What to Wear to a Christmas Party: 4 Stylish and Festive Options (No Ugly Christmas Sweaters Allowed)

by Karlton Miko Tyack  |  in Style Tips

Trying to figure out what to wear to an upcoming Christmas party or holiday soirée? We’ve got four fun but refined combos to show you in this article.

And no, we’re not going the ugly Christmas sweater route. If that’s a tradition at one of your yearly parties, fine, but let’s dress in a festive yet infinitely more stylish way for all the others.

Whether your holiday party is traditional or irreverently ironic, you’re bound to find an outfit here that you love.

4 Outfits for Different Christmas Parties

Even at a Christmas party, a lot of the same general winter fashion principles remain. Feel free to reference our comprehensive guide to winter style to see what I mean!

Moreover, there may even be some overlap with what you wore to Thanksgiving

Christmas parties are decidedly more festive though. So, we’ve created outfits that incorporate the traditional red and green, but in a classier, more grown-up way. Think burgundy or oxblood over primary red, and olive and sage over bright green.

1. Office Party Outfit

We consider olive a menswear neutral because it stays in the background, allowing accents to pop. And the red cashmere sweater and dapper plaid tie do just that, adding seasonal splashes of color. 

Plus, you can wear your suit jacket buttoned or unbuttoned, giving you control over how much pop is happening.

While olive is a really easy color to pull off, maybe you’ve never worn an olive suit before.

So if you’re unsure how much green you’re willing to get away with, feel free to go the broken suit route. Wear gray or brown suit pants with the olive jacket, or olive pants with a gray or brown jacket.

Also this combination would work beautifully at any business casual or cocktail dress code. It’s classy, but not stuffy.

2. Out with Friends to a Restaurant

Depending on how high-end the restaurant is, you can always opt for the office party outfit. Most restaurants, lounges, and bars are more on the smart casual end of things though.

The important thing to consider, which this outfit certainly does, is going for clean lines and refined layers. The chore jacket adds a blazer-like dimensionality, and the waffle button-down shirt, cords, and boots match its structured aesthetic. 

It’s relaxed but refined, and gives you a comfortable range of motion (you’re with your friends after all, who knows where the night will take you!)

And notice how the reds and greens are both expressive yet muted. This is what you want when going for traditional holiday colors.

3. At Home with Extended Family

When you’re attending a holiday party with relatives at someone’s home (or even your own), you want to be relaxed the way you are with your friends, but a touch more classic. This way, you look good to your partner as well as your grandparents.

The star of the show here is the shawl cardigan, which is cozy but refined. The Fair Isle pattern has a Christmas vibe to it, and the green accents match the classy sage shirt beautifully. 

(Oh, and make sure to check out our round-up of shawl cardigans when you’re done here!)

And since it’s the holidays, the burgundy pants are a fun yet appropriate addition, while the driving loafers have a relaxed, cosmopolitan look.

4. At Home with Immediate Family

If you’re sitting around opening Christmas presents with the family, perhaps sipping a brandy, you know it’s all about comfort. But of course, comfort doesn’t have to mean sloppiness.

The plaid flannel is perfectly seasonal, while also flaunting fun, glowy colors. Meanwhile, the Nike joggers in maroon add a color block to balance out the patterns.

And not only is this outfit super cozy, but it’s so much more handsome looking than pajamas. Remember, this is a celebration, not a slumber party!

The GAT-style sneakers match the athletic look of the joggers, but feel free to go for the indoor moccasins if you’re a shoes-off household since it matches the Americana style of the flannel.

The Right Christmas Party Outfit for You

There you go! Whether your party is formal or casual, all the bases are covered here.

You can also mix and match, depending on your personal style. For example, the flannel from outfit #4 would sit naturally with the corduroys from outfit #2. Maybe you’re not a cardigan guy, but you can still do outfit #3, just sub in the chore coat from #2 or the flannel from #4.

It’s all about making it your own! Questions? Hit B up on Instagram DMs.