These 10 Hair Products Work Great For Styling Straight Hair

by Team EG  |  in Grooming

The myth that straight hair is easier to manage and style than curly hair simply isn’t true. Without the right product, straight hair can look pretty flat and lifeless.

In this guide, we’re sharing our selection of the best hair products for guys with straight hair and how you can make the most of your specific hair type.

The diversity of products on the market means that the right one is out there somewhere, and we’re here to help you find it. 

But first, here’s a quick note on how to use hair products on straight hair.

How to Apply Your Hair Product

The first thing to note is that less is more. You can always add extra product if you find you need it, but trying to get rid of excess is a big pain.

Regardless of your haircut, remember that straight hair doesn’t have as many nooks and crannies as thick curly hair, so when there’s too much, everyone will know.

  • Start with a dime sized amount, at most.
  • Rub the product into your hands until you can’t see it anymore. Your body heat and the friction from the rubbing will activate and emulsify it.
  • Start with the tips of your hair, apply from the back to the front, and make your way down to the sides and lower part of your head as your rub through.
  • Then, apply it in the opposite direction, to get maximum coverage.

Alright, now let’s get to the good stuff!

10 Products Worth Trying for Straight, Thick Hair

For the most part, we recommend products that give a medium to high hold with a matte finish. This looks the most natural. If you have thicker or more stubborn hair, or you’re going for a specific look, you may want to look into high-hold, high shine products like pomades or waxes.

Best Overall: Fatboy Perfect Putty

This putty is perfectly pliable, balanced, and easy to apply, unlike so many thick putties on the market. Heavier hold products can make your hands feel glued together when emulsifying, and when trying to apply, like you’re pulling your follicles out. Fatboy Perfect Putty is the exact opposite of all that.

Fatboy Hair Perfect Putty, 2.6 oz

Award-winning pliable putty that is expertly balanced, smooth and spreadable, preserving the hairs natural moisture, while offering flexible hold with 'memory'

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This putty is scented, which some reviewers like and some don’t. It’s a subtle, and in my opinion, invigorating green tea smell. Still, it’s something to keep in mind if you have a more sensitive nose. Most hair products have some sort of fragrance, and this is one of the more subtle options.

Several coarse-haired reviewers mention that this putty keeps their short straight hair from flopping around, even in humid conditions.

Editor’s note: This is my preferred hair product! As an Asian guy with straight hair of medium thickness, I need something that provides good hold while still maintaining pliability. I also hate products that are too thick or leave a greasy feeling on my hair. This is the most balanced product I’ve tried out of everything on this list. And I actually love the scent, too. It’s fresh and subtle, and doesn’t compete with other fragrances you may be wearing.

Best Pre-Styler: Hanz De Fuko Quicksand

Not only does this styling wax provide a light, pliable hold, it’s also made from all-natural ingredients and certified organic extracts, which provides long-term care. 

Hanz de Fuko Quicksand
$23.00 ($11.50 / Ounce)

Hanz de Fuko Quicksand is a combination styling wax and dry shampoo with an ultra matte finish.

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02/14/2023 08:28 pm GMT

The dry shampoo gives your hair that slightly sandy, gritty texture. It keeps your hair soft and moldable, which can help you achieve that messy look.

You can apply this product to damp hair before blow drying to activate that grit and create some hold and volume, or even apply it to second-day hair to maintain that beach-y style.

Again, it does have a grainy texture, which some reviewers love and some reviewers don’t care for as much!

Editor’s Note: If you have fine straight hair, Hanz De Fuko’s Quicksand may provide all the hold you need. I have slightly thicker straight hair, and it doesn’t provide the stronger hold I’m looking for. It’s great for a messy look, or if you want that gritty beach hair the dry shampoo provides.

I mostly use this as a pre-styler and it does a good job. After showering, I apply to damp hair and then blow dry to achieve the hair style with the grittier texture I’m looking for.

