How I Make Money From Nice Clothes I No Longer Wear

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Style Tips

Fall often feels like the start of a new year, even though the real New Year’s Day is still months away.

The air is crisp, the sun sets earlier, vacations are a memory, kids are starting a new school year, and we’re back to work until the holidays. It’s all a big change from your typical relaxed summer routine.

This is a great time to organize your closet. You can put away your summer clothes and move your winter wardrobe front and center. It’s also the perfect moment to edit your current wardrobe and get rid of things you no longer wear. 

pile of men's clothing on a wooden floor against a dark green wood paneled wall

(Easily) Sell The Clothes You No Longer Wear

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I get rid of clothes all the time, and this is the exact service I use to do it. I don’t feel guilty getting rid of gently-used garments, I know they’re being appreciated and worn, and I make a bit of money, too.

It’s Crossroads Trading’s Sell By Mail Service.

Consider all the clothes you didn’t wear in the last few months (or the past few seasons)… all the items that no longer fit, or are no longer your style. Do you keep them because you feel guilty throwing them out? Or think you might wear them “someday”?

The fact is, that day probably isn’t ever gonna come, and you owe your closet (and yourself) a clean-out. But what should you do with the great, stylish clothes you own but no longer wear?

Sell By Mail is your answer!

Crossroads — Sell By Mail

Sell your gently used, stylish garments at Crossroads without leaving your house.

Tap the button to request your Sell By Mail bag. Crossroads will send you one for free! And shipping the bag filled with clothes is free, too.

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What is Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail?

If you aren’t familiar with Crossroads, they’re one of the originators of the resale, secondhand, thrifting movement. Founded in 1991, they now have dozens of locations around the country.

Never been to Crossroads, but have one near you? I suggest you check it out. Tons of great clothing, gently used, and really affordable pricing (especially compared to retail). I’ve bought many things from Crossroads over the years, both when I lived in San Francisco and now here in New York.

The instructional envelope and (big) bag for the Sell By Mail service. Read on to see the bag all filled up

So, in the store, they offer a selling service. You can take your like-new, on trend garments you no longer wear and get cash or trade credit on the spot.

But assuming you don’t have a Crossroads near you, and you still want to make money from your gently used clothes, the Sell By Mail service is perfect for you.

How Sell By Mail Works

OK, so you’re ready to declutter and clear out some closet space. Here’s how Crossroads Sell By Mail works.

1. Grab The Bag

First things first, head over to Crossroads’ website and on the Sell By Mail page you can fill out a form to request a bag. It’s a big one, too: 24″x24″… plenty of room, so fill it up!

Once you’re there, it just takes a few clicks, a bit of info, and bam, the bag’s on its way to your doorstep. Here, I made it easy for you 👇

Crossroads — Sell By Mail

Sell your gently used, stylish garments at Crossroads without leaving your house.

Tap the button to request your Sell By Mail bag. Crossroads will send you one for free! And shipping the bag filled with clothes is free, too.

Request A Bag

2. Follow The Crossroads Trading Selling Tips

Time to evaluate that closet so you’re ready once the Sell By Mail bag arrives. Start picking out those pieces that just don’t feel ‘you’ anymore. Stuff you no longer wear. Clothes that no longer fit well.

You’re not sending these off to a dumpster! Make sure the clothing you’re hoping to sell is still nice and new.

Keep in mind, Crossroads is looking for those sharp, on-trend pieces, as well as seasonally-appropriate garments. That means quality, style, and no stains or signs of wear. 

3. Ship It, No Sweat

Received the bag and already filled it up? Perfect. Now, seal it up tight. With the prepaid label, shipping’s already sorted, so just head over to your local UPS store and send those garments on their way.

4. Let the Pros Do Their Thing

There’s nothing left for you to do! Just sit back and let the folks at Crossroads work their magic. They’ll be sizing up your pieces, checking for quality, seasonality, and style. These folks know their stuff, so they’ll know what’s hot and what’s not.

