The 15 Best Tissot Watches for Men

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Out of all the long-established Swiss watchmakers out there, Tissot is one of the most commercially underrated. Today, we’re going to shine a rarely shone spotlight with our picks for 15 of the best (in our opinion) Tissot watches for men.

We’ll also answer common questions about the brand, so read on for more!

James Stewart famously wore a handsome Tissot in Hitchcock’s stylish thriller Rear Window (he starred alongside Princess Grace of Monaco, also a fan of the brand).

Just as Sean Connery’s glamour reflects that of Rolex’s, Stewart and Tissot are quietly esteemed in their fields. They produced widely recognized classics, yet never sought a high profile.

Basically, Tissot just wants to make good watches.

Which begs the question…


Is Tissot a Good Watch?

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Exceptional design and sound engineering make a good watch manufacturer. History and innovations make a great watch brand. Tissot has all of these.

On the design and engineering front, they employ many high-quality movements. Two examples include: The Powermatic 80, an automatic that stays accurate even after three days of not wearing it.

The other? The Swissmatic, an automatic that’s surprisingly affordable because it’s built using an innovative automated production chain.

Tissot often uses movements built by ETA. However, since they’re both part of the Swatch Group, they often work hand-in-hand to develop precise, state-of-the-art movements.

This definitely isn’t in-house, but not totally outsourced either.

Tissot Isn’t Just Good, It’s Important

The brand boasts several unique innovations.

Historically, one of the most important of these is the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch. In the 1920s, electricity became commonplace in households. Unfortunately, electricity also magnetizes wristwatches, which affects their accuracy.

The Tissot Antimagnetique came out in 1929, long predating the antimagnetic watch boom of the 1950s.

An important contemporary innovation is the world’s first tactile watch. In 1999, Tissot introduced touch-sensitive sapphire crystals to control functions such as a barometer, altimeter, and thermometer.

Despite their focus on innovation, this brand always has one foot in history. They’ve been around since 1853, soon after Omega arrived and long before Rolex. Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot founded the company in the Swiss Jura mountains.

A lot of Swiss watch engineering wouldn’t be around today if not for Tissot. Charles-Émile promoted watch-making schools focused on Swiss precision and was even appointed the Swiss national watch inspector.

And as any relevant watch brand, they’ve partnered with several sports institutions. Currently, they’re the official timekeeper of the NBA.

Is Tissot a High-end / Luxury Watch?

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Tissot is in a category that I call “affordable luxury.” Movado is another good example of this, though Movado leans more into fashion while Tissot leans into traditional horology.

To consider a watch luxury or high-end, it must go beyond simply telling time. It has to have history (we already know Tissot checks this box), it needs to represent a lifestyle, and it needs to tell a story.

As you’ll see with our roundup, it checks the latter boxes as well.

Moreover, watch specialists recognize Tissot’s specialities: Well-balanced design and a talent for dress watches. You know it’s a high-end brand when it has a trademark in the expert community.

Are These Watches Good Quality?

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Tissot fashions high-quality watches in every price range.

Even their $100 T-Classic quartz watch features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a beautifully complex stainless steel bracelet paired with a simple face, and 100m of water resistance.

All their watches are subjected to tests for resistance to impact, pressure, and water.

Many of their lines are COSC-certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. This means they’ve undergone 15 days of testing for accuracy and resilience in several challenging temperature and pressure conditions.

How Much Are Tissot Watches?

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The most affordable lines, their Small Prices Collection for example, are in the $100 range.

Their most expensive watch is a Limited Edition Gold Case Heritage. At $8,250, it’s definitely an outlier (yet still around the price of an entry-level Rolex).

The average price is in the $550-600 range.

What is the Best Tissot Watch?

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It depends what you’re looking for!

Tissot is one of the most wide-ranging luxury brands out there. The Excellence is an elegant evening watch perfect for a black-tie event or a dinner with your partner, while the T-Touch will serve you well on an off-grid adventure.

Tissot Watches for Men: Our Picks and Personal Faves

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Each timepiece we’ve picked is available on Amazon. Take a look and decide which watches are the best for you!

