Plus Size Men’s Clothing: 17 Brands & Stores That Have Stylish Clothes for Big Guys

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Smart Casual

If you’re a big guy, shopping isn’t always as easy. The average-sized guys have it much easier. Good news, though! More and more brands are offering a wider variety of sizes with each passing season.

Plus size clothing for guys used to be much more limited, but nowadays, it’s not just your run-of-the-mill department stores that carry Big & Tall, extended lengths, or plus-sized men’s clothing.

Many brands are making great pieces in a wider range of sizes, which is a great thing indeed. There’s a wider world of options now, which means you don’t have to sacrifice style points or affordability in your pursuit of a well-rounded wardrobe.

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The Best Stylish Clothes for Big Guys

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If you’ve ever seen something online or in-store and lamented that the sizing wasn’t right, well, relief is in sight.

Here are our specific store and brand recommendations. These places carry the best clothing for bigger guys and most cover all the bases: good style, great fit, and wallet-friendly prices.


The brand best known for its affordable high-fashion staples and perfectly on-trend pieces is a prime place to shop for accessible plus-size clothing.

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Oversized silhouettes and relaxed fits are offered, as well as inclusive sizing for sweatpants, tank tops and more. If you want casual plus-size clothing offered with a dose of on-trend style, ASOS is the place to go. 


Yes, the maker of your favorite chinos is a readily available option for clothing for bigger guys.

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Bonobos’ regular line has a wide range of fits available, plus multiple cuts in its chinos, shirting and casual staples. They also have a line of Extended Sizes, with waist sizes up to 54″ and lengths up to 36″, and shirts up to 4XL.

They also carry a variety of everyday style staples, from summer-ready polos to winter sweaters and blazers. 


DXL is assuredly a go-to choice in the market for plus-size clothing and gear.

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They’re a reliable and well-known standby, but it’s nice to get a refresher every once in a while. They boast a huge selection of gear from classics like Polo Ralph Lauren, and in casual categories ranging from outerwear to shirting.

Make them your go-to daily plus-size clothing shop. 

American Tall

Are you tall, but not necessarily big? If this is the case, typical big and tall sizing won’t work for you.

It may be the right length, but the sheer size will swallow you up. Enter American Tall. They focus on clothing for the tall man 6’3” to 7’1” (and woman! 5’9” to 6’6”).

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At American Tall, you can stock up on all your Tall-sized basics and essentials for your smart-casual wardrobe, knowing they’ll accommodate your height AND your not-necessarily-big size.

They even have a “meet the models” page, so you can quickly see each model’s height and weight stats, plus the sizes they typically buy, which makes shopping on the site so much easier.

J.Crew Tall Shop

One of your favorite brands for typically sized clothing is also a fine resource for taller guys.

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It’s everything you love about J. Crew, from expertly washed fabrics to staples that toe the line between dressy and casual, just sized up. It’s never been easier to get J. Crew favorites in sizing befitting a taller frame, quite literally.


From chinos to jeans, Spoke does a flawless job (to hear them tell it) at dialing in the fit of your trousers, and that’s critical for taller guys. They offer up business casual staples like denim and chinos using a handy customization process. Most trousers, for example, go up to a 40″ waist and 36″ inseam length.

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They also boast that the process takes just 60 seconds, and that’s not far at all from the truth. Finding great-fitting, customized plus-size pants is now much, much easier.

Thorn & Co.

Part of the Combatant Gentlemen line of ridiculously affordable menswear and tailoring, Thorn & Co. is a nice complement to the brand’s slimmer mainline sizing options.

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Shirting starts at a very agreeable $55, with suits running you under $300, both of which are terrific bargains. Suiting sizes go up to 62L, proving they’ve got everyone covered.

Macy’s and Dillard’s

These standby department stores have long been known for stocking and selling just about anything you need in every menswear category.

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Consider big and tall sizing part of that offering now, making each classic retailer a true one-stop-shop. As with other brands on this list, think of Macy’s and Dillard’s as taking traditional style staples, then sizing them up for bigger guys.

Gap and Banana Republic

The great thing about shopping at a retailer like Gap or Banana Republic is that you’re apt to get the same offerings, or very similar offerings, from each store’s big/tall offering as the rest of the collection.

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This is true when it comes to Gap’s classic denim, and the same can be said for outerwear and everyday office options from Banana Republic. 

Charles Tyrwhitt

This isn’t the last option on this list to cover stylish dress clothing available in big and tall sizes. If it’s dress shirting in larger size options that you seek, Charles Tyrwhitt is the place to go.

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Better still, they frequently run bundle deals, allowing you to score multiple shirts at low prices. 


Athletic apparel is one category where it can be tricky to find quality gear in larger sizes, but Champion is solving that problem quite handily.

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Think of it like the same exact dependability and performance-minded functionality as the regular Champion line, in more inclusive sizing. The legendary athletic brand also makes streetwear-esque athleisure gear in larger sizes, too. 

King Size

It’s all right in the name with King Size, but that’s not all this plus-sized brand has going for it.

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You can score nicely priced casual gear, from henleys to T-shirts (especially summer-friendly short-sleeve options). And the sizing is perhaps the best part, with options up to 9XL.

They also stock and sell brands ranging from Levi’s to Dockers. 

Men’s Wearhouse

Suiting, like athletic apparel, can sometimes prove tricky to get right if you’re in need of a larger size offering.

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From blazers to suits and dress shirts, Men’s Wearhouse still focuses on its core principles, just in plus-size options. You can stock up on classics like a wear-with-anything charcoal suit and a whole set of mix-and-match dress shirts, and that’s just a start. 

Johnny Bigg

Johnny Bigg hits the sweet spot as far as stylish offerings and accessible sizing are concerned.

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Short-sleeve shirts have nice detailing on the sleeve cuffs, denim and chinos are made with stretch, and you can even pick up activewear from Johnny Bigg.

To top it all off, there are fashion-forward prints and more adventurous pieces like white denim available. 

Limitless XL

The guy who wants both distinctive style and agreeable sizing is in luck with Limitless XL.

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The brand offers pieces with flair that aren’t over the top in the slightest, from leather chukka sneakers to cool patched denim jackets. You can absolutely put together a full outfit of essentials for bigger guys from Limitless XL. 

Westport Big & Tall

Consider Westport Big & Tall a nice option for plus-size clothing if you want to toe the line between dressy and casual, with a slightly more traditional aesthetic.

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The brand delivers gingham shirts and quarter-zip sweaters in eye-catching colors and inclusive sizes. They also make a luxury-minded Westport Black line featuring premium materials and prints that pop. 

Hugo Boss Big & Tall Men

If you want sleek menswear with a touch of tailored refinement, Hugo Boss is the place to go. If you want that same sleek menswear in larger sizing, then Hugo Boss, as it turns out, is also the place to go.

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Get a cool leather jacket or sharp black trousers, then style them with a Hugo Boss graphic tee, all in larger sizing than average. 

Wrapping Up

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We hope you enjoyed our list of stylish brands/stores for big guys! Do you have a favorite pick from our list? Let us know by hitting us up on Facebook or Instagram!