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January 29, 2013 · 15 comments

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Hey gents,

Really quick: I’m working on organizing an EG meetup in the near future. I think it’d be fun to meet readers (and for readers to meet each other), have a casual chat, maybe a drink or two.

Still working out the details, but do me a favor and respond to this QUICK THREE-QUESTION SURVEY if you live in San Francisco / the Bay Area, or are willing to travel to San Francisco.

Yeah? Cool thanks.

Are we connected?

Sure, we’re pretty active on Facebook and Twitter, but by far, my favorite mode of (visually) communicating things is using Tumblr and Instagram.

Less Effort: Connect with EG on Tumblr (here)
Connect with EG on Instagram (here)

You’ll find lots of style-related images on Less Effort, but also just general lifestyle, architecture, and interior design images, along with the occasional “this woman knows how to dress” photo here and there.

Instagram is more personal— a few #WIWT (what I wore today) pictures plus random things I happen to see in my daily life—but you may be curious.

EffortlessGentTV is another channel / mode of communication I’m working on. It’s slow-growing, but in 2013 I’d like to focus on it more and more.

Make sure to get on the list for occasional “EG Sundays” videos which are only sent to subscribers.

Subscribe to EffortlessGentTV

Stuff EG has been in recently

It’s always an honor to be interviewed by others. Sometimes I forget to let EG readers know about the interview, so here are a few of the more recent ones from the past few months. You may have seen some of these already!

Luvocracy Stories – Luvocracy asked me to contribute during Fashion Resolutions week, and we also did a quick QA. Here are my Luvocracy recommendations.

Solosso: Blogs You Should Know – Solosso is a custom dress shirt maker, and they were nice enough to feature EG on their site as a blog to know.

Electrogent - Electrogent is a men’s interest site that covers everything from the arts to grooming. I chatted with Andrew about the beginnings of Effortless Gent, the current goings-on in menswear, and some style pet peeves.

Restart Your Style – You’ve probably heard of Restart Your Style; Robert’s a regular contributor to EG. A few months ago we riffed on personal style, casual looks in the modern workplace, and how to balance modern trendy stuff with more classic pieces.

Ask EG anything!

Since this post was more about catching up / checking in / updating you, feel free to ask me about anything in the comments! I’ll do my best to answer.

ps — don’t forget to answer these three questions for me!


Barron is the founder and editor of Effortless Gent, a site dedicated to helping guys figure out what looks best on them. He's based in San Francisco. Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

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