Yesterday I received a question from EG reader Jeremy about what to wear on a casual night out:

I just recently ran across the article "There is no Going Out shirt" and in agreement with everything in the article.

However I would be interested in finding out what style suggestions would be appropriate for more casual night life, e.g. "going out" activities like bar hopping with friends, grabbing dinner for a friend’s birthday, etc. I appreciate any feedback!

Two things.

1.) It depends on where you’re headed, so do your research ahead of time. Is it a dive bar? A pub? Or is it some place fancier, like a nice cocktail bar or restaurant?

If it’s casual, you can wear anything you would wear during the day. Just click the search icon (magnifying glass) at the top of this site and search for "casual". Or, try "casual effortlessgent" on Google, and you’ll see a bunch of articles from EG, Primer Magazine, Dappered, Art of Manliness, etc.

If it’s a fancier spot, a classy cocktail bar, a $$$$ restaurant, you will want to go the more formal route: tucked in dress shirt, a sport coat, dark denim or trousers, nice shoes, possibly a tie, etc.

2.) Always remember: It’s always better to be a notch or two above expectations, rather than a notch or two below.

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2 Responses

  1. TJ on

    If you want to wear a collared shirt out somewhere (and you don’t want to wear a button down) I think just a plain white or light blue shirt looks much better than those God-awful “going out shirts”. If you need a pattern go with a simple gingham or even a blue and white bengal stripe if you absolutely MUST have stripes.