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It’s my birthday! I’m the big 2-9 today, which is weird because that’s waaay close to 30. I still feel like I’m 22, and K would probably say I act more like 16 than anything close to 30, but hey, what’s age but a number, right?

If you’re a regular reader of EG, you know I’m all about a Lean Wardrobe and having fewer but better, more versatile items.

Still, there are a few things I could use in my wardrobe that I don’t yet have. Creating a well-curated closet is an ongoing process that’s never really finished, in my opinion anyway. Here are four things I hope to add sooner rather than later (so I can still enjoy them while it’s warm out).

1.) A khaki cotton suit

This one (pictured) in particular caught my eye in June’s issue of GQ. It’s listed at $249 from Club Monaco; too bad their site doesn’t actually have it anymore. Maybe in stores though?

This particular suit is super versatile, perfect for guys who want to get a lot of mileage out of one suit (that should be you) because you can dress it up or down.

Wear it with sneakers, loafers, or lace-ups. Throw on a dress shirt, a sport shirt, or a polo shirt on underneath (depending on where you’re going). Put on a regular tie or a bow tie. You can break it up and wear just the trousers, or just the jacket.

If I had this, I know I’d use it so much.

If this is a suit you hope to add to your arsenal, make sure to go with a medium khaki color. If you go too dark or too light, it may not be as versatile.

Don’t forget about the importance of fit and proportion, and you’re more than likely going to have to take this to a tailor.

2.) The Hamilton Khaki Field Officer Automatic watch

Another thing I’m big on is spending money where it counts, and skimping where it’s technically okay to do so. Watches fall into the “where it counts” category. You can get away with an inexpensive watch but sometimes it’s nice to splurge a little, especially on pieces you love and even more so when it comes to timepieces.

The Khaki Field Officer is an automatic watch, as opposed to a battery-operated quartz. The brand also has a long and interesting history, and I think it’s cool owning a piece of that.

From an aesthetic standpoint, I love the oversized numbers on the dial, the reversed off-white type on black face, stainless steel casing, and the calfskin leather strap. You can find it on Amazon for around $600. Not too bad for a watch of this quality, and even if you don’t like this particular look, there are plenty of other Khaki Field models. This one is my favorite.

By the way, I’m not recommending you get this particular one. The Hamilton just so happens to be a watch I’ve been eyeing lately.

If you’re in the market for a watch, take your time, do your homework, and find one you really like. Watches are tough to talk about and recommend, only because there are so many styles, brands, and price points. Keep in mind that you should love what you’re buying. Lots of guys make the mistake of buying something because someone else said it was cool, or someone said it was THE thing to own. F all that.

Buy what you love and know you’ll use. It’s okay to listen to people’s suggestions to help you find new things to explore, but after that, make your own decisions whether or not this particular thing is right for you. And that applies to everything, from watches to clothing to… everything else.

3.) Driving shoes in tan leather

I have a pair in grey suede that are perfect to wear in the summer. Sometimes I get tired of boat shoes and canvas sneakers, and this is a great alternative to both. I personally think the tan color can go with a lot of colors and it’s my favorite shade of brown leather for shoes, so I’d definitely pick up a pair of these.

4.) A casual, non-military-inspired jacket (Like these Harrington jackets)

I love the Harrington model because it’s a classic that was first released in the 30s. They enjoyed popularity throughout the decades and are still sold today. If Elvis and Sinatra can wear them on their days off, why can’t we, right?

I’d go for any of these colors, red being the most daring but also the most memorable. The khaki and navy selections are always appropriate and easy to wear with practically everything. Many brands make them at varying price points. The Baracuta G9 is probably the oldest model still in production today.

It’s my party and I’ll buy if I want to

Okay, maybe it’s not YOUR birthday today, but what are the four items at the top of your list right now? Let’s hear em in the comments below.

PS – in case you’d like to order one of these items for me, I’d be happy to email you my shipping address 🙂

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