Why We Love the Jeans (actually, everything) from American-Made Menswear Brand Todd Shelton

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Long story short: Todd Shelton is the opposite of fast fashion, in terms of production and style. This American-made brand focuses on the men’s style essentials that you’ll be proud to have in your menswear rotation.

There’s a chance you may have not yet heard of Todd Shelton, so we’re excited to tell you about them in this article!

We’re gonna break down what we love about the brand, plus highlight a few items we think are worth your consideration, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your basics and essentials to more high-quality versions that will last a long time.

What is the Todd Shelton brand all about?

Their website’s front page says it all: Quality Basics Handmade In America. If you dig a bit deeper, you realize designer Todd Shelton is obsessed with fit, and in the best way possible.

I agree with his sentiment that when clothes fit you perfectly, you just feel better. You hold your head a bit higher. You’re more comfortable in your environment. You’re less distracted and more focused.

OK, so quality basics that fit perfectly (because of your customizable fit options). How are they able to dial this in?

What makes Todd Shelton different?

Well, a few things.

To start, everything is made in their own factory, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. No outsourcing. That means the entire team, from production to customer service, is all together in one place. This makes dialing in on each individual customer’s fit needs actually possible.

They also don’t offer a ton of individual pieces… only the best pieces. That means you’re not scrolling endlessly on the site trying to figure out what to buy. This is perfect for the Lean Wardrobe, because if you’re missing it in your LW, the brand probably offers it.

Todd also makes sure to limit the number of fabrics for each style, and only chooses the best fabric for that particular garment (which, coincidentally, also helps to keep fit consistent).

He also doesn’t change the products often, if at all. The idea is, if you find a garment you like, it should always be available, even 10 years down the road when you’re ready to get a replacement.

So to sum up the brand’s overall purpose, well, I’ll just quote Todd Shelton here:

Today the purpose of our work is to save time and mental energy for men who care about fit, by eliminating the distractions caused from inconsistent fitting clothing, by providing clarity on what to buy, and by becoming a trusted resource they can depend on long-term.   

Todd Shelton (read more)

On Effortless Gent, we’re all about a lean and minimalist wardrobe… the optimal amount and type of clothing you need for your specific lifestyle. No more, and no less.

So you can understand why we vibe so hard with Todd Shelton’s philosophy and clothing.

How to Find Your fit at Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton’s fit process is really intuitive, and to make it really easy, they have a Fit Recommendation you can use before shopping.

This is great because the questionnaire asks super detailed questions about how you like your garment to fit. After a day or so, a fit expert from Todd Shelton will email you back with their recommendations.

fit recommendation results screen todd shelton
After answering a few questions for my fit recommendation and hitting submit, I got this confirmation on the screen that someone will send over my fit recs within a day.

So like if you want instant gratification, you may be frustrated with having to wait to hear back… but hey, perfection takes time 😉

Ever felt like you needed a size between small and medium? Or between a 33″ and 34″ waist? Dialing it in with that sort of specificity is possible with Todd Shelton’s clothing.

This reason alone makes the brand worth considering when you’re ready to start replacing what’s in your closet.

7 Of Our Favorite Items From Todd Shelton

To get you started, let’s take a look at seven of our favorite menswear essentials from the brand.

The Pro Original Dark Selvedge Jeans

I first discovered Todd Shelton years ago because of their jeans. The brand takes great pride in its denim. I’d argue that even today, their jeans are how most new customers discover them.

The Pro Originals in a dark blue denim have that crisp, tailored fit, perfect for dressing up or down. This is truly a men’s style must-have, immune to trends and changing fads.

Todd Shelton Pro Original Dark Selvedge Jeans

Why add this particular pair to your wardrobe? It’s all about investing in quality, and investing in the best. That’s what Todd Shelton brings to the table.

This pair is tailored but not too tight, and made to break in and fade over time. It works with brown leather moc toe boots and a white Oxford or a heather grey tee and a navy shawl collar cardigan.

Use the brand’s fit process to really dial in your perfect pair, then wear the heck out of them, for years.

The Cotton Cashmere Overshirt

Small, luxurious touches can be a small pleasure when it comes to your daily menswear rotation… things like that pair of boots that fits just right, or that shirt that’s soft and perfectly cut.

The Craftsman shirt in charcoal is packed with small luxurious touches. The flamme cotton yarn has an irregular diameter, giving the final product a nice textured look.