Best For Head And Facial Hair: Beardbrand Old Money Styling Balm

One of the main reasons that this styling balm is so popular (and versatile) is because it’s formulated to be used on your hair and your beard.

Beardbrand Old Money Styling Balm

Beardbrand Styling Balm delivers a medium hold that gives a free-flowing, natural look to your beard and head hair while providing a satin-like finish.

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It’s made with a mix of oil and wax (including beeswax, which can repel dirt and grime), which ensures all of the hair on your face and head flows naturally, instead of looking and feeling crunchy—which is rare for beard-and-hair two-in-ones.

The best part is that this balm provides a satiny finish that isn’t oily, and also lasts all day.

Editor’s Note: This is one of my favorites on this list. Incredible scent, decent hold, maintains pliability, not oily.

Strongest Hold: Layrite Cement Clay

This styling clay is a wonder in that you can thicken and shape your hair with it, while maintaining a matte finish. Yet, since it’s water-based, that cement-hold is easy to wash out at the end of the day.

Layrite Cement Clay
$22.00 ($5.18 / Ounce)

An extremely high hold matte finish, water - based styling clay that binds individual hairs together to thicken and shape all day, yet washes out easily with water.

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02/14/2023 07:53 am GMT

Moreover, it holds your hairstyle in place all day, though as a few reviewers point out, you don’t want to get caught out in the rain with it.

A great tip to get the best balance of shape and matteness, is that after you apply the clay onto your hair, realign your hair by running your dry fingers through it one more time.

Editor’s Note: This used to be my go-to product, especially when I rocked a side part that needed to maintain its shape. This product is thicker and has a lot of hold, but your hair is still pliable.

Make sure to use a pea-sized amount to start, rub between both hands vigorously until warmed up and invisible on your hands. Then apply starting at the ends and work your way toward the roots. A little goes a long way. If you apply too much, just blow dry your hair and the product will soften up.

Hanz De Fuko Claymation

Hanz de Fuko Claymation is a clay and wax hybrid product. It’s formulated with several natural oils to keep hair hydrated, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss. 

Hanz De Fuko Claymation
$23.00 ($11.50 / Ounce)

Made with a touch of QUICKSAND, this clay-wax hybrid provides super high hold while still being re-workable. Get the textured, matte finish you desire at any time you wish!

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02/14/2023 06:38 am GMT

The lemon peel in there exfoliates dead skin in a gentle way that doesn’t extract healthy skin or hair off of your head, while the castor seed oil strengthens hair follicles.

This makes it an effective option for straight hair that’s thick or fine.

Also, the clay-wax combination has a great hold while also allowing for re-workability.  

Brickell Men’s Products Styling Clay Pomade

If you have issues with split ends, this all-natural styling clay pomade from Brickell is definitely worth checking out. 

Brickell Men's Products Styling Clay Pomade
$23.00 $18.00 ($9.00 / Ounce)

This medium body, natural clay hair pomade for men provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish.

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02/14/2023 07:48 am GMT

One of its main ingredients is hydrolyzed quinoa, which provides moisture and shape retention. Meanwhile, the argan oil conditions your hair, while the green tea extract wakes it up. 

This way, the product isn’t taking away any bounce or life from your hair, even as it’s taming the imperfections.

Basically, you aren’t only putting a band-aid on those split-ends, but nipping them in the bud. 

Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream

This finish texture cream gives a controlled and smooth finish without leaving behind any stiffness or greasiness. With its silk amino acids and beetroot, it works best on straight thick hair, and even wavy coarse hair, as well as naturally dry hair.

Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream
$16.00 ($4.71 / Fl Oz)

Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream is a versatile, fragrance-free, lightweight cream that provides long-lasting, flexible control and superior anti-frizz benefits. It’s ideal for dry-to-normal wavy, coarse, or thick hair.

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02/14/2023 09:18 pm GMT

The above ingredients, plus the rosemary extract which fights dandruff, provides anti-frizz properties. Not a lot of straight-haired guys look for this in their hair product, but it tames rough, dry hair just as well as it does frizzy and curly hair.

