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Lean Wardrobe book
The Lean Wardrobe: Five Principles to Achieve Closet Mastery Taming that closet is no easy task, and a Lean Wardrobe is absolutely paramount. In this book, I outline five principles of the Lean Wardrobe philosophy which should help you on your way to achieving closet mastery.
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How To Use ShopStyle To Find Your Lean Wardrobe Items Spending countless hours shopping for a particular item isn’t exactly how I like to spend my time. If you’re like me, this tool should help you out tremendously.
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Does This Go With That? A Short Primer on Matching Color “How do I match…” is the one of the most common questions in the numerous emails I receive each day from readers. I created this PDF as a guide to get you started. It will guide you through the basics of color matching, and if you utilize this correctly, coordinating your outfit should no longer be as confusing as it once was.
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Elements of a Business Casual Outfit If you work in an office setting, there’s a good chance you have a business casual dress code at least one day out of the week, if not every day. This one-sheet guide will show you nine different items representing the most basic, stripped-down business casual wardrobe, and create seven different outfits. That’s only NINE different items. Imagine the possibilities with your own wardrobe…
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