This shirt can be worn on its own, but works just as well as a lightweight outer layer over a T-shirt or henley.

closeup of charcoal shirt from todd shelton

While an overshirt might seem a bit a more rugged, this one has a feel of refinement. That means you can wear it over a blue Oxford shirt with tan chinos at the office. It’s a welcome addition to the Todd Shelton line, one that’s worth the investment.

the Wool Flannel Trousers

It’s refreshing to find a product is prepared, made, and finished in two states that are a mere stone’s throw away from each other.

In the case of these Flannel Wool Trousers, the fabric was woven in Connecticut; the pants were finished in New Jersey. That results in an attention to detail and exacting fit that’s hard to top.

Todd Shelton Flannel Wool Trousers

It’s mighty tough to make a pair of stylish dress trousers in America. They’re more complicated than denim because of the fabric (which affects fit and drape), the cut, and additional sewing and finishing steps.

But of course, Todd Shelton has succeeded handsomely here. And he’s done it in a way that makes trousers feel truly versatile… able to be worn with sneakers and a sweatshirt just as easily as a dress shirt and brogues.

The Buffalo Plaid Chambray Shirt

Love a good chambray shirt, but want to shake it up a little? This chambray with a buffalo plaid pattern is a good way to do so.

close up of buffalo plaid shirt from todd shelton

This shirt blends the best of both worlds: a classic buffalo plaid pattern in a fabric weight that’s perfect for year-round wear. I own many chambray shirts, and a number of buffalo plaid shirts… but nothing that’s combined the two! It’s super unique and I love it.

The Long Sleeve Henley

A classic henley deserves a spot in every guy’s wardrobe, plain and simple. It’s the kind of garment you want to fill your closet with… pieces you can rely on, season after season.

man sitting wearing charcoal pants and charcoal henley from todd shelton

Todd Shelton knows it, too. This henley, with its flattering cut and standard weight clean cotton (super clean fabric surface, no fuzz, according to Shelton) will be a favorite you reach for every week.

There’s a ton of detail and thought that went into the selection of this cotton fabric alone. It’s worth clicking through and reading more about it on the product page.

The Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt

Perhaps you’re sensing a theme here: Todd Shelton makes timeless essentials with uncompromising quality in mind. It’s a no-brainer they make the perfect sweatshirt, the classic crewneck. In a black colorway, it’s as simple and subtly stylish as it gets.

Todd Shelton Classic Crewneck Sweatshirt

The classic crewneck has experienced a style resurgence over the last several years. If you buy the right kind (namely, one with a perfect fit and fine material… basically what you’re getting with Shelton’s version) it’s suddenly something that can be worn in a business casual environment.

Think a crisp white Oxford, khaki chinos & white leather sneakers, for example. Seriously! So if you’re going with just one sweatshirt in your wardrobe, this crewneck won’t let you down.

The Pro Soft Light Denim

Todd Shelton is known for crisply cut, dark indigo styles like the jeans we discussed earlier. But man can’t survive on dark wash denim alone. Sometimes, you just need a pair in a lighter wash.

Well, Shelton’s got ya covered.

Todd Shelton Pro Soft Light Denim
Todd Shelton Pro Soft Selvedge Light Wash Jean

These 11 oz. Pro Soft denim jeans from Okayama, Japan are broken in and incredibly soft. They're sure to be your favorite pair, especially in the warmer months. Cut and sewn, sanded and washed, in small batches at Todd Shelton's East Rutherford, NJ headquarters.

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That’s the Pro Soft Light Denim in a nutshell: a premium pair of jeans made with soft Japanese cotton and pre-washed for extra softness.

This is a pair you’ll want to keep front and center in your closet year-round, especially perfect for weekend errands and casual hangouts with friends and fam.

Are you ready to replace your basics and essentials with Todd Shelton?

Personally, I’m at this point in my style journey where I don’t buy many new types of clothing… I’m simply replacing the essentials I wear all the time with better, more high quality versions.

If you’re in the same boat as me, consider checking out Todd Shelton. From jeans and pants to shirts, even sweatshirts… this brand will have the classics you need, and most importantly, they’ll fit you perfectly because they’re designed just for you, according to your specifications.

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USA-made brand Todd Shelton offers men clothing that fit the way they want, consistently, order to order, year after year... so getting dressed each day becomes a dependable, low-friction routine.

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