The Best Clothes For Short Men To Wear In Winter (4 Outfit Ideas)

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Smart Casual

If you’re a shorter guy, there’s a good chance you’ve struggled with winter clothes that fit well. Most standard outerwear like parkas and quilted vests, and even all-season basics like jeans and henleys, are designed for guys that either have longer limbs, longer torsos, or both!

For years, I’ve recommended Peter Manning to my not-so-tall readers as one of the best options for clothes for short men… quality clothing that actually fits men of smaller stature well.

So, for my shorter fellas out there: Yes, you can stay warm and sharply dressed this (and every) winter season. Be sure to avoid oversized fits and excess fabric and use these four outfit ideas to update your smart casual winter style.

3 models in separate photos wearing peter manning fall and winter clothing

Everyday Layers

Here’s an outfit that can easily be worn every day. With navy chinos and a heather grey T-shirt as your base, you can pair up practically any other combination of mid layers and outerwear. For this, I wanted to keep it “menswear neutral” and go with light tans and olive.

Depending on your tolerance for cold weather, this would be a great outfit even if temps dip down to the 30s and 40s. You’ll be nice and toasty with your zip mock neck and quilted vest—two mid layers—under your insulated coat.

Running Errands

If you’re going for a more athletic, sporty casual look, here’s something you can try. I paired up Peter Manning’s army green cargos with a clean white henley. Then I imagine throwing the red vest over the henley, followed by the flannel shirt jacket that acts as your outermost layer. Finally, the scarf, for extra warmth (and style points).

Assuming it isn’t too cold out there, these layers could be all you need. But if it’s particularly chilly, you might want to add a parka—I’ve included one in outfit 4 below.

Tonal Smart Casual

Need to put on a more polished outfit? Can’t go wrong with a pair of dark, straight leg denim, a black watch plaid button-down collar shirt, a V-neck sweater (in this case, navy), and a warm lambskin leather jacket to finish it off.

This outfit’s perfect for a business casual office, happy hour drinks with colleagues, or a chill date night dinner.

Cozy Loungewear

When you’re down to lounge, Peter Manning will save you from excess bulk and material in your comfy clothes, too. Pair up these clean joggers with a matching black henley or T-shirt and a vintage-inspired heather grey crew neck sweatshirt, and you’re ready to relax.

Need to pick up a pizza for the fam down the street? Running to the grocery store for a couple bottles of red? No need to change; your sweats look sharp because they fit well.

We don’t want you to freeze, though, so throw on the red down vest from earlier, and a black parka to shield yourself from the elements. You’re good to go!

New to Peter Manning?

Are you a not-so-tall dude who’s not so familiar with Peter Manning? Let’s get ya up to speed. Here’s the TL;DR:

Fit and proportion are extremely important, and for guys shorter than 5’9”? It’s increasingly difficult to find clothes that fit and have the right proportions. It’s not just a matter of sizing down, either.

Peter Manning clothes work right off the rack without needing an extra trip to the tailor. How so? Well, for example:

  • Their winter coats have shorter bodies and sleeves, so it no longer looks like you’re wearing a tent as a parka.
  • They offer 50 different sizes in their pants, with inseams starting at 25 inches (I rarely see this kind of offering from a brand).
  • Their shirting is cut proportionally shorter and slimmer, and you have your choice of an untucked length or a longer, tuckable length (but not so long that it looks like a dress on you).

While I may not be within their core demo, I’ve tried or owned several of their garments—denim, short sleevers, leather jacket, field jacket, etc.—and can attest to their fabric and construction quality.

The styling is classic, with lots of slim and traditional fit options. This is one of those brands that you could buy an entire wardrobe from… everything from joggers to sport coats and suits!

Yes, Shorter Men Can Find Clothes That Fit Well Off The Rack

If you’re not so tall, you don’t have to struggle finding great stuff to wear, stuff that actually fits off the rack without any tailoring. Just head on over to Peter Manning. Hopefully these four winter looks inspired you to dress for the occasion (in well-fitting clothes).

Which outfit is your favorite? Hit me up on Instagram DMs and let me know.

This article is sponsored by Peter Manning but all opinions and recommendations within are those of Barron and the team at Effortless Gent. You can read more about this here.