Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Choosing A Versatile Suit and Wearing Each Piece Separately

January 30, 2014
versatile suit

How flexible is a suit, exactly? Is it really worth the investment, even if you’re not a guy who wears suits every day? How many days in a row can you wear one suit? How do you take a suit from formal to casual and back again, if necessary?

Let’s tackle each of these questions (that I asked myself, in my head) one at a time. This should help, in case you’ve ever wondered the same thing.

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Five Ways to Wear One: Dark Blue Denim

January 23, 2014
denim thumb

If you had to buy one pair of pants outside of a suit or trousers to take you a variety of different places, dark denim could be that pair. It goes with a multitude of different outfits and looks. And in the right fit, it provides a uniform look, crisp silhouette, and most importantly, versatility.

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Mixing Casual And Tailored: A Signature Style chat with A Bit Of Color

January 16, 2014
gus thumb

Hey Gents, Welcome to another installment of Signature Style! This is my favorite series to put together, because you, the reader, get to see real-life examples of the ideas we talk about here at EG. Today, we’ll be chatting with Mr. Gus Walbolt. If you’ve ever been on Tumblr and have come across a picture [...]

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Suffering from Puffy Shirt? One tip that will solve your fit woes

January 7, 2014

For those of you who are die-hard fans of the show, I’m sure that just the title of this article is enough for you to recall one of the more classic episodes from the series when Jerry is cajoled into wearing a “puffy shirt” designed by Kramer’s girlfriend for his appearance on The Tonight Show.

As humorous as this episode was, my main reason in referencing it is to invite men everywhere to pay particular attention to the fit of their button-up shirts.

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How To: Incorporate Trends In Your Classic Lean Wardrobe

December 19, 2013
style wave

I saw this interesting infographic in December’s GQ about the styles and trends that are building up, cresting, and crashing right now (or in the next few months).

There were some interesting things pointed out, some of which I agreed with (leather shoes with colored soles are done / overdone), and others I’m curious to see come to fruition (bolo ties, anyone?)

If you’ve been reading EG for any amount of time, you may think I’m completely against trends, solely based off the Lean Wardrobe approach I always champion.

While I do think a Lean Wardrobe is best, being anti-trend isn’t the full truth.

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