Hey gents,

I have a confession. Sometimes I want to be all things to all people, but in reality, it’s not that easy.

I want to help you find clothes that fit, look good, and make you feel awesome. Luckily, most of the advice I have applies to everyone, regardless of body type or height. But sometimes, there are issues unique to guys of a certain stature that only they would know because they’ve experienced it firsthand.

For example, I have no idea what it’s like to be 6’5″ with a size 14 shoe. I can sort of imagine, but I won’t know all the minute insecurities that come with being that size.

In reality, we all have our insecurities regardless of height / weight combination (or height and shoe size, in this instance). And for each insecurity, there’s a way to overcome it.

I often get questions from dudes of small stature. Things like, “I’m 5’6″ and 125 lbs, how do I find a decent suit jacket that’s not billowing in every direction?” or, “I’m only 5’4″, where can I find pants that actually fit me?”

While I do have ways to help (and like I mentioned, lots of the tips and advice I have are universally applicable), I often wonder if I would have more emphatic tidbits of encouragement were I that same size.

Enter Brock, Stage Right

I first met Brock through his site, The Modest Man. What I like about Brock’s approach is that he gives timeless style advice but adapts it to the shorter man.

Being 5’6″, he understands the challenges shorter men may face, and is able to address these concerns from firsthand experience.

He’s also been around the block a few times, so he knows what stores have a good selection for shorter guys, plus the kinds of tailoring tricks and tactics that can work wonders for both your wardrobe and your stature.

One of the overarching messages of The Modest Man is this:

Shorter men shouldn’t try to look taller, but rather, dress in a way that flatters the body. – Click to tweet this!

Finding well-fitting clothes is the key to looking your best, whether you’re 4’4″ or 6’4″. It’s all about fit, fit, fit! (Haven’t I been saying this all along?)

And now… Short Man Style

Brock just released his comprehensive guide, Short Man Style: How To Achieve The Perfect Fit (aff link). I recently checked out the eBook and was very impressed.

Before I began, I mentally put myself in the position of a beginner style student as I read through it, and I found it very helpful.

Short Man Style covers every aspect of your wardrobe and every potential piece you may have questions about. And remember, all this advice is tailored for a man of shorter stature.

Not only does Brock talk about how your clothing should fit, but he also gives specific suggestions of where to buy these things.

I know that if you’re not of average height and weight, finding off-the-rack clothing that fits well can be tough! Brock gives you a head start through Short Man Style.

What’s most valuable is that he’s actually purchased clothing from these places and tested them himself, so you know you’re getting a good recommendation from a gent who’s already scoped the scene and peeped the goods.

Oh, and in case you’re not a big baller shot caller, you don’t have to worry. Short Man Style gives recommendations for items at different price points (most of which are in the attainable price range, vs. the Neiman Marcus / Saks Fifth Avenue price ranges)… so if you’re a shorter man and thought you had to go to high-end stores or custom shops to achieve the best fit, you’re wrong, my friend! Brock will show you what’s up.

A decision tree to help you with your next suit purchase

He also covers the whole spectrum of your wardrobe, from your work hours to your off hours. There are tips on how to buy a suit to flatter your height (nope, it’s not all about vertical pinstripes), how to find the right shoes (nope, no platform soles recommended here), the perfect width for your neckties, and even how to get a great pair of shorts and a polo shirt.

He explains the variances in sizing among the different brands of said casual shirts, which interestingly enough varies a lot, since stores use different size charts for their clothing. That means there’s one less thing for you to think about, since Brock spells it all out for you.

Tall dudes, stay away

If you’re above 5’8″, while you will get some useful information from this eBook, it’s not really meant for you. The information here is tailored specifically for the shorter gent.

So if you’re 5’8″ or below and still getting your bearings on how to achieve the perfect fit for your specific body type, whether on a work day or a weekend, Short Man Style will certainly help you get to the next level.

For a bit more info, take a look here: http://bit.ly/ShortManStyle (aff link).

I’ve spent a bit of time going through this eBook, and I really do believe it will be a big help to you guys who feel like you can’t quite nail down how to achieve the perfect fit because of your size. It’ll also be helpful if you’re struggling to find these clothes when out in the wild (aka the store or mall).

Extra stuff

To top it off, Short Man Style also comes with a few bonuses. One is an audio walk-through of the book, which is nice if you like listening to audiobooks while working out or mowing the lawn or something.

Another bonus is a PDF of tidbits of advice from style pros, myself included, though I’m not sure I consider myself a “pro” 🙂

The cherry on top as far as bonuses are concerned is the duo of videos Brock includes. One deals with the issue of a too-long tie (that pesky narrow end always ends up too long), and how to remedy that. Another is how to wrap a scarf so it’s not hanging too low when you wear it. Pretty important, considering winter is upon us.

These little things make the biggest difference; Brock does a great job addressing them.


If you are super advanced in your style game or are of average / above average height, this eBook probably isn’t for you.

