Five Ways to Wear One: Tweed Blazer

by Beau Hayhoe  |  in Smart Casual

Learning to dress well – or at least, better – can sometimes start with simple style inspiration.

Look to the past for classic styles and add your modern take. The tweed blazer is one way to do that this winter.

The latest entry in our “Five Ways to Wear One” series is the tweed blazer. It’s classic, like something from an old photo of a dapper relative or a movie star.

Today, it’s found its way into our menswear lexicon thanks to its versatility. Classic, yet decidedly current. And I think you’ll find that the five outfits below nail that balance nicely.

Tweed is a hearty fabric first found in traditional British country garb. But today’s post is all about bringing it into the 21st century.

It’s got just about as much versatility as your classic navy blazer. Tweed is the perfect seasonal answer to the question, “How should I upgrade my look today?”

As you’ll see it below, you can style it with other cold-weather staples, like mid-grey flannel trousers. Or you can team it with reliable favorites like dark denim.

There are plenty of modern brands doing them the right way – from premium brands like Club Monaco to more accessible retailers like J. Crew.

You’re looking at a silhouette that’s got plenty of wearability through the colder months. So much that you just might find your head spinning with all sorts of style ideas when you’re done reading this.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. First, how should this blazer fit? And how do you ensure it lasts for seasons to come?

Fit and Care

Generally, the thinking goes – and it’s absolutely correct – that a blazer should be a multi-season investment. Particularly if you’re picking up a blazer with a higher price tag.

For starters, you need the fit to be on-point. Tweed is a hefty fabric by nature. But don’t assume you need to size up.

A well-constructed blazer in a heavier fabric should fit just as well as your favorite lightweight blazer. That means the jacket should hug your shoulders without being too constricting.

You definitely want room to move around. The shoulder test is a good rule of thumb here – check out our pal Joe at Dappered’s handy fit tricks.

The armholes should be on the higher side for a tailored look. But you want to be able to comfortably slip a chambray shirt and V-neck sweater on underneath the jacket.

The front of the jacket should tug just a bit. That means it’s tapered through the midsection, but not too tight. For reference, Barron’s jacket – although it’s double-breasted – gets it right in this photo.

It’s tailored and flattering, but not overly tight. Just as with the jacket’s shoulders, the sleeves should be absent of excess fabric. Think streamlined, not clingy.

You should be able to see about a quarter to half inch of shirt cuff beneath your jacket’s sleeves. Any more and the sleeves are too short. Vice versa and they’re too long.

Some guys prefer a more cropped jacket. It’s a matter of personal preference. But the blazer should nearly cover, if not completely cover, the seat of your pants.

Shorter jackets – a la James Bond’s Skyfall suits have been on-trend these past few years. But a heartier jacket calls for a bit more length through the seat. That gives a balanced, proportional fit.

Now that you’ve analyzed the fit of the tweed jacket, let’s keep the care methods pretty simple – shall we?

Play it safe. Especially with a blazer made from premium Abraham Moon herringbone wool or another high-quality fabric.

Always dry clean this jacket. And cover it up with a raincoat or a topcoat if inclement weather threatens.

This is crucial: you must help the jacket keep its shape. How? Upgrade your hangers.

Wooden hangers are a bit of a splurge, but a worthy one. Use them along with some other handy clothing storage tips from our friends at Dappered.

But don’t leave your blazer on the hanger too often. Get as much use out of your blazer as you can this fall and winter.

How, you ask? You’re in luck. We’ve got the outfits to help you do it.

#1. Cold-Weather Classic

Five Ways to Wear One: Tweed Blazer

Let’s start with two style staples you’ve already got in your closet. (Or at least I hope you do.) A classic white Oxford and durable, dependable, always dapper dark denim.

What sort of outfit do you get when you mash those up with this rugged tweed blazer? The sort of outfit that could become your new everyday uniform.

The plaid wool tie is a heck of a deal via And it pairs nicely with the rich burgundy wool-blend pocket square.

