Quick tip: Inject more color into your everyday outfits

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Here’s a quick tip if you’re just starting (or attempting) to inject more color in your every day outfits.

Most guys have the “how do I know what matches” question. And they feel overwhelmed trying to figure out if a particular shade goes with another.

Don’t worry too much about matching. It’s really about complementing colors, but that’s another story (take a look at this color wheel to get an idea, and focus on “triad” or “split-complementary” to start).

Here’s an even easier way to get started.

  1. make sure your outfit consists of darker and/or neutral tones
  2. choose one piece or accessory in a bright color
  3. wear it.

BAM! You’ve now injected your outfit with splashes of color.

Need visual examples? Fine. Here are two.

Example One

Pair your dark denim with a subtle stripe shirt, and BAM, a bright v-neck sweater.

What’s that, you say? A bright sweater is way too crazy for a beginner color injector such as yourself?

Fine, here’s something more subtle.

Example Two

Start off with a pair of olive chinos, pair with a light blue oxford shirt, charcoal gray sport coat, and BAM, a bright blue gingham pocket square. Subtle, but hey, still a pop of color!

It doesn’t matter how small or large your splash of color is. Just start using it. It makes your outfits more interesting.

Simple enough, right?

Questions about this? Unsure which pieces / accessories to make colorful? It doesn’t matter, to be honest, but feel free to ask (and any other questions you may have as well)!