Applying a tiny quantity of this to hair that’s either dry or only just slightly wet is the best way to get the results you want. Reviewers mention that it gets hard to slick through your hair when it’s damp.

PATRICKS Pomade Style Hair Product

Unlike so many overly-slick pomades on the market, this one from new brand PATRICKS is refreshingly mild.

PATRICKS Pomade Style Hair Product

One of Patricks most advanced formulations. A light hold product perfect for thin hair or guy’s who prefer a natural, no-product look.

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02/14/2023 12:03 pm GMT

It offers a moderate hold that doesn’t look too sculpted, and is even light enough that those with super fine, straight hair can use it. It’s basically one of the only pomades out there that gives a product-free appearance.

The active chemicals rapidly inflate the hair shaft, giving the appearance of thicker hair, and the lightweight formula doesn’t weigh the hair down, so the effect is instantaneous.

Baxter Clay Pomade

This clay pomade is another all-natural formula, and it’s perfect for those of you who need both texture and hold.

Baxter Clay Pomade
$23.00 $18.40 ($9.20 / Fl Oz)

This men's hair wax separates, defines, and molds styles. Infused with natural ingredients such as clay and beeswax, the texturizing formula creates a strong, pliable hold without shine.

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02/14/2023 08:53 am GMT

It has a combination of properties that not only add volume and bounce, but help shape your hair in place and keep it there without that helmet-head effect.

The beeswax helps with the hold (and protection from the elements), while the kaolin and bentonite clay ensures your hair is matte and natural-looking.

For best results, massage through tiny amounts of the product in your hands before applying it to damp or dry hair from roots to ends.

Editor’s note: It’s a heavier hold product that does feel a bit stickier, so you will need to emulsify in your hands for a while. And again, keep in mind, a little goes a long way.

Men’s Hair Powder by American Crew

This weightless powder incorporates grit to create a striking texture that seems to defy gravity. 

Men's Hair Powder by American Crew
$11.98 ($39.93 / Ounce)

This weightless powder adds grit for dramatic, gravity-defying texture. And, it can be layered with virtually any other American Crew styling product

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02/14/2023 11:23 pm GMT

The product adds structure and volume to the hair without making it heavier or adding oils. Instead, the ingredient propylene glycol, uses your hair’s natural moisture to provide a flexible hold, while silica silylate makes it look thicker.

It’s another great option for those with fine hair, as it gives your mane structure and volume without oiliness or stiffness.

Combine it with sea salt spray to add extra volume that’s effortless and casual looking. 


Does straight hair need hair products?

For optimal maintenance, every hair type needs items specifically designed for it. A wide variety of style products may be used on straight hair, which is one of its benefits.

  • Pomades and gels provide a higher hold and the appearance of a wet finish
  • Hair putty, clay, and wax, for the most part, have a natural matte finish and add volume. The hold strength varies from light to strong
  • Hairspray is a good finishing touch to keep your look in place, especially when using a lighter-hold product

Can I use hair clay every day?

Hair clay can be used daily in most cases. For the greatest possible effect when using the product daily, try to space out your washing and conditioning sessions as much as possible. Your hair will continue to look healthy in between washes thanks to the natural minerals and vitamins included in the hair clay.

What is the difference between hair clay and putty?

Putty is somewhat creamier, is more pliable when applied to the hair, and has more moisture than clay. Because of this, putty is an excellent product for guys with slightly longer hair. Putty maintains a hairstyle’s malleability while providing a bit of hold, while clay typically provides a stronger hold and less malleability.

The Best Products For Your Straight Hair

The natural oils in hair tend to weigh straight hair down and this can make styling difficult. But, with the right hair products, you can reduce the appearance of dryness, improve shine and style your hair the way you want. 

We hope that our picks for the best straight hair styling products will be useful to you moving forward, and hopefully, you’ve found one that’ll make styling your hair that much easier!

Which one are you going to try from this round-up? Feel free to DM us on Instagram anytime if you have questions!