A stylish pair of hard-working leather boots is a fail-safe option, particularly a rich burnished pair from CAT Footwear.

A slim dress watch offers a bit of contrast to the rest of this ensemble, while a braided leather dress belt adds nice texture.

Should it get overly chilly, don’t forgo layering up with a stylish winter topcoat.

#2. Rugged-Refined Layering

Five Ways to Wear One: Tweed Blazer

Just as easily as the tweed blazer can be dressed up, it can also be dressed down. All it needs is a few rugged fashion tweaks.

This ensemble ditches the tie. Instead, go with a beautiful blue indigo chambray shirt. Then add an affordable, stylish and uniquely textured cable crewneck sweater. Those two pieces play well off the burgundy pocket square as well.

The terrific part about the rest of the outfit? One word:


The reliable dark denim from our first ensemble sticks around. So do the burnished brown leather boots. Hey, who doesn’t love stylish chukka boots?

A lambswool scarf adds warmth, a welcome dash of rich color and pattern, and a stylish seasonal layer .

Lest we forget about dependable finishing touches, an effective casual watch – particularly one with military style roots – rounds out this look quite nicely.

#3. Casual and Crisp

Five Ways to Wear One: Tweed Blazer

Think a tweed blazer can only be worn with collared shirts? Think again.

Shake up your everyday style with a soft, marled long-sleeve tee. A slim merino long-sleeve tee in a vibrant color works here too.

When you reach for a basic item that’s premium and well-made, you can pair it with almost anything. Take five-pocket cotton pants, for example. They’re easy to wear all year, including the colder months.

Black chukka boots add a sharp edge, as does a navy leather watch. They’re both slightly unexpected picks that lend this look a dressier vibe.

And you can hardly go wrong with domestically made socks from American Trench.

#4. The High-Low Mix

Five Ways to Wear One: Tweed Jacket

So, let’s say you want to look polished. But not too polished. How’s that done?

Ditch the tie. Keep that same durable tweed blazer. And throw in a few classic-yet-modern style touches.

We’re talking an essential chambray shirt with casual-yet-tailored five-pocket pants.

And we’re also talking unique, seasonally appropriate leather high-top sneakers that inject sporty, casual style into this look.

The finishing touches here are spot on. A simple, durable field watch works with just about any outfit. And it offsets the more rugged nature of the chambray shirt quite nicely.

#5. Sharp and Winter Weather-Ready

Five Ways to Wear One: Tweed Blazer

Perhaps the most common way to wear a tweed blazer mixes both cold-weather style and function.

There might not be a better deal out there for a quality topcoat than this versatile, slim-fitting shown here from JackThreads.

For extra warmth, a striped flannel shirt from JACHS NY combines a bit of workwear heritage and comfort with business casual style.

To bring a monochromatic touch, wool trousers from the fit masters at Bonobos are the way to go.

And water-resistant suede boots (yes, they work) round out the look in tough-yet-refined fashion. Would you expect anything less from Thursday Boots?

Just like your tweed blazer, you need accessories that don’t stop working. Take an heirloom-quality leather belt – it pairs quite nicely with a slim, refined and dependable timepiece from MVMT Watches.

The best part about this look? You can break up any of the pieces. The durable wingtip boots. The flannel shirt. The charcoal topcoat. They all work with a host of fall style staples. Start mixing and matching now.

So, those are the looks – what do you think?

Sure, it’s got some dressy connotations. But a tweed blazer still works in a ton of style situations.

From your work week to casual weekend outings, it’ll layer nicely over pieces like slim merino tees or a classic chambray shirt. And it complements everything from dark denim to refined wool trousers.

It’s also a perfect match for textured suede wingtip boots and burnished leather chukka boots. Even high-top sneakers offset the structured nature of the blazer quite well.

And don’t be afraid to pair it with more laidback everyday pieces like a slim crewneck sweater.

If you snag one in the proper fit (not too big, not too tight) and take good care of it, it’s going to keep on working for you this season, next season, and beyond.

Which is your favorite look? How will you be mixing and matching textures this season?