How To Store Ties (And Every Other Men’s Accessory You Own)

by Barron Cuadro  |  in Accessories

While we’ve talked about how to accessorize, one thing we never really discussed is how to organize and store everything!

There are few things worse than opening a drawer and seeing an explosion of colorful yet extremely wrinkled fabrics, or a metallic heap of unpaired cufflinks.

Here are some solid tips and ideas on how to store your ties, belts, watches, and every other men’s accessory you may own.


How To Organize And Store Ties

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For anyone with less than half a dozen ties, the classic tie rack still reigns supreme as the organizer of choice; this coat hanger tie rack from Woodlore is especially cool, as it doesn’t require hardware for installation.

Woodlore Tie Hanger
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This necktie hanger from Woodlore holds up to 40 ties.

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Dapper Woodworks is a custom menswear accessory storage solution. Really beautiful pieces, handmade one by one, thoughtfully designed… definitely worth the price and the wait (about 4-5 weeks for a custom piece).

The problems start when you really start developing a good collection of neckties. Though tie racks will often promise to hold an incredible amount of ties, this won’t do you any good if you can’t select one at a glance.

Basically, the more you have to handle and pull on individual ties, the shorter the lifespan of your favorite ties will be. The more delicate the material of the tie, the greater care you’ll want to take in NOT tugging on it and NOT leaving it tied when you’re not wearing it.

how to store ties - rolled up knit ties in grey and blue purple

Roll Method For Ties

The solution? Instead of hanging your ties, try the roll and place method. For each tie, follow these steps:

  1. Hold the narrow end of your tie between your thumb and index finger
  2. Gently apply pressure as you wrap the wide end around multiple times
  3. The perfect roll will be neither too tight (damaging) nor too loose (sloppy)
  4. Place in your drawer standing up, or lying down with the wide end underneath

When you’re ready to step up your tie organizing game to the next level, a drawer organizer will keep everything perfectly in order. They’re a versatile and affordable organization solution that works well for a wide variety of menswear accessories.

SONGMICS Collapsible Drawer Organizers, Set of 4
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The Best Way To Store Ties

As with pocket squares, be sure to store your ties in a clean, dry box that allows for plenty of airflow. Silk ties are especially prone to damage from extreme heat, so store them only in a cool, dry place — and never folded, or else they may develop nearly permanent wrinkles.

How To Pack Ties In a Suitcase

Chances are, you won’t need more than two ties while traveling. While it’s common practice to fold ties in half and half again, then store them in between layers of clothes, this can lead to damaging wrinkles and creases on more delicate ties.

Instead, do what I do: Roll your ties up and store them in your dress shoes. The rigid construction of the shoes will prevent your ties from being crushed during travel, and keep them safe from wrinkles or friction while in motion.

Then, when you get to your destination, simply unpack your rolled ties and place them on your dresser until it’s time to return home.

If of course, you are traveling with more than two ties, it’s OK to go with the folding method, and layering them in between your clothing. This way they don’t shift around nor get too wrinkled.

Or, if you’re really paranoid, you could invest in a travel tie case. Pack those ties in style, y’know?

Brooks Brothers Dark Brown Leather Travel Tie Case

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How to Store Pocket Squares

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Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, pocket squares are a quick and versatile way to dress up any suit jacket or blazer. If you’re not already pairing a pocket square with each of your sport coats, check out this tutorial for a quick look at the many ways to fold and wear one.

While you can store them alongside your socks and underwear in a dresser drawer, a small box dedicated to pocket squares is a classy addition to any room you might get dressed in.

This is a perfect opportunity to use a cigar box that you’ve saved from your favorite producer and if you’re not already a cigar aficionado, check at your local thrift market to pick up a vintage box on the cheap.

how to store pocket squares and organize handkerchiefs black and white paisley and blue and red dot handkerchiefs

To keep your pocket squares organized and looking their best, try the following steps:

  1. Fold each individual pocket square in half
  2. For larger squares, fold an additional time so that all items are roughly the same size
  3. Stack your pocket squares neatly
  4. Limit your stack height so as to avoid compression and wrinkling

It’s as simple as that! 

For Long-Term Storage: Loosely stack your pocket squares in a clean box that is not airtight, and store in a dry closet. Extra airflow in and around your accessories will help prevent them from developing musty odors or mold.

How To Store Belts

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Getting your belt storage in order is quite simple, especially if you keep it quite minimal and have only three to four belts. Realistically, how many belts do you need?

In general, you have two options: hang your belts or roll them.

how to store belts - image of rolled up dark brown leather belt on wooden table

Is it better to hang or roll belts?

We suggest the rolling method. Since you’ll likely be using each of your belts fairly frequently, store and organize them with the following steps:

  1. Lay your belt out flat on a table, with the outside of the buckle facing down
  2. Roll gently but firmly from the buckle end
  3. Store in the corner of your sock drawer with the loose end facing down

Again, a drawer organizer will be a huge help in keeping your belts neat, organized, and accessible. The single square inserts are almost perfectly sized for individual belts.

