American Trench Is A Brand To Know (Brand Review + Our Favorite Picks)

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

Here at Effortless Gent, whether you’re a new reader or a seasoned vet, you know that we’re about buying better, and buying less, not more. We’re about classic style and timeless design, and we love brands that embody these traits.

Think quality construction, quality fabrics and going the extra mile. Clothes that hold up, look great and last a long time. 

Pennsylvania-based American Trench hits on all these points, and then some.

The USA-made brand works with family-owned companies to produce the best socks, outerwear, shirting and more. The best part? They have something for everyone.

closeup of american trench jacket and overshirt

All About American Trench

The American Trench story dates back more than a decade, after founder Jacob Hurwitz took a trip to London. He found himself in a situation all too familiar. He needed a better rain coat for stormy weather overseas. 

Enter the original American Trench Coat. The coat that started it all launched on Kickstarter in 2012. It went through a rigorous development process that won over plenty of fans. It’s a staple of the brand’s offerings today, and it looks every bit as stylish now as then. 

The brand, of course, is so much more than one coat, though.

Here are our favorite shopping picks this season from your soon-to-be new favorite brand. What better way to kick off our American Trench review than with some fun, right? 

Our 12 Favorite Picks from American Trench

It was hard to choose, but here are 12 of our current favorite items from American Trench. Let us know what you think!  

American Trench Coat

The coat that quite literally started it all. It’s as classic as it gets, with a trench coat silhouette that’s at once retro and modern. Be sure to pick yours up in time for spring rain, and know that this is one American Trench review (among many) that you can trust. 

American Trench Coat

It’s as classic as it gets, with a trench coat silhouette that’s at once retro and modern. Be sure to pick yours up in time for spring rain, and know that this is one American Trench review (among many) that you can trust.

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Merino Activity Socks with Silver 

These socks are a favorite of this writer for several reasons.

The brand makes ‘em with a nice mix of bold colors with options for every taste. I think they’re the perfect go-to casual socks to wear with lightweight suede chukka boots, white leather sneakers, or even rugged leather captoe boots this spring. 

American Trench Merino Activity Socks

These socks are knit from USA-grown and spun merino wool and have anti-microbial silver in the heel and toe to kill any possible odor.

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Italian Seersucker Chore Coat

Chore coats are an easy 3-season midlayer to throw on whenever you’re lounging around the house or need to head out to meet friends or run a few errands. A great chore coat can really carry its weight. It’s a solid all-around garment that will get tons of use.

American Trench Italian Seersucker Chore Coat

100% cotton seersucker fabric with a rich color and a soft, supple hand from the Lanificio Subalpino mill, sustainably harvested natural Corozo buttons, three generous patch pockets... this chore coat is elevated workwear at its finest.

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Up until a couple years ago, a good chore coat in the perfect fit was hard to find. Now, brands seem to be catching on, but few are making elevated versions of the chore coat (understandably, since this garment has workwear roots).

Enter American Trench. The details in their Italian seersucker chore coat are a perfect blend of luxury (with a soft cloth and beautiful natural Corozo nut buttons), trim fit, and traditional workwear style.

Marled Cotton Sweater in Narrow Stripe

This crewneck sweater is the perfect example of a menswear staple.

American Trench Narrow Stripe Marled Cotton Sweater

"Our Marled Cotton Sweater in Narrow Stripe is knit from 100% cotton yarn in New England. It's timeless details mix well with any wardrobe and will take you through at least three seasons."

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Available in two menswear neutral colors (navy and pewter grey), with classic styling and details, made in a marled knit cotton fabric with a thin stripe pattern that will never go out of style.

Bonus: You can wear this most of the year, either as a midlayer during the colder months, or an extra layer you take with you during the warmer months (in case you’re blasted with AC and a one-layer outfit won’t do.

The Boot Socks in Wool and Silk 

These socks are worth it, and we really do mean that.

We really weren’t kidding when we said you should replace your sock drawer with only AT socks. Especially if you’re buying handmade leather boots, shouldn’t you buy some investment-level socks to match? 

American Trench Boot Socks

These socks are warm and amazingly soft and the subtle flecking in the yarn gives them a sophisticated flair that isn't over the top. 

