I have the hardest time shopping for others (especially for women) during the holidays, or whenever I’m looking for a gift.

Mostly because I get distracted and end up shopping for myself 🤭

So if you’re like me… this post should help!

I’m listing out 6 stylish gift ideas that work great for both genders, men and women! That basically means, either the product comes in a men’s and women’s version, or it’s just a product that works great for both genders.

So, y’know, buy one for yourself, buy one for your loved one, no one can tell that you’re mostly interested in shopping for yourself 😉

Prefer video?

I also put together a quick video with all my favorite gift ideas. Check it below.

Stylish Gift Idea #1: GREATS’ Luxe, All White Leather Sneakers

stylish christmas gift ideas for both genders - Greats Royale leather sneakers

Toss out your Chuck Taylor Converses and your Stan Smiths and treat yourself (and your partner) to a nice pair of luxurious all white leather sneakers.

(Upgrading is always a good idea.)

The sneaks I recommend are from a company called GREATS, a brand based out of Brooklyn, NY.

I suggest GREATS’ Royale model. Here’s why:

  • They’re handmade in Italy
  • Have a classic silhouette and design
  • Made from premium full grain leather inside and out
  • Super soft and supple to the touch
  • Laced up with waxed cotton laces

This feels like a $450 Common Projects sneaker but for $179.

You can never have too many pairs of white sneakers, but when you have a classically-styled version that’s high quality, luxurious, and comfortable, well, that’s all you really need.

Oh, and there are men’s and women’s versions.

GREATS Royale Blanco (Men) Price: $179 GREATS Royale Blanco (Men)

GREATS Royale Blanco (Women) Price: $179 GREATS Royale Blanco (Women)

Stylish Gift Idea #2: Quip’s Sleek Electric Toothbrushes

stylish christmas gift ideas for both genders - quip toothbrushes

I know what you’re thinking, an electric toothbrush? As a gift? LOLWUT

But I think the best gifts are little luxuries that you’ll use every day but have a hard time justifying buying. Like, who cares about the toothbrush you use, right? But once you have a Quip, you’ll instantly get it.

These are the slickest, most minimal, best designed electric toothbrushes I’ve seen.

They’re basically the size of a regular toothbrush, but it’s electric, obviously. It runs off one AAA battery, so no base, and it has such a small footprint, unlike most electric toothbrushes.

Kate and I have been using ours for a few years and we love them. Definitely worth checking out.

Quip Electric Toothbrushes Price: starting at $40 Quip Electric Toothbrushes

Stylish Gift Idea #3: Beats’ Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

stylish christmas gift ideas for both genders - Beats by Dre over-ear headphones

I used my Apple AirPods exclusively on a flight for the first time recently. Convenient, yes… but not noise cancelling at all.

I love my Beats Studio 3 over-ear headphones for this reason. The fact that they rest over your ears, plus have noise-cancelling capabilities, make it the perfect set of headphones for travel.

Or a loud coffee shop when you’re trying to bang out emails, or at the office when you don’t want to talk to your coworkers.

Another great pair with tons of glowing reviews is the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. These are also wireless.

To me, connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth is a necessity, but if you don’t care, and you just want great sound, and you’re on a budget, check out Status Audio’s CB-1 studio headphones.

I tried these out a couple years back and they’re incredible headphones for the price.

BEATS Studio 3 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Price: $349 BEATS Studio 3 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Stylish Gift Idea #4: Bose Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

stylish christmas gift ideas for both genders - bose soundlink II bluetooth speaker

Similar to the over-ear headphones, a wireless Bluetooth speaker is another great gift.

Kate and I use ours all the time and we take it everywhere!

The first speaker I tried a few years back was the Jambox Mini from Jawbone, and I thought that was fine, but after a while I had connectivity issues and the sound seemed to degrade.

A year or so ago, we replaced it with the Bose SoundLink II and this thing is incredible. The sound is full, the highs are crisp, the bass is deep… it’s a great all-around speaker.

Bose has released a few other Bluetooth models since I got this one, such as the SoundLink Micro and SoundLink Revolve +, but the SoundLink II is still the best middle-of-the-road option.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II - Soft black Price: $129.00 Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II - Soft black

Stylish Gift Idea #5: Cashmere Scarf and Beanie

stylish christmas gift ideas for both genders - luxe beanie and scarf

Again, this idea of having higher end, superior quality essentials always makes a ton of sense in theory, but sometimes you don’t wanna shell out the cash for it.

Especially for “boring” things like winter accessories…

But this is exactly why these things always make great gifts!

The first time I got a cashmere beanie, I was like “Ohhh, I get it now.” It’s like wearing a soft, fluffy, warm cloud on your head.

This scarf from Johnstons of Elgin via Mr. Porter should do the trick. A soft cashmere in a very seasonally appropriate tartan check, this will keep you warm, is incredibly soft, and will look great with any dark winter color palette.

I also love these beanie options. The one pictured is in merino wool from Drake’s. Another one I love is this ribbed cashmere option from Beams Plus.

Another option for high quality, beautiful basics including winter accessories like a beanie and scarf, check out Asket.

Johnstons of Elgin Tartan Plaid Cashmere Scarf Price: $225 Johnstons of Elgin Tartan Plaid Cashmere Scarf

Drake's Merino Wool Beanie Price: $75 Drake's Merino Wool Beanie

Stylish Gift Idea #6: Vintage His and Hers Watches from Theo & Harris

stylish christmas gift ideas for both genders - vintage watches from Theo&Harris

I you have the dough to spend and want something unique, you can’t go wrong with a vintage watch.

I suggest you check out my friends, Christian and Anna, over at Theo & Harris. They run a great YouTube channel and on their site, sell some incredible vintage pieces.

And while most watches may be mens, it doesn’t really matter. A woman can wear a man’s vintage watch and look badass doing it. Plus, many vintage watches are smaller in diameter making it easier to pull off, size and style wise.

Just talk to your loved one and find out their preferences if you’re buying them a vintage watch.

Vintage Watches from Theo&Harris Price: varies Vintage Watches from Theo&Harris

Which gifts are you buying yourself… I mean, your loved one?

Hope you liked these gift ideas. Don’t forget, they’d be great for both genders, so you really can’t go wrong!

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