Hey gents,

In our last Ask the Readers segment, I asked if your style is better off today than it was a year ago.

The majority answered a resounding yes! And I’m happy to hear that EG played a small role in your progression, but I definitely can’t take all the credit. All the advice and tips would be pointless unless you put it to good use. So high five to you!

*high five*

Keep improving, keep experimenting, keep working on your own personal style.

Here’s the next Ask the Readers question:

You just got the news, and you have to pack RIGHT NOW because you’re leaving tonight. You’ll be gone indefinitely, and you can only take two duffel bags: one for your clothes, one for whatever else you want to grab (mementos, extra gum, your cat).

What do you put in your clothing duffel?

Remember: You have no idea when you’ll see your closet again. You’re going far, far away. Maybe a round-the-world tour with no definitive end date. Maybe it’s the zombie apocalypse.

Also remember: You only have ONE bag for your clothes. What’s coming with you?

Obviously, what you’re wearing won’t be at the top of your list of concerns if you’re put in this situation. At the same time, you don’t want to walk the streets in your boxers… So indulge me for a moment and picture yourself in this situation.

So, what’s in that clothing duffel?

Make sure you cover all your bases. Think Lean Wardrobe, taking only what you need, versatility, etc.

Let’s hear it in the comments below!

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12 Responses

  1. pB on

    A suit and tie. Several merino V-neck T-shirts. A couple of merino sweaters. three button down shirts, 2 pair of Chinos, 3 pairs of good jeans. 2 fleeces, a pair of sneakers and a pair of dress boots. Several pairs of socks and undies and a few cotton tees.

    Walk out wearing a merino T, a button down shirt, leather jacket or peacoat (depending on season), jeans and combat/hiking boots. And a good pair of sunglasses.

    Yippie Kai Ay!

  2. Vince Granado on

    I would bring the following:

    1 Navy Suit, 1 Khaki sports coat
    2 OCBD, blue and light grey and white striped
    1 white dress shirt, 1 blue dress shirt, 1 patterned dress shirt, 1 indigo chambray shirt
    1 navy grenadine tie, 1 maroon knit tie, 1 charcoal wool tie
    1 pair cords, 1 pair of white denim, 1 pair of khakis, 1 pair of khaki shorts and 1 pair of flannel trousers
    5 solid t-shirts (2 grey, 2 white, 1 navy), 1 pair of lounge pants for sleeping
    1 Barbour waxed jacket, Lightweight down vest and jeans jacket
    7 pairs of underwear and 1 pair of thermal underwear
    3 pairs of universal wool Burlington socks in navy, grey and maroon, 2 pairs of mercerized cotton Burlington socks in light grey and navy
    1 pair Burgundy wingtips, white chucks, Bass Weejuns, and a pair of boat shoes
    1 charcoal grey merino turtle neck, 1 navy merino cardigan, 1 grey merino v-neck
    1 pair of swimming trunks

    1 Black 1960’s Omega Seamaster and 1 brown band for changing

    1 Tie Bar

    3 white hankerchiefs

    2 pocket squares with contrast lining

    1 simple square buckle brown belt
    1 REI foldable waterproof nylon utility back for laundry
    1 large microfiber towel
    1 dop kit (hair wax, small black comb, safety razor with blades, shaving soap, small badger brush, moisturizer, Chanel Egoiste, toothbrush, tooth paste and tounge scrubber)

    I would walk out wearing the following:

    1 distressed leather jacket (cafe racer style)

    1 pair of 511 raw denim

    1 white OCBD

    1 dark knit tie

    1 charcoal cotton cashmere cardigan

    1 hankerchief

    1 Hamilton Khaki with black and grey NATO strap

    1 pair of tan cap-toe lace-up boots

    1 tan belt

    1 cashmere grey lambswool scarf

    1 pair of brown leather gloves

    1 leather card case with 50 bucks in cash

    1 Iphone

    1 pair of Persol sunglasses

      • Vince Granado on

        Uh… I already tried it in January when I went on a long trip for work. It all fit into the duffel (as big as the one pictured) with a little room to spare. It’s not as much as you think, especially when you roll stuff up and put things in shoes.

    • Vince Granado on

      It all fits, I’ve tried this in January when I had to go on a long trip for work. I used a duffle about the same size as the one pictured. All this doesn’t take up as much space as you think, especially if you roll things and stick stuff in the shoes.

  3. Derek on

    College student, so it’s easier for me.

    My charcoal suit and its accessories (jacket, pants, white dress shirt, tie, pocket square, shoes).
    My 22oz N&Fs.
    A bunch of random t-shirts.
    A bunch of random OCBDs and flannels.
    My leather jacket.
    My Red Wings.

  4. Ali on

    Wear the following:

    Diesel D. blue straight leg jeans (good quality cotton will last me a while), plaid shirt, homemade HQ brown leather belt, brown Frye boots, blue striped socks, grey wool winter coat, wool scarf & gloves, Ray Ban aviators

    Duffel bag:

    plenty of underwear & colorful socks!
    5-6 plaid & chambray shirts (rolled up to save space)
    2 cardigans
    Banana republic grey slim chinos
    grey wool dress pants
    3-4 oxford dress shirts (rolled up to save space)
    navy blue blazer
    white pocket square
    brown AE wingtips
    some pajamas to sleep in
    travel pack w/ toothbrush, cologne, aftershave, deodorant, shaving kit, pomade etc.

  5. Just Jarrod on

    Not knowing where I’m going, why I’m leaving, or how long I’ll be gone, I think I would be more apt to pack functional items and leave the suits, etc behind. That being said, out the door I would be wearing:

    Chambray (with crew undershirt)
    Jeans (with boxers, leather belt, and handkerchief/bandana)
    Red Wings (with socks)
    Carhartt Duck Jacket
    Military issue wool cap (beanie)

    In the duffle:
    A weeks worth of underwear (crew necks, boxers, socks, and handkerchiefs)
    2 Chambrays
    3 Flannel’s
    1 extra pair of jeans
    2 pairs of chinos
    extra pair of Red Wings
    1 extra wool cap
    1 baseball cap
    1 gatsby and/or flat cap
    1 extra leather belt

    I’m sure I forgot something, but that is a good weeks worth of essential and functional clothing.

  6. Rob on

    Underwear and Socks

    Levi’s 514 Inky Demin

    One Pair Grey Chinos

    One Pair Brown Wingtips

    One Pair Chuck Taylors (Grey)

    One Pair Bostonian Marcos Black Deerskin

    Two Oxfords (One White and One Light Blue)

    Navy Blazer

    Two Henleys (One Blue and one White)

  7. Jordan on

    In my bag I would have lighters, matches, can goods, Water bottles, my pistol, all my ammunition, an axe, chef’s knife, baseball bat, protein shakes, beef jerky, a poncho, my red wings, Levi’s, henleys, a hoody and winter coat and lots of underwear and socks. I rather be ready for a Zombie Apocalypse and it be a world tour than be ready for a world tour and it be a Zombie Apocalypse.