How To Play Up Your Distinctive Charm, Inside & Out

Like it or not (and once you’re seeing the benefits, you’ll like it), your life gets better when you feel really good about yourself and dress accordingly. You become genuinely and distinctively charming.

The best way to tap the kind of charm that gets those responses is to notice what’s attractive about you in particular, and enjoy playing that up. 

Five Ways To Wear One: Burgundy Corduroys

While lightweight casual pieces and basics like simple tees are nice to wear in the spring and summer, those same items don’t exactly cut it in the fall. You need (drumroll, please) some corduroy pants.

How to Build Confidence Like a Bodybuilder

My lack of confidence was more glaring than ever and I was tired of it. It wasn’t until a few nights later, at the gym of all places, that I figured out how to fix it.


In Praise Of The Minimal Dress Watch

While it’s possible to get by with an all-purpose wristwatch in most instances, there’s something special about having one specifically for formal or special business occasions.

It’s an event when you put it on… a small deviation from your normal routine, but significant enough to make you sit up straight and notice: Today is special.

MTM Showdown: Unboxing The Lanieri Suit

What I want to focus on in this series is fit: How it fits right out of the box, what turned out perfectly, and what I need to alter to get to 100%.

Hopefully this series gives you more confidence in ordering made-to-measure suiting in the future.


Five Types Of Watches To Have In Your Collection

A man with style understands a wristwatch represents much more than what it’s designed to do.

Much like attention-getting socks or a cheeky monogram inside a suit jacket, a wristwatch showcases the wearer’s personality.

EG Travels: 48 Hours In… New Orleans

There’s more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras. Sure, the February festival draws a big, rowdy crowd, but the spirit within this city stays strong year-round. See for yourself…