippers. More specifically, I love these lace moccasins from Minnetonka.

moccasin house slippers from minnetonka
Shop the Minnetonka leather laced soft sole

I have a similar pair in a lighter color with a nub sole, but I love how these have what the brand calls a “soft sole”.

These mocs will mould to the shape of your feet over time. Super comfortable and sharp looking. Just remember to change out of them before leaving the house!

Here are 3 easy work outfits put together from these clothing items…

All work-from-home friendly, of course.

home work outfit 1
Outfit 1: The Supima tee + Polartec jacket = wearing a cloud
home work outfit 2
Throw on the chambray button-up. Luckily this one has a bit of stretch!
home work outfit 3
If it’s too warm for the Polartec fleece (or any midlayer), use the chambray as your layering piece

Always look sharp, even when working from home

Alright fellas, I hope this simple outfit inspires you to take off those pajama pants and slip into something a bit more polished and put-together.

I guarantee that if you take the time to get dressed every morning, even if you’re working from home, you’ll be much more productive and feel better throughout the day.

Was that helpful?

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