Our Favorite Men’s Leather House Slippers (Different Styles Explained and Reviewed)

by Brian Adee  |  in Accessories

If you don’t own a pair of leather house slippers, you’re honestly missing out. Even the most basic pair of slippers can change the whole tone of your morning come wintertime by keeping your feet cozy the moment you roll out of bed.

We’ve been wearing house slippers for years now, and have tried on quite a few pairs in our quest to find the best house shoes around.

Follow along with this guide, and we’ll introduce you to our favorite pairs, both luxury and bargain-priced, as well as everything in between.

close up of man feet wearing burgundy wool socks with brown leather slippers in living room
Wearing the L.L.Bean Bison Slippers

Our 7 Favorite Types of House Slippers

Each of the seven slipper styles listed below is worth considering for your own closet. They range from simple to luxurious. We’ve included notes on what each slipper is best at as well as a general price range.

Larsen Slippers by Beckett Simonon

These Larsen slippers from Beckett Simonon get our nomination as the best men’s leather house slippers. They’re a classy, handsome indoor shoe that’s made to last.

Beckett Simonon Larsen Slippers

Strong and durable, nappy water-repellent suede makes the ideal sole for the Larsen Slippers. Its natural traction will keep you safe no matter what types of flooring, or carpeting you wear them on.

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They’re exceptionally comfortable after a short break-in period. Plus, the high-quality leather will only continue to form more closely to your natural foot shape over time.

Larsen Slippers from Beckett Simonon

The all-leather uppers and water repellent suede soles on the Larsen slippers are buttery soft, and definitely meant only for around-the-house wear.

Order them directly through the company (they’re made to order), and you’ll receive a substantial discount from their usual retail price. This alone makes the Larsen slippers the most affordable leather house shoe.

The Foster Slipper by Greats

While not fully leather, Greats produces one of the best all-around slippers that we’ve seen.

These slippers combine awesome style with durable construction. They’re easily our favorite rubber sole slippers — and thanks to a soft leather footbed, the Foster slippers also rank very highly on the comfy scale.

GREATS Foster Slippers

The cozy, quilted upper and cushioned footbed are comfort essentials for indoor wear. Even better - The durable sole and sophisticated design means you can rock them shamelessly in public.

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The Foster Slipper by Greats

Made almost entirely from recycled materials, Greats’ slippers are tough enough for indoor or outdoor wear (though, obviously, house slippers are for inside the house… so keep them indoors as much as possible).

Morgan Calfskin Leather Slippers by Derek Rose

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Handmade in England from full-grain calfskin leather, the Morgan slippers from Derek Rose are an upscale option with an incredibly attractive aesthetic.

Derek Rose Morgan Leather Slippers

Handmade in England from full-grain calfskin leather, the Morgan slippers from Derek Rose are an upscale option with an incredibly attractive aesthetic.

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Every detail has been attended to in these open-back mule slippers, from the suede-lined and leather-padded interiors to soft suede soles that are as quiet as can be.

While you can expect to pay top dollar for these luxury slippers, they’re a worthwhile upgrade if you’re looking for a house shoe that looks great and won’t make a peep while you walk.

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Crawford Suede Shearling-Lined Slippers by Derek Rose

Editor’s Note: Add these to your Wish List on Mr. Porter if your size is sold out.

If the sleek leather look of the first pair of Derek Rose slippers we featured above isn’t really your style, then their Crawford slippers almost certainly will be.

Derek Rose Crawford Suede Slippers

Handcrafted in the UK from soft suede and lined with shearling, these leather-trimmed slippers are sure to become your new favorite footwear.

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They’re markedly different from the Morgans, featuring a closed back and rich, supple sheepskin lining.

A heavily cushioned footbed and soft suede sole combine to give the Crawford slippers the same ultra-quiet footfall of all Derek Rose’s house shoe offerings. They’re ridiculously comfortable, and definitely fall on the luxury end of the spectrum for men’s house slippers.

Bison Double Sole Slippers by L.L. Bean

Though perhaps better known for their Bean Boots, L.L. Bean makes a mean pair of men’s leather moccasins! Between double-sole construction, a soft foam insert, and meticulous hand-stitching, they are a near-perfect combination of comfort and durability.

L.L.Bean Bison Double-Sole Slippers

The double-sole construction and fine craftsmanship combined with a rich bison leather upper gives these a timeless look that will endure year after year. Built with a soft insert and leather lining for top-of-the-line cushioning that molds to the shape of your foot for a custom fit.

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Offered at about the same price as a good pair of tennis shoes, L.L. Bean’s moccasins are reasonably priced given their all-leather construction.

They can handle the outdoors for short periods of time (like running to grab the mail or your morning paper). But they’re much better suited to being full-time indoor shoes, and they’ll only get better with age.

close up of llbean bison leather slippers on a light rug next to an ottoman and chair
The L.L.Bean Bison leather moccasin slippers

They also come in regular leather, as opposed to the bison leather. We’re partial to the two-tone, textured look you get with this bison leather pair, but both pairs are great!

Minnetonka Soft Sole Moccasins

If you’re looking for the coziest house slippers around, Minnetonka’s sheepskin mocs should be high on your list.

Minnetonka Sheepskin Softsole Slippers

"The soft sheepskin lining keeps feet warm while wicking away moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Rawhide lacing keeps these slippers in place."

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They’re built with a suede upper and suede soft sole and generously lined with a warm and comfortable sheepskin lining. Thanks to sheepskin’s moisture-wicking properties, these slippers are great for sweaty feet!

You’ll want to keep these slippers indoors-only. Their soft suede soles and delicate stitching are prone to damage if worn on concrete. Thankfully, Minnetonka’s moccasins are available for a low enough price that it’s easy to justify using them only as house shoes.

Uniqlo Japanese House Slippers

I know these aren’t leather slippers but hear me out. Well known for their functional and affordable basic pieces for your wardrobe, Uniqlo seems to have one of everything you could want to wear now.

Their house slippers are no exception: Affordable, simple, and comfortable, they’re also surprisingly durable.

Uniqlo Japanese House Slippers

Fits the soles of the feet and provides comfort. Looks sleek even though it is easy to walk in. These house slippers are affordable, simple, and comfortable; not to mention, surprisingly durable.

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These slippers from Uniqlo are easily the best bargain-priced slippers you can buy. They may not be the best slippers for sweaty feet thanks to the inclusion of polyester materials (your mileage may vary), but Uniqlo’s Japanese house slippers are also quite easy to hand wash.

You’ll want to note, however, that they tend to run small; when in doubt, order a size up. 

Wrapping Things Up: Choosing the Best Men’s House Slippers

Which pair of slippers in this roundup caught your eye the most? 

We’re advocates of choosing the best slippers you can for the budget you have, since even a small upgrade in cost can lead to much longer-lasting materials and construction.

And if you’re new to wearing slippers around the house, don’t worry: Any pair you choose from this list will make your mornings and evenings comfier and cozier this winter.