EG Style Staples: Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Style Tips

You know those pieces we frequently mention here at Effortless Gent? The type of style staples you can wear day in and day out, season after season, without worrying about passing trends or fads?

Well, there’s a reason we do that — these are the sort of menswear essentials that stand the test of time.

It’s with that spirit in mind that we’re introducing the EG Style Staples series — focused on the best of the best.

That means we’ll be spotlighting one product across different categories that you absolutely, truly, TOTALLY must have. That goes for seasonal must-haves (like tough outerwear for fall and winter) and pieces you can wear any time of year (like the perfect T-shirt or an essential chambray shirt).

The first entry? The fantastic Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, a pair of versatile five-pocket pants like nothing you currently own.

Why are these guys such an important piece to wear on the daily? Please, follow us right this way.

Why You Need the Pants

We’re all about building an investment worthy Lean Wardrobe at EG. So we recommend gear that you can mix and match with ease. These are the sort of pieces that look and feel perfect whether you’re going for a relaxed look or a smart casual outfit.

That’s where the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants come into play, and it’s only part of what makes ’em a style staple.

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants
Flint and Tinder’s 365 Pants in action

As made and sold by the fine folks at Huckberry (a favorite online retailer that stocks menswear and lifestyle goodies that are made to last), the 365 pants simply get the job done.

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants + Shorts
Shorts $58, Pants $98

"The feel of a chino and the stretch of a performance pant, Flint and Tinder's 365s are year-round essentials."

Shop Flint and Tinder

As the retailer says, they’re cut like your favorite pair of jeans — yet they wear like chinos (it’s that crucial blend of cotton and stretch fabric). For a go-anywhere pair of pants, that’s a pretty huge benefit.

And in a range of versatile colors, they’re the perfect candidate for a pair of pants to wear to work … then happy hour … and then out on the weekend. Go ahead, try telling us you don’t need a pair of pants like that.

Standing Out from the Crowd

OK, so the pants seem pretty cool. But, they’re just another pair of pants, right? Like your favorite chinos or jeans?

Not exactly. Cotton twill chinos can be a bit stiff. Inky indigo denim is very rigid at times. But these are cut to move with you — not against you. And it’s a critical difference that will earn them a place in your permanent menswear rotation.

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

They’re also quite soft. Take it from a guy who’s got three pairs in both Slim and Straight fits—the 97% cotton + 3% Lycra blend is key for all-day comfort.

This is a pair of pants you can wear for a full day of travel, and then head right out in when your plane touches down (I should know — I’ve done it). Try that in heavy denim or stiff chinos.

As of early 2020, Huckberry let us know that the pants have been so popular, they had to move production overseas just to handle the overwhelming demand. One good thing about that: waaay more colors, fewer “out of stock” notifications, and improved product quality and consistency overall.

Let’s talk about the fits. The pants come in both Slim and Straight cuts, yet neither are too extreme.

  • The Straight Cut is a bit more relaxed, but it isn’t at all baggy.
  • The Slim Cut is nice and tailored without cutting off your circulation. Again, a tricky balance to strike.

Coming around now? Wait until you see how you can wear them.

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants + Shorts
Shorts $58, Pants $98

"The feel of a chino and the stretch of a performance pant, Flint and Tinder's 365s are year-round essentials."

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Styling and Personalizing the pants

The pants have the potential to be the most versatile pair of pants you own (yes, even more versatile than a dark blue pair of slim denim). It all comes back to the “cut of a jean, feel of a chino” ethos.

These are more than suitable for the office. Trot them out with a white Oxford and tan suede chukkas on casual Friday (menswear neutrals like navy, moss, earth, or charcoal will suit you well).

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

Adding a blazer in the mix? Go for it — simply swap out your chukka boots for brown leather brogues.

Dressing it down a little? The Flint and Tinder 365 Pants are your best friend. Pair them with white canvas sneakers and a grey slub tee, then throw on a denim jacket. Or swap out the henley for a polo (we love the Flint and Tinder AirKnit Polos) and you’re good.

Want to wear them when it gets a bit chilly? From a rugged crewneck sweater to a luxurious cashmere cardigan, the 365 pants are imminently wearable.

And again, you’re getting them for under $100. So pick up a pair (or two, or three) and find out for yourself why they’re an Effortless Gent Essential.

All photos via Huckberry.