Q+A: The Only Two Tie Knots You Need To Know (Ignore Everything Else)

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Whether you’ve been wearing ties since grade school, or you’re 35 and just learning how to tie one, you only need to know these two ways to tie a tie.

1. The Four-In-Hand

Standard. Classic. Looks great with many different collar styles. Easy to learn.



Alternative: Double Four-In-Hand

Similar to the Four-In-Hand. A little more flair and uniqueness. I tend to go with a double four-in-hand over the regular because it produces a slightly more substantial knot.



2. The Windsor

The Windsor knot is larger than the four-in-hand, more symmetrical, and looks great with spread and cutaway collars.



Alternative: The Pratt

I use the Pratt knot more than the Windsor; the actual knot is a bit smaller, yet still symmetrical. (Note that you could also do the Half Windsor. I just happen to like the Pratt more.)

Looks great with spread and semi-spread collars. A bit more flexible than the Windsor.



“What about all the other ways to tie your tie?”

Ignore all the other corny shit you find on the internet about cutesy ways to tie your tie.

If you’re a man, use one of the knots above. Only boys who need to stand out feel they have to get creative with their tie knots.

Stand out by dressing well, and that’s all you need. Make sure to knot fall into the same trap. (See what I did there?)

Special thanks to ties.com for producing awesome graphics and videos, so I don’t have to.