Ask The Readers: What are your TWO biggest resolutions?

December 29, 2012 · 7 comments

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Hey gents,

How was your Christmas? Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time with family and friends.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets a bit introspective around this time of year. It’s the perfect time to reset, plan ahead, and reflect on what you’ve managed to accomplish over the past twelve months.

So here’s today’s Ask The Readers question: What are your two biggest resolutions for 2013?

Since I’m giving you two, let one be related to your personal style, and the other a general life resolution. I assume we’re all multi-faceted people with various goals and interests other than simply the betterment of our personal style. So lets hear it!

Upcoming plans

I’ll be spending the new year in NYC before heading out to the good ol’ Midwest for a few days after, so it’ll be a bit quiet around these parts the next week or so.

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of the EG community. Whether you’ve been around since the first article or you just discovered us last week, I’m thankful you’re here. I’m proud to be a part of the community we built and I’m looking forward to doing even more cool stuff in 2013.

If things go according to plan for the coming year, EG will go through a site refresh which should help organize the content a bit better.

Also, keep an eye out for the new course I’ve been mentioning the past few months (still in the works), a new series I’m calling Signature Style featuring some really stylish dudes I’ve found around the web (and some in real life), and of course more articles that will continue to help you form your own personal style.

One last thing: I’ve been working on the new Fifth&Brannan site the past few months, and I’m happy to say it’s finally up and running.

To celebrate the launch as well as the new year, we’re giving 20% off all shirting till Jan 1, 2013. That includes the new collection and also the newly marked down shirts.

Check it out here.

Since we’ll be out of town for a week, all orders will ship January 8.

Be safe this New Year’s Eve, and here’s to a great 2013!





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