The other day we had a farewell party for a friend at work. One of my coworkers had a brilliant idea: considering Halloween is around the corner, she suggested we should all dress like him and slowly linger around his workspace to see if he’d notice. All of us pulled together similar getups that somewhat resembled his everyday style: a t-shirt, dark skinny jeans, a hoodie, and some accessories like necklaces and a coffee cup.  Eventually he did notice and we had a good laugh about it.

Afterwards, the whole idea of dressing as someone else had me thinking. If everyone threw me a goodbye party, how would people dress to imitate me?

How you see yourself can be vastly different from how the world perceives you and your style.

Do you think your peeps would be accurate in their interpretation of you? More importantly, how do you want to be perceived? What’s the image you ultimately want to be associated with? Laid-back casual dude? Smartly-dressed, v-neck sweater dude? Daily denim and blazer dude? There is no right or wrong look, of course. Only your own.

All the more reason to find your own personal style and be the best dressed man you know, on your own terms.

If a group of your coworkers or friends were to dress as you, would they be spot-on in their impersonation of you? Or would they dress in a manner that you don’t see as your own?

Just a little something to think about.

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