Staying Cool During Your Commute, featuring Ministry of Supply

May 15, 2014

You won’t be surprised when, at first, I wrote off Ministry of Supply and their line of “technologically advanced” clothing.

What’s wrong with regular cotton? What about a little extra antiperspirant? Is complete comfort really that important?

As time went on, I couldn’t escape MoS. Mentions of their goods were everywhere I looked.

Being the curious, inquisitive men’s style writer, I couldn’t help but ignore my preconceived notions and dig a little deeper. Coincidentally, around the same time, they reached out to me and offered me a chance to take a closer look.

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How To Pull Off Bold Pattern, featuring the Gagliardi Blazer

May 8, 2014

A while back, the folks at Gagliardi contacted me and asked if I’d take a look at their offering. I was immediately drawn to their beautiful lookbook and new spring / summer line.

The following is a featured post for Gagliardi. All opinions and thoughts are my contributing editor’s own.

In addition to the blazer’s review, we wanted to give you a couple ideas about how to make a boldly-patterned blazer work for you. Hope you enjoy!

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Transitioning To Linen: A Black Lapel Photo Essay and Review

May 1, 2014
BL linen

As we approach summer, now is a great time to start contemplating the transition of your wardrobe from heavier to lighter fabrics. Vice versa for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, of course (bummer, but you’ve had your fun).

The items I personally look forward to rotating the most are my suits and sport coats. Out with the tweeds and heavy wools, in with the summer-weight stuff, the lightweight cottons, and the linens.

My friends at Black Lapel gave me a chance to check out some of their new suiting, and suddenly, I have a new summer favorite.

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The Importance of Firsts

April 24, 2014

When you start caring about the way you present yourself, it’s all about your “firsts”.

A string of solid firsts will set you on a good trajectory, while firsts that don’t turn out so well may derail you or prevent you from progressing further more quickly.

The process of successfully upgrading your appearance depends on a good foundation, a string of solid firsts done right.

Our guest contributor, Robert (from Restart Your Style), wrote an eBook, and it’s a book full of firsts.

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The #Menswear Mindset: A Signature Style Chat, From Squalor To Baller

April 17, 2014
from squalor to baller

Welcome to another installment in our Signature Style series. As I’ve mentioned before, this series is a favorite of mine, because you, Dear Reader, get to see real world applications of the things we discuss here on EG.

Ian Anderson runs From Squalor to Baller, a site focused on simple style advice for the modern man. We share very similar ideals when it comes to personal style and building a basic, flexible wardrobe. He has an envy-inducing closet, much closer to a perfect Lean Wardrobe than my own.

Read on to hear a bit more from Ian.

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