It’s a well-rounded resource for the shorter gent still getting his bearings when it comes to fit and finding appropriate clothing.

If this sounds like you, I definitely recommend checking out the book; it will be a huge asset to you. Take a look here: http://bit.ly/ShortManStyle (aff link).

ps — Sorry I’ve been a little quiet on the site lately. Working on some stuff behind the scenes (including getting Effortless Gent TV set up), so stay tuned!

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12 Responses

  1. Jessy on

    As a 5’6″¼, 135 pounds man (and I was at 120 a few months ago), I find it quite difficult to find stuff that fits.

    The problem isn’t just about my height, it’s also about my weight. It’s nice if you can tell me where I can find short sizes suits, but if the smallest size they offer is a 38S (I’m looking at you, Suit Supply), well that’s not helping, since I’m a 34S (or a very slim 36S). Extra slim fit 14.5″ shirt? Probably still too big.

    Another catch, as a Canadian reader, I don’t have all the options you probably have. Uniqlo and its new online store stocks a lot of XS, but I can’t order there.

    The eBook looks interesting, but I don’t know if it would be that helpful. Still, it looks like a great resource for short guys.

    • Brock on

      Hey Jessy,

      This is Brock. Thanks for your comments. We are almost the exact same size! I’m 5’6″ and 130 lbs. You were at 120 a few months ago? Have you been lifting??

      The stores I recommend are all online, and I often scope things out in person but end up buying online. Mostly because, as you know, the store doesn’t have very many S or SX in stock, and they run out quickly.

      I have a brother in Montreal for college, so I’ve been there a bunch of times, but I’m not as familiar with the Canadian retail scene. I think this book would still be extremely helpful to you, though. Check it out..you can always return it!


      • Jessy on

        Hi Brock!
        Yes, I’ve been lifting! I went from a 32″ chest to a 34.5″. My goal for now is to hit the “normal” 36 while keeping my waist to around 29″. Still, my shoulders are not very wide, around 16.75″. Sometimes I can manage a blazer that fits decently in the chest, but not in the shoulders, which is very frustrating.

        I can buy from most stores available in the USA (except a few like Uniqlo, Club Monaco or Urban Outfitters), sometimes with increased shipping fees (like J.Crew or Nordstrom) or different stock (Banana Republic Canada doesn’t offer anything XS or 36).

        • Brock on

          Nice! I just started lifting a few weeks ago (Stronglifts 5×5 program) and have seen some great results as well. Keep it up! You doing overhead presses for the shoulders?

          I actually don’t mention those stores, as I don’t have much personal experience with them (except Urban Outfitters, which I’m not a big fan of).

          Let me know if you end up getting the book. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it from a Canadian perspective.


    • RedYeti on

      Suitsupply’s webstore currently has size 35 and 36 suits and jackets. They also have odd trousers with 29 inch waists. Their shirts only go down to a 14.5 though, although the extra slims are very well fitted.

      Their suits, the Washington especially, are mostly cut for younger and more athletic guys so they are typically much slimmer than most traditional suit retailers. Also their staff are generally super helpful and will make as many adjustments as you need in house, so if you can get to a store I’d recommend at least trying some stuff on. Only problem is they have no Canadian locations yet. One is apparently opening in Toronto soon…

      • Jessy on

        Great to see that Suit Supply might be coming to Canada. However, at 5’6″, I would need a Short jacket, the smallest being a 38S. The 35 is only available in Regular.

    • Barron on

      Unfortunately not. The same rules of fit apply regardless if you’re short, tall, overweight, skinny. My general advice is to do the best you can while you work to lose the weight. I was there once (and you’ll see some posts if you search the archives) but nothing fits quite as well until you reach a weight and body composition you’re happy with.

    • themodestman on

      Matthew – check out Chubstr (dot com). I just found it via Style Girlfriend, and it looks like the only blog dedicated to style for bigger (heavier) guys. Looks promising!


  2. mj on

    im 5`6 and of course recently i bought a dark gray suit ..please guide me which color of shirt is more suitable for the suit ..and of course which style of tie?Thank you

    • Kelvin on

      How “dark” is your dark gray suit? To be honest, the darker color suits such as dark-gray or black offer more flexibility as to what shirt you can use. In my opinion, you can use any color dress shirt as long as it’s not the EXACT same color as your suit (well, if it’s what you like then suit yourself…no pun intended). If you’re in the office, a white shirt will do, or even baby blue. If you’re out at a club or lounge, a black shirt is nice underneath. As a “shorter” male like yourself, they suggest using slimmer ties.

      You can pretty much find some nice fashion/suit ideas by a quick google search. Just type in “dark gray suit” and you can gather inspiration from the images that show up. Take a look at some GQ magazines as well.

      Next time you go shopping, just ask any sales associate to help you out. They’re usually very knowledgeable about suit, shirt, and tie combinations.