The Best Men’s Pants To Wear in Hot Weather (If You Hate A Sweaty Crotch)

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As the weather heats up, and evening soirees abound, the EG crew is here with a list of essential lightweight pants that fit every situation.

We managed to find seven of the best men’s pants for hot weather, and they represent the full range of suitable, elegant and durable options—from rugged everyday wear to dress trousers. 

The goal is to stay cool, comfortable, and classy, no matter the circumstances. Nobody wants to be sweating in unseemly places because they chose the wrong pants for the occasion!

So let’s check out these pants.

Lightweight Men’s Pants PERFECT FOR THE HEAT

Like we mentioned, these options run the gamut from casual to formal. If you’re unsure whether or not one pair is good for a specific occasion, feel free to DM us on Instagram and B will help you out.

Huckberry Flyweight Flex Chino Pant in Driftwood

This flex chino is a versatile pair of pants that are comfortable enough to lounge in, sharp enough to wear on the town, and complement most shirts in your wardrobe

Huckberry Flyweight Flex Chino Pant

Ideal for the office and beyond, you’ll be surprised at just how comfortable and breathable these chinos are.

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They’re lightweight, stretchy, and have an outdoorsy vibe about them that can add a ruggedness to your casual outfits, whether or not you’re wearing flannel that day.

Though they’re durable, they’re also made of 97% cotton, which allows your skin to breathe. 

The four colorways are each neutral enough that any pair can get a lot of mileage. The steel blue exudes an elegance because of its distinct hue, while the driftwood leans hard into the workwear aesthetic

One thing to look out for is these pants tend to run long, which is fine since they’re so casual, but you might need to get them hemmed or wear them cuffed!  

Todd Snyder Lightweight Japanese Selvedge Jeans

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of evening selvedge jeans to keep comfortable but classy on those balmy summer nights in, the Todd Snyder Premium Selvedge Jeans are remarkably lightweight.

Todd Snyder Lightweight Japanese Selvedge Jeans

Our denim comes in distinct categories (Stretch, Selvedge and Small Batch), for the same reason that sometimes you want an artisanal sipping whiskey, and others a draft beer.

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They’re crafted from actual Japanese selvedge, spun on old-fashioned shuttle looms. The result is a deep and beautifully textured color, and a lightweight fabric at only 11oz.

These premium pants can definitely take you from spring, into summer, and even the earlier parts of fall. Style-wise, they suit all seasons, if you go for a medium-dark wash.

One thing to note is that these jeans are truly a slim fit. They aren’t super skinny, but if you do have broader legs, you might try these jeans from Mavi, which have a universal regular fit.

Madewell Slim Jeans COOLMAX Denim Edition

These Madewell pants are a classic-casual pair of slim jeans, with a serious straight leg, rendered in a perfect stonewash shade. The Alhart wash is a faded light blue, reminiscent of a mostly-clear summer day.

Madewell Slim Jeans COOLMAX Denim Edition

The cut: fitted through the hip and thigh with a straight leg, these are classic, can't-go-wrong slim jeans.

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Check out a few of our other favorite light wash jeans here!

The supple soft fabric moves with you, providing a lightweight, wearable fit that’s extra comfortable. Madewell’s flexible denim is made with COOLMAX, a specially engineered polyester that’s moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating, perfect for the spring and summer. 

As several reviewers report, these jeans do tend to stretch with use, so it’s best to buy your size or one size down. In most cases, stretch denim tends to bounce back after a wash and dry cycle, so if you’re unsure, just go with your normal size.

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Tech-Chino

Available in an extensive range of colors, these incredibly dressy, lightweight chinos are perfect for the office, a garden party, or a day at the races. 

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Tech-Chino
$125 - $150

Men's athletic fit, stretch dress pants designed for guys who need more room in the seat and quads while still wanting a tapered look.

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They were designed with athletic legs in mind, offering excess fabric in the hem for easy tailoring, more room in the seat and quads, with a stylish taper into the hem. It’s an uncommon and versatile fit.

Unlike so many “hybrid” pants, these actually achieve a formal look and a performance fit. They’re made of a nylon-spandex performance blend that wicks sweat and stretches so much, you can literally do squats in them.

Indochino Kelly Wool Silk Sage Pants

The Kelly Pants from Indochino are super luxurious, made of wool for that classic dress pant look, linen to make them summer-appropriate both aesthetically and comfort-wise, and silk, leveling them up with an elegant sheen and softness. 

Indochino Kelly Wool Silk Sage Pants

Set the tone in sage. Let everyone know you stay on top of the trends and step out this season in an It color for spring.

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These stylish pants boast a sage color that’s definitely trending, but so similar to light olive and steel blue that it’s timeless as well. This unique shade can be worn as both daytime wear for a more formal event, or evening wear. 

The material is naturally lightweight, also making it naturally cool, and as with everything from Indochino, the cut and size are fully tailored to your measurements. 

Google reviewers have indicated the fabric is quite delicate, so avoid wearing these pants during high-impact activities.

Bonobos Stretch Chambray Suit Pants

Chambray pants are a great summer alternative for your wardrobe, and this pair from Bonobos is tasteful, dressy, and lightly-constructed with a premium stretch chambray cotton.

Bonobos Stretch Chambray Suit Pants

Perfect for a smart casual look, in a cool chambray fabric.

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Chambray is already light and comfortable, but the extra flex Bonobos infuses these pants with, makes them that much more versatile.

Perfect for weddings, a yacht party, or even the office on a hot summer’s day, these chambray pants can be paired with just about any collared shirt to achieve a look of timeless elegance. 

Banana Republic Core Temp Chino

The Banana Republic Core Temp Chinos use literal science to ensure you stay comfortable in the heat.

Banana Republic Core Temp Chino

Introducing Core Temp, soft and lightweight fabric using 37.5° Technology and the power of active particles derived from volcanic sand to regulates body heat for maximum comfort.

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Technology derived from the power of active volcanic sand particles helps regulate your overall body heat for maximum comfort, even on high-temperature days and nights. Basically, it makes sure you stay at your optimum core temperature, all day long.

On top of looking like classy tailored pants (with a really rich color), they’re also stretchy and comfortable thanks to the touch of spandex in the fabric formula.

A Quick FAQ

And to wrap things up, let’s take a look at some of the questions we hear from guys when selecting your ideal pair of summer pants. 

What type of pants are best for hot weather?

Anything lightweight, and breathable, with a natural material that allows airflow such as cotton, silk, and linen. We recommend chinos designed for hot weather, denim jeans with a material width of 11oz or less, or linen suits.

What pants will keep you cool?

Although anything made from linen or cotton is an instant winner, these days a lot of brands are using core temp heating technology to lower the base temperature of the pants. These new developments in fabric can help keep you cool.

Can you wear black pants during the summer?

Yes, if you style it properly. Ultimately, you should wear what makes you feel comfortable, but if you choose black, make sure to choose the most light-weight, breeziest fabrics, and cuts possible. Pairing it with a splash of color will achieve the summer statement you may be after.  

The Best Hot Weather Pants for You

We hope this guide sets you on the right path for the impending summer days to come. 

Dress to impress but remain comfortable and carefree while you attend those soirees, outdoor treks, and formal events over the hot months ahead!

What are some of your favorite pants for hot weather? Which pair in this round-up is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts! Feel free to DM us on Instagram anytime!