Lean Wardrobe

The Only Six Pairs Of Shoes You’ll Ever Need

April 3, 2014
six pairs

The truth is, no man needs 20 pairs of shoes. Hell, most men could get away with much less. And if you’re interested in creating a lean wardrobe, stocked with versatile, interchangeable pieces, you should strive for less choices, not more.

In fact, you only need six pairs of shoes, but a very specific set of six.

Check out this list…

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This Is Why We Dress Now. Why Do You? (You’ll find a few gems in here)

March 6, 2014
why we dress now

In “Why We Dress Now”, the article hops back and forth from coast to coast, quoting particularly stylish and influential (in their fields) guys about why men of today dress how they do.

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Choosing A Versatile Suit and Wearing Each Piece Separately

January 30, 2014
versatile suit

How flexible is a suit, exactly? Is it really worth the investment, even if you’re not a guy who wears suits every day? How many days in a row can you wear one suit? How do you take a suit from formal to casual and back again, if necessary?

Let’s tackle each of these questions (that I asked myself, in my head) one at a time. This should help, in case you’ve ever wondered the same thing.

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How To: Incorporate Trends In Your Classic Lean Wardrobe

December 19, 2013
style wave

I saw this interesting infographic in December’s GQ about the styles and trends that are building up, cresting, and crashing right now (or in the next few months).

There were some interesting things pointed out, some of which I agreed with (leather shoes with colored soles are done / overdone), and others I’m curious to see come to fruition (bolo ties, anyone?)

If you’ve been reading EG for any amount of time, you may think I’m completely against trends, solely based off the Lean Wardrobe approach I always champion.

While I do think a Lean Wardrobe is best, being anti-trend isn’t the full truth.

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QUANTITY, not Quality: Making the case for “cheap” clothing

August 21, 2013
tag thumb

The other day before heading to the gym, I threw on a grey T-shirt. I realized I’ve owned this particular tee for a while now, and out of curiosity, I checked the tag sewn into the side seam to see exactly how old it was. The tag read “Sum ’07″.

This made me think… when is it okay to buy affordably? Are cheaper garments really not worth it to buy, or are people just saying that?

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