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The Ventile Ballcap 

This is what we mean when we say American Trench goes above and beyond. Think of this like a standard ballcap made in a way that only American Trench can make it, with durable ventile fabric that’ll breathe and also protect your mug from spring rains.

Consider it the ideal grab-and-go spring and summer ballcap. 

American Trench Ventile Ball Cap

A classic 6-panel ball cap made from 100% cotton Ventile, the same fabric used on their namesake trench coats.

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Plaid Wool Overshirt 

See, we said American Trench does so much more than just outerwear and socks. This is a New England-made wool overshirt that’s made to be worn on chilly spring days and kept in your wardrobe until fall rolls back around. 

American Trench Plaid Wool Overshirt

Our plaid wool overshirts are expertly constructed by New England Shirt Co. of deadstock virgin wool fabrics from Woolrich Woolen Mills.

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The Classic Retro Stripe Socks 

This is another classic from American Trench, in our book.

They’re a classic, more refined pair of casual socks without going full-on zany pattern. They’re also more sporty with some retro-cool flair, to boot (pun intended, because these actually work extremely well with your favorite leather boots).

American Trench Classic Retro Stripe Socks
$12.50 – $30.00

Retro Stripe Socks in natural unbleached American-grown cotton add a welcome pop of color to your fit. These have a super comfy cushioned foot bed without being too thick and look great in both sneakers and boots.

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The Flecked Terry Hoodie 

American Trench really has something for everyone. In this case, here’s the answer to that old athletic hoodie you’ve been wearing. It’s got a heck of a lot more subtle style points and quality design for your laidback weekend wardrobe.

American Trench Flecked Terry Hoodie

 A relaxed, lightweight layering piece with real textural interest that will take you well into spring and summer.

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Canvas & Leather Duffel Bag 

See, American Trench really can do it all. This is the perfect bag to take on quick weekend getaways. Just make sure it’s stocked with American Trench gear aplenty.

American Trench Canvas & Leather Duffel Bag

This bag is equally functional for daily use at work or the gym, or as it is for weekend getaways. The roomy main compartment is made from heavyweight water-repellent canvas, which is extremely durable.

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The Old-School Mesh Shorts 

Remember shorts? Remember warm weather?

These are a fun spring and summer option to wear with a white tee. They could even work with a slub cotton polo if you’re feeling like some preppy style for an afternoon on the boardwalk or on the water.

American Trench Old School Mesh Shorts

 These are a fun spring and summer option to wear with a white tee. They could even work with a slub cotton polo if you’re feeling like some preppy style for an afternoon on the boardwalk or on the water.

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The Denim Apron 

Alright, this is too fun to pass up. Consider this a cool splurge to upgrade your kitchen gear through all that time at home this spring and summer.

American Trench Denim Apron

These aprons are made from US-milled Cone White Oak Denim and are handcrafted in the USA. Not only will this apron stand the test of time, but it will actually get better with age

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Why American Trench? What Else Does American Trench Make? 

So, you’ve seen what American Trench can do. If one thing is clear, it’s that the brand now goes far, far beyond coats, in the best way possible.

For instance, American Trench socks are made with materials like real silver for anti-microbial properties. American Trench makes everything from boot socks to sport socks with retro stripes and no-show socks.

And as you’ve seen, they also make durable ballcaps, wool overshirts and much more.

Any great brand also has a few tricks up it sleeves. They also now make American Trench masks and home goods in some of the coolest fabrics you can find.

The answer to the question “Why American Trench?” is pretty easy. We love them for all the reasons we mentioned in this article, plus, they work with carefully chosen, family-owned factories. You can even follow the brand on social media to get a behind-the-scenes look.

Now, you’re paying a premium for the brand, its products and ultimately, the experience, but these are investments that pay off. The idea of buying less but buying better really rings true, making it perfect for stylish EG readers like yourself.

For instance, in this author’s experience, the brand’s socks don’t give out or develop holes easily, so you won’t need to replace them frequently.

In fact, the only reason you’ll buy more is to replace every piece of crucial gear in your wardrobe with American Trench.

Versatility in design and quality in production is key these days. Of course, that makes it hard to pick out favorites from the brand, but hopefully, the 10 we shared earlier are an ideal place to start.

Remember: Buy less, buy better, know where your clothing is made… and reap the rewards.