Any clothes they can’t resell will be donated, so you don’t have to worry about getting your old clothing back (unless you want it back, which they would arrange for a $15 return shipping fee).

5. Cash In

When the verdict’s in, it’s payday, gents. You’ll have your choice of trade (like store credit) or some cold, hard cash (paid via Zelle or mailed check).

That’s all there is to it

Your closet is now decluttered, you have a bit of breathing room and space for new clothes, and you’re getting paid!

Simple, right?

Other Sell By Mail Considerations

As with any product or service, there will always be a few things you may need to consider. Here are some I’ve run into:

Donate or Get Back Your Clothing?

Crossroads has a good idea of what’ll sell in the upcoming season, so there’s a chance the buyers won’t pick everything you send. In these cases, they can donate it for you. If you prefer Crossroads send back your unbought merch, there’s a $15 fee. (But in the interest of maintaining your Lean Wardrobe, just let them donate it.)

Understand what Crossroads wants. A lot of it will depend on the season you’re currently entering. Though with Sell By Mail, you do have a better chance of selling even off-season gear, because they have more room to store it (versus selling in stores where it’s more about hyper local demand and seasonality).

What Brands Does Crossroads Buy?

You’ll increase your chances of success if you know what sells well at Crossroads.

Brands like J. Crew, Madewell, Topshop, lululemon, Zara, Everlane, Rag & Bone, The North Face, Allsaints and Patagonia are always in demand. (For the ladies, brands like Reformation and Anthropologie, too).

Crossroads isn’t buying kids clothes or items from Old Navy, Forever 21, Target or Walmart, so skip those when adding to your Sell By Mail bag.

The brand does a good job of letting you know what they’re looking for and what sells best in their stores.

How Much does Crossroads Pay For Clothes?

Once you make the sale, you have two options: Straight up cash, or trade.

With a cash payment, Crossroads pays you 30% of what it’ll sell for at the store (through Zelle or mailed check). And with a trade, you’ll earn 50% of its selling price.

If you shop at Crossroads, getting 50% in trade (Crossroads would send you a Trade card) isn’t a bad idea. But of course, cash ain’t so bad either.

How Long Does The Sell By Mail Process Take?

Naturally, there will be a waiting period from the time you send off your Sell By Mail package until you get paid for your items. Typical turnaround time is 4 weeks.

Consider not only the shipping time, but the waiting period for evaluation of your items, and then finally the cash payment or trade card being sent to you.

3 reasons you should use Crossroads’ Sell By Mail service

So to sum it up, and in case it wasn’t obvious, here are three reasons you should use Sell By Mail from Crossroads… especially in those transitional months (like the change between seasons) or transitional periods in life (when your style or your size changes, or you simply don’t wear them anymore but there’s still plenty of life left):

  1. You can finally clean out that closet. Easy way to make room for new things, and to create space for the stuff you actually love wearing on a regular basis.
  2. Make money on stuff you weren’t using and were just gonna get rid of anyway.
  3. Recycling and reusing garments: less stuff ending up in the landfill, prolonged life for clothing, reducing waste and promoting sustainability, win win!

Is there an easier way to declutter—and make money from—your closet? (I’d say no)

I’ve been a Crossroads fan and customer for years. I’ve sold many of my unworn or gently worn clothes there, and have found some gems in their San Francisco and New York shops.

If you’re looking for an easy, hassle-free, and profitable way to clean out your closet, their Sell By Mail service is the way to go.

Got any questions about Sell By Mail? DM me on Instagram anytime.

Crossroads — Sell By Mail

Sell your gently used, stylish garments at Crossroads without leaving your house.

Tap the button to request your Sell By Mail bag. Crossroads will send you one for free! And shipping the bag filled with clothes is free, too.

Request A Bag

Thanks to Crossroads Trading for partnering with us on this article. I’ve personally shopped and sold clothing at Crossroads many times over the years and EG 100% vouches for this service.