Tissot Tradition Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

The Tradition is an affordable classic, and my favorite Tissot watch in this price range.

The combination of the minimalist white dial with a silver-tone case and croco-embossed brown leather strap make this watch simple enough to dress down, but luxurious enough to dress up.

It actually looks a lot like James Stewart’s elusive Rear Window watch -must be why it’s so beloved!

The Tradition is indeed traditional. However, the sword hour markers (except for the 12 and 6 hours), the date display, and anti-reflective sapphire crystal bring this model into the 21st century.


Case Size42mm
Water Resistance30m
Band MaterialEmbossed leather

Tissot Quickster World Cup Yellow

From the traditional to the contemporary! 

This Quickster is inspired by the world’s favorite sport. In fact, the face features three subdials displaying 60 second, 60 minute, and a match phase counter, which is used to time all the phases of a soccer match.

Whether or not you’re into soccer though, this is still a fun and eye-catching watch. Every watch collection needs a wildcard or two, and the Quickster World Cup fills that category colorfully. 

Other features include luminescent hands and a stainless steel bezel with a green ion-plated top ring.


Case Size42mm
Water Resistance100m
Band MaterialSilicon strap

Tissot Chrono XL, Black PVD

I definitely get Timex-like cool vibes from this Chrono XL. 

The brown leather strap is of decent quality, but is elevated by the texture and side stitching. Meanwhile, the black PVD coating makes the stainless steel case nigh impossible to scratch— it also makes it really cool looking!

Touches like that aren’t typically found in field-style watches in this price range. This is why the Chrono XL is one of the best, despite Tissot not being known for field watches.


Case Size45mm
Water Resistance100m
Band MaterialLeather strap
Band ColorBlack PVD

Tissot T-Classic Everytime, Rose Gold

I know all of that rose gold won’t be everyone’s style (even the hands are rose gold!), but this is truly a unique piece.

Yes, you get the beauty of gold at a fraction of the price. And yes, the band has the complexity of any high-end evening watch.

But the band and case are actually made out of stainless steel. It’s rose gold ion plated. Meaning this gorgeous dress watch can actually take quite the beating! Tissot certainly loves surprises.


Case Size38mm
Water Resistance30m
Band MaterialStainless steel
Band ColorRose Gold PVD

Tissot PR 100 Chronograph

This watch is one of Tissot’s traditional chronographs, and one of the most versatile options on the list.

The PR 100 perfectly balances dressy and sporty features. The busy chronograph, long rectangular indices, and T-second hand are bold and masculine, but the royal blue dial and the multi-link bracelet add a touch of class.

This is the kind of watch I imagine a king would wear when he’s playing polo with a sheikh.


Case Size41mm
Water Resistance100m
Band MaterialStainless steel

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II

Our first T-Touch entry on the list is also one of the most affordable tactile watches out there.

The tactile scratch-resistant sapphire crystal allows you to use a touchscreen to access the compass, altimeter, weather, alarm, and chronograph features. Being able to do this without complicated buttons and menus is a lot more ergonomic. 

It’s also solar powered, and sleek yet rugged looking. It’s like if you combined an Apple watch with a G-Shock.


Case Size45mm
Water Resistance100m
Band MaterialRubber strap
Dial Window TypeTactile sapphire crystal

Tissot Visodate Automatic

Our first automatic on the list is also one of Tissot’s most quintessential timepieces. 

The Visodate is a bit like an automatic Tissot Tradition, with its croco-embossed leather band and vintage Rear Window-esque case.

On top of it being an automatic, I also like it better because of the day-date feature.

Overall, this is a versatile everyday watch, which also looks great with a brown strap and white face.


Case Size40mm
Water Resistance100m
Band MaterialEmbossed leather

Tissot PRC 200 Chronograph

The PRC 200 is a universal, masculine Chronograph. 

The face is about as busy as a chronograph can get with each dial barely touching the hour indices. The pops of yellow add personality though, a similar effect as the iconic orange hand on the Rolex Explorer II.

