Style is personal and what you make of it. Enjoy what you’re wearing and how you present yourself!

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If you’re looking for the latest news in fashion or the trends to jump on next season, you’ve come to the wrong place.

I don’t know much about fashion trends, but I do know how to teach men about the classics… clothes that won’t go out of style in one (or five, or ten) years.

At EG, we discuss things like the Lean Wardrobe, the importance of the perfect fit, and how to dress strategically to achieve a certain outcome, whether it be getting the job, wooing the girl, or simply improving your general appearance so you look well put-together and feel more self-confident.

Style is personal and what you make of it. Ultimately, you want to enjoy what you’re wearing and how you present yourself.

EG is the place to learn about your options and the best ways to put together something awesome.

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Ready to up your style game 1000%?

The Effortless Guide to Graduating Your Style is the manual for you. GYS is a 57-page guide that lays out a detailed, step-by-step plan for reinventing your wardrobe from the ground up.

If you’re looking for that kick-start, that all-in-one solution to improve your style and your life, this is the guide for you.

Get more info about GYS here.

Younger gent looking to improve your wardrobe on a tight budget?

A Young Man’s Guide to Dressing Like a Grownup (Without Breaking the Bank) was written for you.

The advice of “buy less but better” doesn’t always work when you’re just starting out. Quality is expensive. Therefore, I urge you to focus on FIT. A well-fitting $200 suit will look better than a $2000 suit that is ill-fitting.

Get more info about DLAG here.

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