I think it’s time you stop guessing your size when shopping for clothes online, or in stores when you have no time to try things on.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

You like shopping online for convenience, but often steer away from brands or clothes you haven’t tested out, because you don’t want to buy the wrong size.

If you were daring enough yet still managed to order the wrong size, you HATE having to go through the returns process and wait that much longer for the garment you bought.

Going shopping drains the life and energy out of you, and you can’t stand the idea of visiting store after store, and fitting room after fitting room, just to find a few items that fit you great.

You’re tall and skinny, or athletically-built, or of average height yet carrying a little weight, or you have long arms, or a wide torso, or… Basically, you have a unique body shape that doesn’t quite conform to the off-the-rack sizes in most stores.

Can you relate to at least one of the above scenarios? I know I can.

Why is finding the right size so tough?

Believe it or not, I don’t really enjoy shopping.

It’s exhausting, with the crowds, and the food smells, and the loudness, and all the walking.

(I sound like a crotchety old man.)

If I have to buy something, I prefer buying it online.

However, I tend to stick to brands I know, because I don’t want to deal with returning and exchanging online purchases.

And if I’m feeling daring enough to try a new brand, I make sure they have generous exchange policies. But even then, the fact that I have to wait so long for something I wanted yesterday can drive me a little crazy.

I prefer to order the right thing the first time. I’m sure you can relate.

What if there was a better way? What if we could know our size for any article of clothing from any brand? What if we had a better idea about the brands that work best for our body type?

That would be pretty wonderful, wouldn’t it?

Can we quit with the guessing games, already?

I’m excited to share this site with you, which should help get rid of all your sizing concerns when shopping. It’s called Fitbay.


Just by using Fitbay, you have the information you need about the clothes you want, right at your fingertips.

You can find clothes that fit, check out your body doubles (people that have the same measurements, proportions, and characteristics as you) to see what they’re wearing, and discover new brands that work well for your body type.


“Is it free? How do I sign up?”

Yes, it’s free.¬†Getting started should take you about 30 seconds. You don’t have to measure anything.

Simply answer a few questions about your body, and you’re all set.

Here’s what to do.

  1. Sign up for Fitbay (it’s FREE, in case you missed that little detail)
  2. Follow EG once you’ve signed up (it’s more fun with friends!)
  3. Start building your profile and finding your body doubles
  4. Then, whenever you’re done getting dressed, snap a quick photo in the mirror and document it

It’s super easy to document the clothes you own. Just describe what you’re wearing, the size, and how it fits. Here is an example of one I did for a pair of Levi’s 508. (You may not be able to see that example unless you’re logged in.)

The more clothes you add and tag, the better. You’re contributing to the community and helping others find great clothes that fit them, much like how you can find clothes simply by browsing what your body doubles are wearing.

Are you excited to stop guessing your sizes? Will I see you on Fitbay? Would love to hear from you in the comments. (Add EG!)

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9 Responses

  1. JS on

    wouldn’t it make more sense to include actual measurements on top of Height and weight? After looking at some of my matches sizes I’m thinking its either off or they like to wear things very tight.

    • Barron on

      I like the simplicity of it. The body doubles should give you an idea of how things fit based on the % match you are without needing to know exact measurements of a person.

      Someone who’s a 75% match for me might not wear the exact same size as me, compared to someone who’s a 95% match, which would give me a better indication of fit.

      But a 75% match could still give me a good idea, and I can size up or down accordingly. Adding precise measurements takes away from the simplicity of the whole thing, at least IMO

  2. dirk on

    The problem is that rack stuff never fits. For example, my true sleeve length is 31. Almost no one makes this. When pants fit in the waist, the shoulder is too large. Most all jackets and shirts are too long. A sport coat for me is 28 inches long, that is what waist jackets are instead of 25 inches. Socks and underwear
    is ok.

  3. Shane on

    Needs more precise dimensions to be useful. Inseam, hips, waist, chest measurements, etc. Also, I don’t like that I have to take a picture to add an item to my list. And how do you delete a profile or item?

    • Barron on

      See below comments re: my thoughts on precise measurements.

      I feel you on having to take a photo. It’s one of my points of contention. Although, the benefit of it is I get to see how it drapes on a person with a similar body type as me.

      Sometimes (lots of times) product photos are deceiving as far as being able to gauge fit.

      There are icons in there for deleting a photo / item. It’s three dots, upper left or upper right corner of photo on hover.

  4. Nate on

    I’m going to get on this for sure! Absolutely nothing fits me off the rack. Shopping feels like punishment for working out. Thanks for the tip, Barron.