The Best Way To Store Belts Long Term

Leather belts are best stored separately from any other clothes and accessories, as you’ll want to apply a belt dressing to keep it from drying and cracking.

A moderate climate is essential for storing leather; too much humidity will cause your belt to mold, while excessively hot or cold temperatures will lead to it cracking.

How To Fold Socks

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Even though they can all go in your sock drawer together, different styles of socks require different storage methods.

There’s a good chance that, depending on the season and your typical style (casual, formal, something in between), you’ll have several different types of socks: athletic socks, formal socks, casual socks, cotton, wool, over-the-calf, crew length, ankle…

The list goes on and on (and on).

Depending on the type of sock, you may want to store them a certain way.

how to organize socks - native print blue and red wool socks

Sock Storage Ideas For Different Types Of Socks

Athletic Sock Storage

For athletic socks, from your everyday cotton blends to nicer wool or synthetic fibers, use the following steps:

  1. Sort your socks into matching pairs
  2. Pinch the insides of the top openings together between the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand
  3. Grasp the outer edge of one sock between the thumb and forefinger of your non-dominant hand
  4. Use a downward rolling motion to fold the top of the socks over onto themselves
  5. Arrange the socks neatly in your dresser drawer

This method works for crew length / mid-calf length socks, as well as ankle-length socks.

Dress Sock Storage

Dress socks are a bit more sensitive to deal with, and shouldn’t be left rolled up like athletic socks. This will wear out the elastic and fabric weave prematurely.

Instead, try pairing them and laying them flat in your sock drawer— again, preferably with the assistance of an inexpensive drawer organizer system.

Alternatively, if you have limited storage space: Lay a pair of socks flat, and then fold in half once (or twice, depending on how long your dress socks are). Then, store the folded pair standing up on its narrow edge. From there, sit your second pair next to it, also on its narrow edge.

Eventually, you will have enough sock pairs standing next to each other, which allows for quick and easy access while minimizing necessary storage space.

How To Store Socks Long Term

Both athletic and dress socks should abide by the same rules as your other fabric accessories when stored away for long periods of time.

Store them only in a clean box, keep them dry, and allow for plenty of airflow, and most socks can be stored indefinitely.

How To Store Cufflinks

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Storing cufflinks in a neat and readily accessible fashion is easy to accomplish: Simply store them in the box they came in, and arrange these neatly on top of your dresser.

If you’re in the process of building a sizable cufflink collection, however, you’ll want to invest in a jewelry storage box. This glass-topped wooden case looks great, and makes it easy to admire your cufflink collection whenever you want.

how to store cufflinks - cufflinks in presentation box
Photo by Caleb Oquendo via Pexels

How To Store Your Cufflinks Long Term

Like most jewelry, cufflinks are at little risk of damage during long-term storage as long as they’re not being banged around.

To prevent tarnishing as well as mold development in their storage cases, always store your cufflinks in a dry and well-ventilated environment.

Watch Storage Ideas

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Of all the accessories that you might need to store and organize, watches are likely the most addictive. Once you get bitten by the watch collecting bug, what seemed like plenty of storage space can quickly turn into quite the mess.

how to store watches - collection of vintage watches on canvas fabric
Barton Waxed Canvas Watch Travel Case
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A classic watch box is the simplest and most aesthetically pleasing way to organize your collection, whether it’s big or small. Go for a glass-topped box like this one, and your watches can become a handsome display piece.

If you only need storage space for a few watches or often find yourself traveling with your timepieces, a watch roll sports a classy vintage style that looks great at home or on the road.

12-Slot Watch Box Display Case
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Automatic or self-winding watches are best kept in a specialized watch winding box, especially if you’ll be wearing them infrequently. Quiet and reliable auto watch storage boxes like this one do a fine job of displaying your watches while ensuring their uninterrupted timekeeping.

How To Store Watches Long Term

A temperature-controlled environment is absolutely essential if you plan on storing your watches for months at a time without wearing them.

Automatic Double Watch Winder With Extra Storage
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Moisture is a watch’s number one enemy, and cold or damp environments run the risk of creating condensation or damaging the watch’s lubricating oils.

If you’re interested in a much more in-depth explanation of watch storage, check out this feature from Christie’s, a renowned auction house.

A Valet Tray Organizer For… Everything Else

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Last but not least, what about organizing the one-off items in your everyday carry essentials that don’t fit into the categories above?

valet trey with men's accessories

A valet tray placed near your front door is a perfect spot to unload all of the small EDC items that never seem to have a place of their own — think wallets, keys, lip balm, your everyday watch, even your smartphone.

There are plenty of options out there, like these leather valet trays from Billykirk that come in a variety of sizes and naturally dyed colors, or a classy glazed ceramic tray. For extra style points, cigar ashtrays also make great catch-all valet trays.

Ceramic Cigar Double Groove Ashtray (7.9" x 6.2")
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How’s that for storage tips?

Do you have your own innovative way of storing your accessories and accoutrements? I’m curious to hear them.

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