Viberg Review: Finely crafted, high quality, and unique Canadian boots and sneakers

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Casual Style

We’ve talked about the difference between average leather goods and great leather goods, average menswear and the best menswear around. It all matters when building your Lean Wardrobe.

It takes a trained eye over time, but when it comes to the difference between average and great, these are differences you can readily spot.

That includes stitching, construction, and leather quality (be sure to check out our Tanner Goods review for another standout leather goods brand). We’re not about to go back to “the old ways” now, and Viberg Boots is the perfect boots brand to tie into the rest of your aforementioned Lean Wardrobe. 

Photo by Viberg

If you’re a fan of finely crafted boots and unique sneakers, this is a brand to know right now. 

Be prepared to invest in Viberg boots, and be prepared to reap the rewards with timeless style and high-quality designs. Our Viberg review takes care of the rest for you. 

What You Should Know About Viberg 

Any Viberg Boots review has to start at, well, the beginning. The Canadian company’s roots date back to 1931, when Edwin Viberg founded the company in Saskatchewan (Viberg now makes its boots in Victoria).

It’s still a family business.

Brett Viberg, Edwin’s grandson, is now at the helm of the company, and Brett’s father, Glen, took over the business before him. These guys know how to make the best leather boots around, that much is true. 

They haven’t exactly outsourced anything, either.

The company still makes its finely crafted boots north of the border. At the start of the company, Viberg evolved into a producer of heavy-duty logging boots made to exacting standards

These days, Viberg is now more fashion-oriented, but still focuses on exceptional materials and handmade craftsmanship.

Take it from me: If you’ve had a chance to check them out in person (say, at NYC’s Freemans Sporting Club or at a specialty menswear boutique near you), the difference is in the details. Our Viberg review gets into why precisely they’re a brand to know. 

Our Favorite Shoes and Boots From Viberg 

  1. Viberg Service Boots 2030

    Here’s a great example of the next-level leather and tough construction used by the brand. The service boot silhouette is based on an old-school military style that also proved mighty useful in the field as a work boot. It’s now a staple of the Viberg brand, and a worthy place to start any Viberg review.  

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  2. Viberg Service Boots in Natural Chromexcel

    You’re getting a true double-whammy here: The silhouette for which Viberg is perhaps most known, plus a pair of rugged leather boots made from beautiful Horween Chromexcel leather. These will break in wonderfully over time. 

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  3. Viberg Chelsea Boots

    Let’s switch it up from traditional lace-up boots. Here’s a great example of how Viberg has become more of a “fashion footwear” brand without compromising quality, integrity or craft. The best part is, these investment-level Chelsea boots will pair up with nearly anything in your wardrobe. 

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  4. Viberg Service Boots in Shinki Red Brown Latigo Horsehide

    One of the coolest things about Viberg is how they find ways to make flagship products stand out even more. Take the quality of leather, plus its rarity: This sets Viberg boots apart, as our Viberg review will (hopefully!) illustrate. Better still, this leather will age wonderfully over time, and the color is versatile enough to wear with olive chinos, light wash jeans or tan five-pocket pants.

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  5. Viberg Snuff Calf Suede Slippers

    We told you that the Viberg brand had been evolving, and here’s how they’ve moved beyond just outstanding boots. Consider these your new warm-weather loafers, with suede sourced from England and a handsome low-profile build to wear with summer suiting. 

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  6. Viberg Derby Boot

    The derby boot is another classic work boot style that Viberg has mastered. Think of these like a slimmed-down version of the Service Boot, as wearable with light wash denim as it is with a fall or winter suit. 

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  7. Viberg Derby Shoe in Classic Black Calf

    Again, Viberg is more than just boots. They’ve got you covered from A-to-Z if you want to invest in the best dress shoes, too. Notably, Viberg passes the eye test with these heritage-quality dress shoes that use a design from the 1960s.

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  8. Viberg Hiker in Natural Chromexcel

    In need of new hiking boots for the town and the trail? Here you go. These are easily the coolest hiking boots we’ve seen, starting with the incredible leather and distinctive red lacing. Plus, you get all the quality construction you’d expect from Viberg. 

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  9. Viberg Sneakers

    We can nearly guarantee you haven’t seen sneakers like this before. These are a perfect blend of modern style and technical innovation, using a custom last and a Vibram outsole. Roll up the cuffs of your light wash jeans for a distinctive pair of spring and summer sneakers, or pair them with tan chinos and a chambray shirt in colder weather. 

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  10. Viberg Slip-on in Eco Veg Pewter Suede Roughout

    The hits just keep coming with Viberg. How’s this for a fresh and modern pair of kicks? Sneaker lovers, rejoice, because these slip-on sneakers are also sturdy, durable and exceedingly stylish.

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  11. Viberg Leather Conditioner

    A great pair of the best boots calls for only the finest-quality care, does it not? This is the best way to keep your Viberg shoes and boots looking fresh and refined (or rugged, your call).

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  12. Horsehair Shoeshine Brush

    Now, once again, the best boots call for the best accompanying tools. After all, leather conditioner doesn’t quite work without the right accessories, like a shine brush made just like the old days. 

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Here’s What Else We Love About Viberg

While some of those prices shown above for Viberg boots are a bit steep, trust us when we say it’s worth it. Any of the shoes shown above are a masterclass in quality construction and an unwavering commitment to the best materials.

There’s plenty to dig about Viberg boots. We love the use of Vibram outsoles on select pairs of boots, for grip and a smooth ride. The variety of leathers and fine suede is among the best in the world, too.

These are boots you invest in, and you should know that there’s a break-in period (trust me, firsthand experience here).

However, once you’ve worn your pair in a bit, they mold to your foot and age beautifully. All of this is to say, they’re worth the price, and then some.

You can wear most any of these pairs with everything from a navy cotton blazer, an Oxford shirt and light wash denim to olive chinos and a short-sleeve henley. The brand is also committed to trying new styles (just look at the sneakers and slip-ons), while also incorporating silhouettes and construction methods from decades past.

Think of them like a cool piece of wearable history, for starters. They’ll also be able to tell plenty of stories of your own over the years. Last but not least, you can mix-and-match most any of these selections with outfits across all four seasons.

these boots are ‘it’

You won’t want to stop wearing your Viberg boots, and that’s a major understatement.

We hope you enjoyed our Viberg overview and brand review. The quality this brand offers is unmatched! Do you have a favorite from our list? Let us know by DM’ing us on Instagram or hitting us up on Twitter.