EG Style Staples: Twillory Performance Dress Shirts

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Business Attire

Do you dread the idea of putting on a stuffy dress shirt and tie to head to work in the dead of summer?

Believe me, we’ve all been there. But we’ve got a stylish solution to make dressing for the office in the summer much more bearable.

What’s that, you say? It’s too good to be true?

Not quite. Twillory Performance Dress Shirts are the perfect men’s summer dress shirts – with a multitude of options, high-minded performance details, and an office-ready design.

Every guy needs at least one go-to summer dress shirt that’s tailored and sharp. These shirts do the trick – whether it’s around the office or at a summer wedding.

Twillory’s Performance Dress Shirts are the latest Effortless Gent Style Staple for good reason. They’re sure to upgrade the way you dress for that next big presentation – even as the thermostat continues to climb.

What’s the scoop with Twillory? How could the brand change the way you get ready for work? Read on, my friends.

Why You Need to Look into the Twillory Performance Dress Shirts

Twillory has dialed in a recipe for success – they focus on stylish dress and casual shirts for men, crafted in performance fabrics in a variety of fits and styles. These shirts are a cut above for a reason.

The brand’s fits and fabric are next-level, running the style gamut. They go from casual shirts made to be worn untucked (the Untuckables Collection) to sharp summer dress shirts for men with plenty of performance-ready features (more on that in a second).

men's summer dress shirts from TwilloryTwillory’s performance dress shirts are also easy to shop, often sold in bundles and in a variety of colors and patterns. That gives you plenty of reasons to pick up more than one.

After all, you’re going to need multiple office and off-duty shirts, right? So it’s best to get a shirt or two – or three – that pass muster.

Their prices are also agreeable, starting at $54 and available in the aforementioned bundles from $119 (for 2) and $175 (for 3).

But does the fit separate these summer dress shirts for men from the pack?

Why yes, yes it does.

Twillory’s Performance Dress Shirts come in chest and neck sizes, plus Tailored (slimmer through the body, shoulders, and chest) and Traditional options. So they’ve got something for everyone.

Perfect sizing and fit options, check.

A plethora of color and style options, check.

But again, the real reason you need at least one of Twillory’s Performance Dress Shirts? As far as men’s summer dress shirts go, they’re very likely better than whatever’s on your back or in your closet right now.

What Sets Twillory’s Performance Dress Shirts Apart

Your average dress shirt is either made of heavy cotton (for a distinct lack of breathability), or it’s so thin and poorly made as to be nearly see-through. Those are extremes – the goal is to land somewhere in the middle.

And right in the middle? Quite possibly your new favorite men’s summer dress shirts? You guessed it: Twillory Performance Dress Shirts.

Take the Advisor Performance Stripe Shirt — it’s your classic men’s dress shirt, featuring bold stripes that pop handsomely under a navy cotton blazer or a navy tropical wool suit.

Twillory Banker Performance Dress Shirt

But again, the difference is in the details.

We’re talking four-way stretch fabric that wicks away moisture and provides crucial breathability in the heat. That means you won’t sweat right through these men’s summer dress shirts as you would with a less technically advanced garment.

The blend of cotton and Twillory’s proprietary CoolMax spandex fabric also means it’s much more heat-ready than a heavy, starched cotton shirt.

Twillory’s line of Friday Shirts is no less remarkable in terms of fit, construction, and style potential. The Twillory Friday Shirt – particularly in an eye-catching shade of pink – is the ideal way to switch up your rotation of men’s summer dress shirts. Try it with off-white chinos and a khaki cotton blazer.

Twillory Friday Shirt

The blend of knitted pique cotton, spandex, and breezy microfiber means this shirt – with a tie or on its own – is far from stuffy. Throw in the brand’s brushed nickel collar stays, and get ready for the compliments to roll in.

Want a shirt that’s even easier to wear, while also being safer for the environment? Try out the Twillory SafeCotton line, packed with technological innovation that’s eco-conscious compared to other dress shirt options.

Twillory Safe Cotton Shirt

To wit: A classic and yet subtly stylish pick like the SafeCotton Non-Iron White Twill Shirt is made without formaldehyde, but it still withstands wrinkles. If you’re packing light for a business trip, wear this shirt on the plane with your sport coat — it can do it all.

Casual or dress, worn underneath a blazer or with a cotton suit, Twillory’s shirts deliver on next-level fabrication and quality.

How To Style Your Men’s Summer Dress Shirts

We’ve touched on this above, but the great thing about men’s summer dress shirts from Twillory is the versatility and functionality – particularly in smart casual situations. Take on the day with these suggestions:

  • Stand out from the crowd: Take the Twillory Friday Shirt in a unique shade of pink — seriously, don’t be afraid to switch it up from white and light blue — and pair it with a navy knit tie, brown leather loafers, and a khaki cotton suit. This works at the office or at your next summer wedding.
  • Go classic: Pick up more than one of the SafeCotton Non-Iron White Twill Shirt and never go unprepared for your next business trip. Try it with a sharp charcoal suit and dark brown leather brogues – plus that same navy knit tie.
  • Switch up your smart casual ensemble: Start again with the SafeCotton Non-Iron White Twill Shirt, add a lightweight navy cotton blazer, throw on your best pair of dark blue denim, add some tan suede chukka boots in the mix… call it a day. Business travel-ready, date night-friendly, and still sharp for happy hour when you call it quits.
  • Go bold and versatile: Try the Advisor Performance Stripe Shirt in a more unique style. We’re talking a khaki field coat and navy chinos, plus dark brown suede Chelsea boots — think of it as a European-inspired take on the classic striped dress shirt.

With so many options, we figure you can’t go wrong with Twillory’s Performance Dress Shirts. What’s your take on the newest Effortless Gent Style Staple?