It also features a robust five-link bracelet with alternating brushed and polished links. Since it’s also suitable for recreational diving, the PRC 200 is the perfect example of a luxury sport watch.


Case Size40mm
Water Resistance200m
Band MaterialStainless steel

Tissot T-Classic Automatic, Two-tone

This elegant T-Classic literally shines. 

It features a silver dial enhanced by rose gold leaf hands and very noble Roman numeral indices. The stainless steel case has a rose gold PVD coating, and the band is a complex multi-link stainless steel with alternating silver and rose gold links.

The front of the case is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the caseback is transparent so you can see the automatic movement at work!


Case Size39.3mm
Water Resistance100m
Band Material Stainless steel

Tissot Tradition Dress Watch

This Tradition Dress Watch is another time-honored evening timepiece, but is more monochromatic than the T-Classic Two-tone. If you like the idea of the T-Classic, but wish it was more toned down, this watch is for you.

It also features a complex multi-link band, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a transparent caseback so you can see the automatic movement. It features a single silver-tone throughout, a white face, and simple indices for every hour marker except for the Roman 12 at the top.


Case Size40mm
Water Resistance30m
Band MaterialStainless steel

Tissot Seastar Powermatic 80

The Tissot Seastar is in the OG Club along with the Tradition and the Visodate, filling the role of classic dive. Compared to other automatic dives in the industry, the Seastar is one of the most reasonably priced.

It’s made of a durable 316L stainless steel and features a folding clasp with a safety and diver extension closure.

For a bit of a premium, you can also get it in blue, which I think looks more nautical.


MovementAutomatic, 80-hour power reserve
Case Size43mm
Water Resistance300m
Band MaterialStainless Steel
Bezel FunctionUnidirectional

Tissot Le Locle Silver-tone

If the T-Classic Two-tone was too much, and the Tradition Dress was not enough, the Le Locle Silver-tone falls right in the middle.

I really do think that Tissot is one of the best dress watch makers out there. This timepiece is elegant and classic, and features Roman numerals for every hour and a checker plate pattern on the face like the T-Classic, but is one tone throughout like the Tradition Dress.

Of course, it has the transparent caseback as well.


Case Size39mm
Water Resistance30m
Band MaterialStainless steel

Tissot T-Touch II Titanium

The second T-Touch on the list is a lot like our first, so why has it doubled in price? 

This guy is made out of titanium. Read all about what makes titanium special in our Effortless Guide to Watch Metals.

Titanium is three times stronger than steel and much lighter, so it really levels up this T-Touch. Style-wise it’s much sleeker and more futuristic. 


Case Size44mm
Water Resistance100m
Band MaterialTitanium
Dial Window TypeTactile sapphire crystal

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

This watch is the top stage of T-Touch evolution (for now!).

Just like the II Titanium, it features a titanium band and case. And just like all T-Touch watches, it features the tactile sapphire.  

Additions to this watch include PVD black coating on the bezel which gives it a slightly more matte look than the II Titanium, and a plethora of features that the other two watches don’t have. These include an accumulator change indicator, an altitude difference meter, a countdown timer, and a regatta function.

The T-Touch II Titanium and the T-Touch Expert Solar are similar in price. If the extra features aren’t that important to you, you can at least choose based solely on which style suits you better!


Case Size45mm
Water Resistance100m
Band MaterialTitanium
Dial Window TypeTactile sapphire crystal

Tissot Excellence Quartz

We’re wrapping this up with another traditional piece.

The case of this dress watch is made fully out of 18k rose gold. The grey to black anthracite gradient adds a subtle complexity to an otherwise elegant and simple face.

This watch is a practical, accurate watch that will last you a lifetime. If you want a special dress watch to keep forever (not to sell!), this is one the most beautiful dress watches out there.


Case Size40mm
Water Resistance30m
Band MaterialEmbossed leather
Case Type18k rose gold

The Right Tissot Watch For You?

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We hope you found this roundup helpful and fun! 

Tissot truly makes some of the most creative and high-quality timepieces at reasonable prices.

They deserve more of the spotlight, and I know watch specialists agree! Which one are you going to get?